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Newness is out

Lots of New Releases out in the store, I’ve been busy busy! ♥
You can pick up all New Releases on our Marketplace or inworld. Click to view slideshow.
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July 2014
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Meshworx for Fameshed

As any seasoned SLshopper knows, the Fameshed event will be here August 1st.  Mr. Hyde of Meshworx is offering up the Q1 skybox as well as a matching ground structure with exterior stairs.  This looks amazing in the sky and I decided to photograph it with some austerity so you can see the great bones.  This is great for a modern domicile or even a store.  I have to mention these sexy Fringe Heels as well, they’re from Pure Poison and you’ll be able to pick them up at the Black Fashion Fair Starting August 8th. Skybox: Meshworx for Fameshed (Aug 1) – Q1 Structures * Chair: The Loft: Mara Bucket Club Chair * Hair: Magika – Dreamy Dress: Sn@tch – Elle Slip Dress * Cigarette Holder: Sn@tch – Bohemian Cigarette Holder (from an older set) Shoes: Pure Poison for Black Fashion Fair (Aug 8) – Fringe Heels Pose: Del May

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Everything Looks Perfect From Far Away

Ohai! I was lucky enough to be invited to wander around a new event tonight and I have some very pretty goodies to share with you!

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Some Summer goodies

Whilst updating my landmarks, I hopped over to Paradisis, and while looking around and found a group gift. The group is SL Frees & Offers (SLF&O), which is free to join, and the Paradisis gift is a lovely summery maxi dress. 7 Deadly Skins has a gorgeous skin as the subscriber gift. The sandals were a serendipitous  find. Thanks to SLF&O group chatter, I tp’d into a little Japanese store which was full of lucky boards and the sandals were one of the prizes. (Please note that the sandals include white socks that enable you to wear them without the Slink feet.) Skin | 7 deadly s{K}ins | FeebRascall Medusa B2      Subscriber gift
Hair | *Alice Project* | Mina
Dress | PARADISIS | Fleur de printemps (Blue)    SLF&O group gift*
Shoes | :SMC: | High Block Heel Sandals      Lucky Board
Make-up | Sn@tch | Underworld Makeup (Blood Lips)
Tattoo | **Bee Make**_tatoo Flower-b
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Late Summer days

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This morning I decided to go all summery in the hopes it would cheer me up a bit.  I had spotted a lovely summery dress on a blog that I follow and knew that it was something that I should have, and in the process I found a new-to-me store. Said store is !Soul. The dress is their item in The Pink Kawaii Hunt, and for 5L$ it can be yours. Just need to find the hunt object. One of my favourite goth/alternative clothing stores (Sn@tch) had recently released a paid of sandals that I really liked, but to my surprise they were for use with Slink’s mesh feet. So wallet clutched tightly in my hand and with some intrepidation, I went to Slink’s mainstore and tried a demo. Skin | 7 Deadly s{K}ins | DC Blondie
Hair | Alice Project | Mina
Dress | !Soul | Mini Mesh Dress
Feet | Slink | Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – Mid
Shoes | Sn@tch | Poppy Platform Sandals
Make-up | Sn@tch | Underworld Makeup (Blood Lips) Location – Malaika Park
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job’s done …

Head: “Visage Mesh Head Emma” SLink*
Body: “Physique Mesh Body” SLink*
Skin & Visage Applier: “Becca” ItGirls@Cosmetic Fair
Hair: “Wet Lucy” CaTwA
Hands and feets: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Top: “Basic Tucked Tank Black” Tee*fy
Cardigan: “Wool Cardigan Slate” Maitreya
Pants: “Panel Leggins Charcoal” Maitreya Accessoires:
Necklace: “Cross of Buttons” Maxi Gossamer
Pipe: “Pipe Medieval Grey” [NikotiN]
Bag: “Handbag Killer Clutch Her” Swallow
Bracelet: “owl bracelet / gunmetal” erratic ***pic taken @ Rainy Alley***  **click pic for bigger size**

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rainy days and loud music …

Head: “Visage Mesh Head Emma” SLink*
Body: “Physique Mesh Body” SLink*
Skin & Visage Applier: “Becca” ItGirls@Cosmetic Fair
Hair: “Dove” Truth
Hands and feets: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Shirt: “Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt Tropical” Tee*fy
Jeans: “Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans Distressed” {mon tissu}
Shoes: “La Paz Black” Essenz ***click pic for bigger size*** things I used: couch, chair & table by Cheeky Pea
plant by Apple Fall
bookshelfs by Bazar
soda crate stack by floorplan
chips and bowl by TARTESSOS ARTS
diary by 8f8
tablet by Plethora
fish cushion by Sway’s
marble checkers by Second Spaces
Burger Meal by PILOT
packing box by tarte
wine bottle by Plethora
rug by zigana

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A return to SL

It has been over a year since I was last in SL, although I would log in to keep up with SL rental etc. Looking back, I realise I must have been burnt out and needed a break I am back now and will blog whenever I can.  I have been going through Emmi’s inventory and having a good clear out of some old stuff to make room for more up-to-date stuff. Skin | 7Deadly s[K]ins
Hair | *Alice Project* | Mina (mesh)
Dress | Plastik | Lyza – Shinies (mesh)
Jeans | Sn@tch | Lowrise Jeans (Black)
Boots | Blackburns | Gothic Lace-Up Black (Mesh)
Tattoo | **Bee Make** | Flower
Make-up | Sn@tch | After Hours (Bordello) Jewellery & accessories:
.:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Bracelet :: DIMH ::
barbed wire collar silver
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Pretty Bum, the first mesh jeans with curves…

Wow... a wonderful highwaist mesh jeans with curves, so you can wear a mesh jeans and you can have a curvy shape without mesh addons and appliers.

