The Seasons Story And Winter Romance!

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The Seasons Story has returned to woo you!   This winter season they’re back in a stunning venue to show off this round’s theme ‘Winter Romance’!  From January 10th until the 31st enjoy a deeply satisfying shopping trip into a magical wonderland, full of beautiful fashion, decor and furniture you must get your hands on before this round is over!

Del and Eden

Teleport to The Seasons Story


22769 - furniture/fatpack, 385L/740L/155L/125L/255L/570L/895L ADD ANDEL - decor/game, 185L AITUI - ears, 499L ALTAIR - shoes/fatpack, 249L each/1100L AMERIE - sweater/skirt, 200L each AMIABLE - skirt/sweater/coat/fatpack, 130L each/110L each/550L ANGELICA - eyes, 35L per play APHORISM - coat, 330L each APHRODITE SHOP - see description for details ASO - shoes, 60L per play ATOMIC - earmuffs/fatpack, 150L each/300L BANG - poses, 200L/250L BLUES - hair/fatpack, 275L each/1999L each BONNE CHANCE - cardigan/t-shirt HUD, 350L each/100L BOOM - socks/fatpack, 125L each/250L each BUENO - furniture, 50L per play CANDY DOLL - leggings/fatpack, 199L each/2200L CANDY NAIL - nails/necklace, 200L each/60L per play CERBERUSXING - wings, 100L each CEST LA VIE - beret, 65L per play CHEEKY PEA - see description for details CHOCOLATE ATELIER - hat, 165L each CILA - coat, 198L each CILA - HUD/beret, 68L/48L each COCORONI - cameras, 59L per play CONTRAPTION - mask, 250L DAMSELFLY - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1500L DAVID HEATHER - luggage/decor, 75L per play DROP - jacket, 150L each DUE - hair, 75L per play DUE - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1300L DUST BUNNY - see description for details DUST BUNNY - small appliances, 50L per play ELI BAILY LONDON - decor, 200L each/150L each ELUA - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1350L FLOORPLAN - sign decor, 50L each/150L THE FORGE - necklace, 250L each HALF DEER - penguins/fatpack, 199L each/350L ILO - fence/dock, 200L each ILO - ornaments, 50L per play IONIC - mice, 80L per play JUNK - furniture, 100L each/200L K - scarf, 50L per play KATAT0NIK - boots, 50L per play KEKE - see description for details KIRIN POSES - poses/fatpack, 25L each/80L KITJA - shirt/vest/fatpack, 191L each/1591L LA PETITE MORTE - skin, 600L each LAGYO - jewelry/decor/pose prop, 250L each/150L LE PRIMITIF - food, 75L per play LEECHOUETTE - jacket/muff, 200L each/50L per play MELON BUNNY - dress, 550L each MELON BUNNY - jars, 75L per play MIKUNCH - scarf/fatpack, 200L each/240L each/580L/650L/500L MITHRAL APOTHECARY - hair/fatpack, 245L each/990L each MOON - hair/fatpack, 300L each/375L each MOTIAME - coat/sweater/shorts/fatpack, 250L each/200L each/1200L/800L NOODLES - skirt, 200L each/550L NUDOLU - boots, 50L per play OLIVE - hair, 299L each OO YUKI - head/HUD, 100L per play/100L OYASUMI - build/decor, 75L per play PANIK - coat/fatpack, 259L each/2999L PEPE - blazer/dress, 220L each/260L each PINK ACID - skin/purse, 899L each/30L per play PIXICAT - coat/scarf/fatpack, 300L each/90L each/1700L/600L PRITTY - hair/fatpack, 200L each/800L each RACHEL BREAKER - crown/tutu, 75L each REDGRAVE - poncho/fatpack, 200L each/650L REIGN - gloves/fatpack, 180L each/1000L REPRESENT - jacket, 349L each SARI SARI - furniture, 75L per play SCHADENFREUDE - lanterns/fatpack, 200L each/375L SILENT SPARROW - plushies, 199L each THE SKINNERY - skin/shape/lips, 220L each/450L/880L each SOONSIKI - cabinets/hair, 200L each/299L each SPIRIT - vest/dress/fatpack, 211L each/1711L TAKETOMI - hair/fatpack, 175L each/285L each/1000L TOMOTO - scarf/horns, 190L/50L per play UN JOUR - crown, 180L each UR.FAVORITE.ONE - sweater, 280L each VCO - head/eyes, 100L/2800L WASABI PILLS - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1500L WONTON - jacket, 325L each ZENITH - bag/sweater/dress, 75L per play
Note: Any designer without items pictured was not set up at the time of The Seasons Story’s scheduled opening on January 10th. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of an event opening, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding! ♥

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