Stuff to do in SL: Premium Meet-up & Crocodile Wrestling

Visit SL Premium Beach through June 12th at 11:59 PM SLT to get a free raptor avatar before the riff raff* can get one. Just click the large glowing vendor near the landing spot. 

Pessimistic members of the SL community will note that the raptor is not wearing pants and therefore contributes to the sexed up, perverted image of SL. I'll counter that by telling you I got pretty darn close to the raptor and still have no idea what raptor genitals look like. 

This is all in anticipation of the 12th SL Community Anniversary celebration. Apparently, there is a party there from 10:30-11:30 AM SLT today (June 11, 2015), too.

I bought this selfie stick at RC Cluster. The croc thought it was delicious.
By the way, there is crocodile wrestling at Premium Beach (up by the dance floor above the tiki bar). I don't know if this is a special thing for the anniversary party, but wrestling large reptiles is an excellent metaphor for learning to play SL. 

Since they (rudely!) disabled fly on the sim and walking takes forever, here is a reminder of how to override the no-fly setting

*I am just kidding!

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