I’ve Got Issues

I really do have a lot of issues. In particular, I just got my hands on the June issue of ECLIPSE magazine. I'm kind of excited about it because I was quoted for their monthly feature called "Voices from the Grid" (p. 56). 

I've never been in a magazine before. I am not counting the magazine my friends and I made in 6th grade for our club, The Meanies. Don't worry - it was more Oscar the Grouch meanie than Mean Girls mean. We even had a club song set to the tune of YMCA, which I am singing in my head right now. 

Where was I? Oh, yeah, ECLIPSE magazine in Second Life!

This month, the magazine asked people what they thought was important for Linden Lab to consider as they develop Second Life 2.0, otherwise known as Project Sansar. To see my answer, you'll have to read the magazine. I didn't answer that the name of the virtual world is incredibly important, but maybe I should have. I can't think of a worse name for a virtual world than Second Life, but I'm confident that Linden Lab has someone working on thinking of one for SL 2.0.

In conclusion, you should definitely read this issue of ECLIPSE. Try to contain your disappointment that, while Draxtor Despres was interviewed for the magazine, the editors obviously weren't able to convince him to pose for the centerfold.

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