Stuff to Do in SL: Tuesdays at Lauren’s Place

I think I've mentioned that I occasionally I perform at the Lauren & Friends variety show on Tuesdays in SL on the at Lauren's Place on the Cookie sim. The show starts at 5 pm SLT, but come a little earlier so you can grab a seat and enjoy the pre-show conversation. The evening consists of an hour of live, stand-up comedy hosted by the lovely and talented Lauren Weyland followed by a musical guest. 

You should join us - if only to show off your outfit without have to blog it. The crowd at Lauren's is a delightful assortment of every type of SLer - slaves, masters, furries, fashionistas, robots, cheerleaders, Crips, Bloods, Republican presidential candidates, builders, newbies, escaped Duggar family members, oldbies, cat people, etc. You'll fit right in.

Even though I think sound like a sentient troll doll, I'm going to be brave and share this clip of my set from two weeks ago:   

I'm keeping my day job. But since the other zoo keepers look at me funny when I try to make jokes at work, I try to get on stage every few weeks and get it out of my system. 

The show is on voice, so you'll need voice toggled on in order to listen, but you don't have to talk on voice. Just listen in. Lots of people just type their comments and LOLs, so don't think you have to be chatty.If you can talk, please do because I'd like to know if you sound like a troll doll, too. (We could start a club or something.)

If you want to see more clips fr (Read more...)

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