Every Kiss Begins With Cae

Valentine's Day is only one week away and I have been getting ready as I am sure all of the couples in SL are. If you are looking for a gift for your special girl, you need to look at Cae's Valentine collection. Cae has a bunch of special Valentine releases at the main store as well as a beautiful assortment of jewelry around the grid at various events. If you are going to ask your girl to marry you, Cae has an assortment of engagement/ wedding rings as well and they all have texture jewel change via HUD which makes them very versatile. 

Cae @ Main Store/ Teleport
Cae Embrace Necklace
Cae Everlasting Necklace
Cae Heartbeat Necklace
Cae Cupid's Arrow Set
Cae Eternity Ring (Wedding Set)
Cae Intima Set *FREE Group Gift*

Cae @ Events
Cae Amorous Set @ With Love Fair
Cae Loved Ring @ Fit for a Princess

Gifting Cae Items is easy. Everything can be gifted through the vendor as a direct delivery or boxed delivery. You can also send gifts through Marketplace and it is up to date with all items, excluding those that are currently exclusive to an event. If you can't decide because they are all so pretty, you can always get your girl a Cae gift card for Valentine's Day. She will love that too!

As I said I am getting ready for my big Valentine date. I am planning on going to a Valentine Ball next weekend and I think I finally picked out my dress. This dress is from Junbug and it has a beautiful long bow in the back too. 

My cute love themed decor item (Read more...)

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