This original mesh is available at Orage Creations in 5 standard sizes and 4 denim tones.

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Oh Happy Day

I’m enjoying summer in both lives this year, I’m not a sun goddess at all, but it’s been really nice and I haven’t been parked in front of a fan the entire time. Worked in my little garden and made 100s of jars of raspberry jam. I just got this Philosophy top from Indyra, it comes in a set with cute pants to match and a few other must-have colors. Like I said a while back on Plurk, I have a folder called “Meh” for things I can’t really throw away quite yet, but I also have a folder called “CUTE” stuffed with things I want to take pics with and this hair and this bike were at the top of the list.  The cherry on TOP is the new logo Liq made for me.  I absolutely got SO excited when I saw it, it’s so me and the little umbrella flourish is exactly perfect.  Go get logo-fied, you’re feel all special and grown-up! Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia * Hair: !Ohmai Salon – Eli * Top: Indyra – Philosophy * Shorts: (I know I wear them all the damn time but they’re perfect) Boom – Estate Shorts Bike: Vespertine @ The Dreamer’s Factory- Dreamer’s Vehicle, Botanica * Trees: Hayabusa

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Short Hair Rules!

I'm about to embark on a great adventure...with my hair.  There comes a time in every girl's life when she has to get highlights.  My time has come.  I've been doing research on salons around my area and I've decided that I want to go to this trendy shop that gets high praise on yelp (Yeah, I know, you can't always trust yelp).  I'm going to get my hair cut too and hope that I leave there

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Hair Fair -Calico and OhMai

And unfortunately this is my last HF 2014 post, my RL kinda made me be delayed, few hours left, but is too late and my rl bed is calling me!

This cute hairs are on Brunette Sim .

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Alice Project also is on blonde sim, with such great hairs, the bottom right is a freebie!

Style Card
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Hair Fair last few hours – Adore & Abhor

Few Hours until the end of hair fair, so hurry up!

This are the adorable hairs from Adore and Abhor, I think Airedine did such great debut!

Adore  & Abhor is located on Blonde Sim.

Style Card:
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  This is worthy of caps lock.  I need your attention.  You need donuts.  You need creative donuts from SL artists.  You want them.  And you can only get them for a few more hours.  After today they will be gone FOREVER.

  There are donuts from Silent Sparrow, Schadenfreude, LVLE, Boogers, on and on and on.  I really love when they do the food themed events.  I want more!  But anyway enough rambling because you have so very little time to go get them!!!  GO!  They are only 40L a pop too. :)
  You can the donuts HERE at Atelier Kreslo.

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Received Items is holding a Where the Wild Things Are gacha event that I am a part of- I made animated wombat pets for it.  They are along the same lines as the piggies: wear and they will hang out with you and follow you as you walk around, rez then and you can pick to have them stand around or wander in a set area.  The Magic wombat matches hya's roo rats for the same event (no great surprise: we are next to each other at the venue), as does the flightless wom-bat a little bit (the wings are just for show, he doesn't fly, like a kiwi!)  Rosa, of course, uses hya's hand-drawn floral fabric and matches the other critters in the Rosa pattern from hyasynth and myself.  You can find a key of the gachas at the event at the Received Items page.

The wombats can be found at Where the Wild Things Are until August 10!

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Bandanna Day!

  Today is the last day of Hair Fair this year so that means it's Bandanna Day!  What does that mean?  It means we take off our hair and put on bandannas in honor of those who are fighting the struggle and losing their locks.  You can choose from a bunch of different styles of bandannas at Hair Fair 2014 for 50L each, with all the money going to Wigs For Kids.
  Have a great day and find all the info. you need on Bandanna Day and Hair Fair HERE.
"Bandanna": LeLutka @ the Hair Fair bandanna booth, 50L with proceeds going to Wigs For Kids
Mesh Head and Skin: SLink
Eyes: Umeboshi @ TGGS, hunt gift

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Life is so much easier when you just chill out

Head: “Visage Mesh Head Emma” SLink*
Body: “Physique Mesh Body” SLink*
Skin & Visage Applier: “Becca” ItGirls@Cosmetic Fair
Hair: “CHARLENE – Bournville” [LeLutka]
Hands and feets: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Shirt: “My Side Slit Shirt White” monso@A6d
Shorts: “briony black” erratic
Shoes: “Jolie Black” Pure Poison ***click pic for bigger size*** things I used: hatbox Stool by what next
candles by Cheeky Pea
plant by Scarlet Creative
mirror by Cheeky Pea
bookshelf by Cheeky Pea
homework pile by PILOT
memories box on floor by vespertine
flowervase by ARIA
typewriter by KOPI
daybed by Scarlet Creative
sleepy italien Greyhound on bed by Half Deer
storage basket by PILOT
bedside table by PILOT
curtains by ARIA
clothing rack by ARIA
sleigh seat by Trompe Loeil
rug by lame
magazines by Bazaar

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Culprit Village Cottages

New from Culprit the Provence and Cotswold Cottages.  Check it out at the mainstore to really appreciate it.   Simple Village Cottage with semi openplan layout
2 stories. LI 116
Footprint 20×17 Working doors and windows
Working fireplace
Window Seat with space for 2
Each side has:
6 singles Male
6 single Female
9 couple cuddles
7 couple sleeping

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Hair Fair 2014

I am always so late on blogging these events.  *sigh*  Here are some my favorites from Hair Fair. More to come... hair (from top to bottom):  [kik], tasha; Eaters Coma, hair 52, [INK], mary; .Shi, chic; @ Hair Fair through tomorrow, July 27 dress:  Sn@tch, callie doll-50%-75% sale through July 28th!! skin:  *YS&YS*, jenie pose:  EverGlow-50% Summer Sale!

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