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Fit for a princess pins

I really tought Fit for a princess only opened at midnite but as soon as i saw the opening notice i ran over to make sure i pinned it for you guys, and now i am of to bed for a well deserved rest, see you all tomorrow since we have a lot more events coming.  
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May 2014
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Arcade Fever

On 31st May 2014 · By Anemysk Karu · With Leave a comment
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Are you ready? Everything you see here, you can get at the The June 2014 round of The Arcade. It begins tomorrow. This round is extra awesome and I have many things for you. It is a first DECOR for ANE, and I hope it will get a positive response from you guys. Maybe I will do it more often then. Counting down until the 1st! Hugs
ANE on Marketplace

ANE on Facebook
ANE on Flickr
ANE store blog
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The Arcade – June

Inspiration: – The National – England @ YouTube ________________________________ Update:  Items are available in a GACHA at my main store (please see my picks in world). The end of spring and the start of summer is upon us.   Waking up early in the morning as the sun rises packingthe car and as the dew is still on the ground, and the sun rises, heading for the countryside to relax and enjoy family time.      This round of the Arcade I wanted to capture a sense of romance, of nature, but with a luxe feel.  A combination of soft and hard.   Hard, faded woods bleached by the sun and soft linens slightly torn but beautifully cared for and used throughout a space to give comfort.  A retreat, a place to love. The carriage house is a restored train carriage joined together to create a retreat for holidays.  Beautifully restored but still a little rough around the edges.   Complete with the furnishing and decor to compliment the style. Reminder for items purchased from me I exchange for copy / mod – please don’t rez just pop them back to me with a notecard and I’ll exchange.… Read the rest

The Challenge pins

And the end of the month means also it´s time for The Challenge again guys sorry for today´s delay, i´m gonna make up for it tho pinning previews for upcoming events also, have fun and see you all again soon with more news and events.   Stores in this Edition
22769 ~ [bauwerk]
[off Melrose]
Naked Mesh
Chic buildings
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30L Saturday pins

Sorry for the delay guys, but Rl and catching up take their time but here is 30L Saturday a little later than usual while i try to pick up on everything during the day. See you all in a bit with more news and events. Stores in this Edition Whatz
Velvet Whip
On a Lark
Libby’s Role Play Shop
Sweet Kajira
Sweet Revolutions
United InshCon
Sweet Lies
For F’s Sake!
Torvis Weapons
An Lema
Fantasy China
Sweet Poison
Flecha Creations
PPK roleplay items
Moonlight Shadow [“Moon_Sha”]
Arachne Silks
Les Encantades
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Still The Same

Berry's meme this week is 20 Personal SL Questions. It was a lot of work answering them all, but fun.As I started answering, I thought about the changes to SL over the years, and while some of the technology has changed, I don't think personal interactions have changed much, which is why I chose the song "Still The Same".However, if you compare my avatar over the seven years, it's changed a little, even if my stle is the same. The location in both photos is Calleta's Hobo Railyard.

  • When and how did you discover Second Life? – I discovered it in May 2007 after reading about it somewhere, maybe Wired.
  • Did you know about virtual worlds before or was this your first experience with them? – No, I didn’t. I expected to land in and move between a series of rooms. I had no idea it would be so much more like a world.
  • Has Second Life met your expectations? – All I'd wanted to to find something interesting to do on slow days, and SL has done more than that.
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    Hair: Fashionably Dead - Jupiter Bun
    Skin: Fashionably Dead - Skin 02 - Sculpted Black
    Sunglasses: (Yummy) Fabby Glasses
    Earrings: Izzie's - Teardrop Earring
    Dress: The Secret Store - Betty Swing Dress - Roses (@Collabor88)
    Pose: Marukin

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    Fifty Linden Friday pins

    Today wouldn´t have been possible without  Nicole Twigvald, and Zee my past week has been super busy in RL and you guys know how that comes first here is  Fifty Linden Friday, I will try to catch up with everything soon tho so, see you all soon with more news and events. Stores in this Edition Kalopsia
    Dysfunctional Designs
    Pixicat +[Nouveaux]
    What Next
    NYU (pin not available yet)
    Half Deer
    LISP Bazaar
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    NEW! .:LustRage:.-Cast A Spell

    This is just something random ive put together for a blog post ive wanted to do!@_@…there are 3 different set ups that are pretty self explainatary………but if you have questions on this just let me know and ill be glad to help :>!… Blog:
    Like page: Tumblr: SLURL:

