SL12B: Pants Required

Pictured: Area Man (Alqualonde by AelKennyr Rhiano)
This is Tymmerie Thorne live at SLB12 sims! I'm investigating rumors that SL12B has a General maturity rating, despite the great majority of SL itself not being G rated. After exploring SL12B thoroughly, this reporter can confirm that the rumors are true. 

Sources have corroborated that no flying penises have been sighted at SL12B and none are expected. One witness, who asked not to be identified, called the situation, "a damned shame." 

However, others expressed to me that with all of the beds scattered around the celebration sims - due to its theme of "What Dreams May Come" - it was best to keep things classy. One area woman seen excitedly exploring the sims gave me her thoughts on the situation: "Don't you comb your funny looking kid's hair on picture day? Does he always look like that? No. But, it's a special occasion!" 

Interestingly, while watching comedian Lauren Weyland's hilarious, educational, and squeaky clean performance at the Cake stage yesterday, I learned that the first several SL[number]B celebrations were not G-rated. The fact that SL birthdays have not always been G rated causes this reported to wonder what changed? Who is behind this and why? As one area man complained to me, "Why won't they let us be naked here?" 

This is Tymmerie Thorne, reporting live for SLaction News! Back to you in the studio!

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