The Men’s Dept!



The Men’s Dept is all new and taking over 2015 with a bang! Check out all the new products designed specifically with all those men at heart and yes, some of them even included designs for you ladies! You have until January 31st to shop until you drop!


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2REAL - sneakers/fatpack, 250L each/750L AITUI - necklace, 125L each/65L each APPLE MAY DESIGNS - bracers, 100L each AMERIE - pants, 200L each ARIA - see description for details ATTIC - bag, 150L each BENJAMINZ - coat/sneakers, 275L each BLANKLINE - coat/fatpack, 200L each/400L BOLSON - tattoo, 299L each CLAVV - shawl/shirt, 120L each/210L each CLEF DE PEAU - see description for details COCO HOMME - jacket, 260L each COLD ASH - jeans/fatpack, 125L each/299L CONTRAPTION - goggles, 125L DAVID HEATHER - shirt/pants/bag, 250L each/200L each DIESEL WORKS - poses, 199L/139L each GIZZA - cardigan, 210L each HOORENBEEK - outfits, 300L each INK - hair/fatpack, 200L each/888L INSUFFERABLE DASTARD - eyes/fatpack, 99L each/849L JUST DESIGN - shoes/fatpack, 250L each/995L K - jacket/fatpack, 200L each/760L LE PREMITIF - necklace, 180L each MIKUNCH - coat/boots/fatpack, 250L each/230L each/500L/600L MILK MOTION - sneakers, 269L each MR.POET - coat, 300L each N4RS - furniture, 250L/300L each NOT SO BAD - top/fatpack, 280L each/820L OYASUMI - furniture, 175L/125L each RECKLESS - tattoo, 299L each REDGRAVE - jacket/shorts, 300L each REVERIE - jacket, 270L each REVIVAL - furniture, 500L SOONSIKI HAIR - hair/septum, 290L each/140L SOY - furniture, 100L/180L STOCKHOLM & LIMA - chaise, 300L/250L TELLAQ - avatar, 300L UNITED COLORS - sneakers, 290L each VALEKOER - sneakers/fatpack, 250L each/800L WONTON - vest/top/coat, 125L each/175L each/225L each

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