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    Queen of Disaster

    On 28th May 2014 · By Milla Michinaga · With Leave a comment
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    Got me spinning like a ballerina
    You the bad boy that I always dreamed of
    You’re the King, and baby
    I’m the Queen of Disaster, Disaster
    -Lana Del Rey Click images to enlarge

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    Dress: PurpleMoon Creations Maia Dress [red] by Poulet Koenkamp – New!
    3 different patterns to choose from as well as 8 gorgeous colors. Necklace: [Modern Couture] Allegra [white/black] by Donatela Couturier – New! Available @ L’accessoires
    Includes color change hud
    Hat: Aesthetica Glimpse Fascinator [black/white] by Ganymede Galaxy – New! Available @ L’accessoires
    Includes color change hud
    Limo to L’accessoires Skin: Glam Affair Romy America with Eye Makeup Dark Line 02, Cheek 05 & Brow 01H by Aida Ewing…
    Hair: Elikatira Looking [light browns] by Elikapeka Tiramisu
    No longer available  My blog:
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    Flower Doll

    Hair: !lamb. Peggy Sue (@ Collabor88)
    Skin: Fashionably Dead - Skin 02 - Sculpted Black
    Glasses: (Yummy) Ellery Glasses (@ Collabor88)
    Top: Tee*fy Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt (@ Collabor88)
    Skirt: ISON - high waist pleat skirt (@ Collabor88)
    Tights: *Sheer* Tights 28
    Shoes: ISON - pointy creepers (@ Collabor88)
    Bracelet: [MAGIC NOOK] Celtic Dream Bracelet
    Earrings: [MAGIC NOOK] Starry Night Stud Earring

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    Cold Booty

      It's hot outside.  Let's sit on some ice cream sandwiches.  We may get sticky but at least we'll be cool.
      This comes with a bunch of different options for seat styles and tables.  I didn't like the sits in them so I put my own on it.  You might like them though!
      OK, more details below.  Have fun and stay cool!
    Ice Cream Sandwich Furniture: Elena87Y, 30L
    Cake: Butterfly Lane Creations, 10L
    Pancakes: Ispachi, free
    Pants: Fission, 200L for the fat pack!
    Hair and Glasses: LaNoir Soleil @ One Word
    Skin: Imabee, 150L
    Shoes for SLink Feet: LVLE
    Nose Bleed: .BBB., 10L
    House in Background: Oddfish Studio, 10L
    Shirt: So Many Styles
    Pose: (store closed)

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    Lazy Sunday pins

    And also pinned is your usual weekly round of Lazy Sunday i hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Sunday, filled with limited discounted events, I´m off to vote. See you all soon with more news and events. Stores in this Edition Holli Pocket
    Black Haus White Market
    Mustang Trading Post
    A.D.D. Andel!
    Cozy Essentials
    Sugar & Cyanide
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    25-for-25 pins

    Well i promise you guys new events soon and here is the first 25-for-25  another mainstore located events, which you all know i really enjoy, since it get´s me out of my platform and out and about the grid, bumping into people, standing afk at landing spots and randomly climbing over furniture or getting stuck under shops drowning. Like most location based events, you have a list and each item is located at the mainstore for the participating, so when you tp in look up for the cute event stalls, this events has items in the 25L-100L range and attention it will run for only 25 hours, on the 25th of each month. Stores in this Edition Atooly
    Chimeric Fashions
    Distorted Dreams
    fable tale
    [ free bird ]
    LaNoir Soleil Designs
    Le Poppycock
    .mien. poses
    {NanTra} Poses
    N.M. Artelier
    Pure Poison (not out yet)
    sexZ (not out yet)
    .::WoW Skins::.
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    それというのも、子供はおとなしく聴力検査を受けてくれないし、「音が聞こえたらスイッチ押して」という指示が理解できるようになるにはある程度の年齢にならないとできなかったからです。 しかし、最近では新生児聴覚検査(スクリーニング)で、生まれて日の浅い赤ちゃんでも、難聴かどうかの判定がある程度できるようになってきました。 そして、さらに研究が進んで、遺伝子レベルで先天性難聴になるのかどうかが判断できるようになってきたとのことです。 こちらは、読売新聞のサイトより。
    先天性難聴 遺伝子で原因特定…早期治療合併症対策も : 最新医療 ~夕刊からだ面より : yomiDr./ヨミドクター(読売新聞)

