Celebrate with Genre!

GENRE1152015From January 15th to February 11th, celebrate Genre’s 3rd anniversary round!  The theme?  ‘Celebration’ of course!  Party hard, get down, shake your groove thing, whatever floats your boat; but do it at Genre!  There are amazing 100L or less deals and gifts somewhere in the range of free to only 10L!   Roll your disco ball on over to Genre and get ready to boogie!


Teleport to Genre

MIA:  Nantra, Enchantment!, deviousMind, Souzou Eien, [Circa] Living, Little Branch


22769 - decor/furniture/fatpack, 99L each/245L 22769 - decor/furniture/fatpack, 99L each/245L ABFAB - shield, 99L ADD ANDEL - balloons, 75L ANACHRON - dress, 99L each THE ANNEX - dress, 95L each BAREROSE TOKYO - outfit, 90L each BLIENSEN + MAITAI - stripper cake, 100L BLUE BLOOD - dress, 100L each BLUPRINTZ - hat/top, 99L each COG AND FLEUR - dress, 100L each CURIOUS KITTIES - gown, 100L DISTORTED DREAMS - tea set, 99L ECLAT - see description for details FASTER PUSSYCAT - dress/hat, 100L each FIGMENT - lights, 75L each FROGSTAR - desk, 100L GOTH1C0 - heels, 100L KAITHLEENS - pants, 99L each KASTLE ROCK COUTURE - gown, 100L L ARMOIRE - skirt, 100L each LES ENCANTADES - dress, 100L each LOST JUNCTION - pizza, 100L each MERMAID TREASURE AND BOUTIQUE - dress/hat, 100L each MIEN POSES - pose/prop, 100L MUSE - heels, 100L each NOCTIS - bed, 100L NOCTIS - clock, 100L ODDFISH STUDIO - ring/fatpack, 100L each/300L PAPER MOON - decor, 100L each ROAWENWOOD - balloons, 100L/75L SAD HARLEKIN - hats, 99L SAF - nails, 75L each SAF - nails, 75L each SPYRALLE - lanterns, 100L SPYRALLE - lanterns, 100L STORYBOOK - dress, 100L each THE STRINGER MAUSOLEUM - headpiece/eyes, 40L each/35L each UNREPENTANT - punch bowl, 95L VENGEFUL THREADS - outfit, 99L

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