    そこで、2000年頃から日本独自の研究が始まり、今までに約20種類の遺伝子が特定できたとのことです。 この研究が進めば、結婚する男女が遺伝子の検査を受けて、生まれる子供が難聴になる可能性があるのかどうか、妊娠前に判断することも可能になってくるでしょう。

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    30L Saturday Pins

    Good morning everyone, i woke up really early today and pinned 30L Saturday for you guys, so i think i deserve a cookie with my second coffee, while i go thru boards and get ready for next week, and the crazy next month. See yall again soon with more news and events. Stores in this Edition Whatz
    EK Studio Project
    Velvet Whip
    On a Lark
    Moonlight Shadow [“Moon_Sha”]
    Sweet Poison
    Sweet revolutions
    United InshCon
    For F’s Sake
    Tharyn Design
    Sweet Lies
    Flecha Creations
    Torvis Weapons
    ::Bite&Claw:: (not out yet)
    PPK roleplay items
    Sweet Kajira
    Les Encantades
    An Lema
    Fantasy China
    May’s Soul
    Soul Effects (not out yet)
    Floor Candy
    RACK Poses
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    Lola’s Goth Pop

      Hi guys!  I am taking a break from my school work to blog something from the World Goth Fair.  Even though World Goth Day was yesterday they shopping event is still going strong in SL.  One item I like from the event is this dress from Lolapop.  It's sexy but not over the top revealing.  It's a modest length, but there is a high side slit.  It shows a great deal of shoulder and back but there is a high collar.  It's a satiny material but with a leather look collar.  It has skulls but they are rainbow colored.  All the mix of dark and light, hard and whimsical, reminds me of the store's creator, who has become a friend of mine over the years.  Shes a goth from way back and a sweetheart.  A wonderful store with a wonderful creator, what a wonderful combination.  Wonderful!
    Dress: Lolapop @ World Goth Fair
    Skin: Jalwa
    Hair: Analog Dog (free)
    Lipstick: Pink Fuel
    Eyeliner: Nuuna's
    Eyebrows and Nail Appliers: Adore&Abhor
    Hands: SLink
    Pose: Pretense
    *I can't get slurls to open up for some reason in SL so I can't get all of them but I will fix it later.… Read the rest

    and a happy World Goth Day to you

    So, as I was sat here, minding my own business, fiddling with dinner…Well alright, not so much sat, as singing along loudly to Painkiller in the kitchen as my chicken was cooking, but still..minding my own business in relative peace and quiet (trust me, I suck at singing, so I very rarely sing along that loudly), the though just struck me. is World Goth Day. And that my friends, that’s a big thing. At least for me it is. I grew up being the odd one out. The one people found it easy to hurl insults at. The one we can mock because she doesn’t look like us. You know how it is, cause you’ve read my earlier posts about this very things. I was the one to mock, to insult, to shame, to..well you just take your pick, I was the one. I had cars going past me as I was just walking alone home, and they found it fitting to hurl insults at best. If it was just insults it was a good day. Then there were the beer-cans, or whatever they had laying around in the car they felt fitting to sacrifice to throw at me because I was different.… Read the rest

    ..The Demon in the Room..

    Hello My loves! Tons of news! More stuff on the dark style fair and there more stuff at Kustom 9!…THIS SKIN IS SO EFFING CUTE MUDSKINS MIDSKINS LALALALA!!!!Also I made my first set of brows o/…so if you like weird bushy brows then swing bye and pick some up :D…if now then its okies i love you all anyways!!! Faun has Made some Gladiator sandlas that are defo one of a kind and different from the others! they aer megga cute and you should get them now before i kill you in the face >:(…im jking i wont kill u in theface but you should get them XD…Illmatic has a colaboration with a hair desighner((i forget the name sorry :((()) and the braids are dope and one of a kind aswhile :3 It is life QxQ…Luxe is at Dark style event with these back packs and omg i love them so muchies and aksmdakma one of my favs now!Lixs of HEX APPEL has made a teared tattoo for you thug life ppl and its cute so go swing by there and get one :>…Spell Bounds hanress has made my life too bc im obsssesed with harnessess >:( like..i have a harness fetish?ROFL …ALCHEMY!!!!!… Read the rest