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  Dress: Spyralle Five O’Clock Dress [peacock] by Kerryth Terantal – New! Available @ Genre Available in 4 colors. Spyralle garments are created from my friend Kerryth’s original fractal art images which can also be found at her store. Genre… Spyralle… Hair: Tableau Vivant Drake Hair [unisex] by M4ri1yn Magic – New! Available @ The Fantasy Collective Skin: Glam Affair Katya Jamaica 05 with Temptation Lipstick 05 by Aida Ewing… Hands & Feet: Slink Casual Hands & Medium Feet with Izzies Classic Nails & Glam Affair Slink Skin Enhancers My blog:
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April 2014
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Crown: Lark - Crown of Lemons (@ TLC)
Hair: Lamb

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dress and shoes:  Has Been, nostalgia dress and dizzy peeptoes @The Monochromatic Fair hair:  Truth, lottie skin:  League, aria hands:  Slink pose:  Focus Poses place:  Imagin@rium

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A Drop of Vanity

Have you ever had a bad haircut?  I mean really bad?  Nothing that will work itself out in a week or with some styling tricks, but something that will require either an even more drastic haircut to fix, or 6 months until it’s back to where you started?  I just did.  Sucksalot.  I never thought I was this vain. I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of gal, my avatar actually owns way more shoes and makeup than I do. However, I gotta admit, staring at my hair, running my fingers through and having them come up short of where they should, I realized that I just may be.  Comfort food would have been my first go to, but I can’t really eat my way through the next six months, so retail therapy is required. The fastest, most convenient, and cheapest form of retail therapy for me is Second Life, and this weekend did not disappoint.  Sales and Specials and Events oh my!  I’m drowning in happy, until I reach up to play with my hair that is… but, hands on the keyboard and I’ll make it through this just fine.… Read the restDrop of Vanity

Brand new ruffle dresses!

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Brand new Ruffle Dresses in pretty spring colors for both Regular Avies and Avies that are using maternity body shapes. Dresses come with regular mesh,and the fitted mesh (for pregnant avies)

Look for us on marketplace! Lvs&co here: or M.G.Designs here: and in world for us on marketplace or in world

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でも、実際にはなかなか設置は進んでいなくて、聞かなくてはいけない音が騒音にかき消されてしまう場合がほとんど。 そうした状況の中、高松市の路線バスが画期的な試みをスタートさせました。
補聴器で聞きやすく 「磁気ループ」を NHKニュース
この磁気ループが設置されるのは、高松市を走る「ことでんバス」のうち、「ショッピング・レインボー循環バス」と「まちバス」の合わせて6台に導入されるとのこと。 こうした磁気ループが設置されているバスでは、混雑していてうるさい車内でも、「次は○○です」というような音声案内や、運転手さんの声が明瞭に聞こえるために、乗り間違えや下りるタイミングを逃す・・・というようなことが減少すると期待されています。 こうした試み、まだ全国的にもほとんど行われていず、まだまだ難聴者の社会的立場の低さを物語っていますが、今後こうした動きが活発化されることが待望されますよね。

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Carnivale will be closing May 15th

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I have found a buyer for Carnivale.  I'm both excited and sad to share this news with you, as it makes the closure of the sim solid reality.  I'm pleased with the deal we've struck though, and I can tell you that it's going to a kind person who agreed to my terms and who is a fan of my work.  The build will be cleared with the transfer, but it gives me comfort at least to know that it wasn't going to a a "Rockefellian" land baron.

The official date of the transfer is May 15th.  On that day, Carnivale will be closed, moved and transferred to its new owner.  In the meantime, I'd like to announce the Goodbye Carnivale Contest.

The rules are simple: take a picture or series of pictures on Carnivale.  They can have a theme or not, they can be of people or not, but they have to showcase the build of Carnivale. The only other rule is nothing sexually explicit as the sim is rated G.  Beyond that, your imagination is the only limit.

What's your favorite place on the sim?  Where did you used to love to sit with your friends?  Where did you like to be while you shopped in the marketplace or wandered the halls?  Where is your favorite memory?… Read the rest

My Husband Says This Purse Is Awesome

  So my husband said this purse is cool and I agree.  It's one of several "mouths" you can get at Pixicat for Kustom 9.  There are four lip versions and you can get choose from three color packs for each one and there are all kind of other options like piercings!  Pretty dang cool.
  My shorts are from Moon Amore.  I love the lace on these.  I wish I could wear lace shorts in RL but...uh...ain't nobody wanna see that. The price is way better in SL than it is in RL anyway, seeing as you get 10 colors for 150L, so whatevs, haha!
  My hair is from LaNoir Soleil Designs.  I blogged them HERE before when showing their prize for The Lost Mine Hunt and I stopped into the store again and am now basically in love.  Who doesn't love finding mesh hair places they didn't know about before?
  OK so there are lots more details below so make sure to check them out!
Purse/Lipstick: Pixicat @ Kustom 9
Shorts: Moon Amore
Skin: The Sugar Garden
Jacket: Poised @ The Lost Mine Hunt, gift (details HERE)
Hair: LaNoir Soleil
Tattoo/Nail Polish: RezIpsa Loc (may no longer be available)
Tights: Sheer
Top: IAF
Pose: Marukin
Eyebrows: Adore&Abhor, not yet available
Stud Earrings: Cargo
Background Texture: Used from Krissy B Designs Stock HERE

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Floral Mix

Crown: ANE - Spring Crown Cream (Collabor88)
Hair: *Dura-Girl*33(Black)
Sunglasses: Intrigue Co. - Starlet Glasses: First Love
Skin: Fashionably Dead - Skin 01
Choker: (Yummy) Industrial Choker
Jacket: Zaara : Sana chintz jacket (new)
Top: Zaara : Natasha bustier (new)
Skirt: Tee*fy - Su Pencil Skirt (Collabor88)
Tights: Izzie's - White Tights
Shoes: Schadenfreude - Spandau Ballet Flats (Collabor88)

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About Carnivale

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Back in 2007, I had an honest to goodness patron of my work.  An extremely wealthy fan who loved my masks, gave me commissions, and even bought a sim to give me free reign of.  For a while I had fun on my completely rent free section of Second Life and I delighted in running rampant with it. However, after a year or so that patron left Second Life, and left me the sim.  Since then, I've been paying upkeep that I can't really afford and trying to use rentals in order to help out with the cost.

Things I've learned about myself are:

• I am too much of a softie with my friends to actually enforce rent
• I am too absent minded to keep track of who's renting when and for how long or how much they've paid, even with a rental system
• I am too lazy to keep an entire full size sim up to date with a build that suits my vision for it

Simply put, I'm not getting $295 USD a month worth of value out of it, and the pressure to do so is not something I want to deal with anymore.

After letting my friends know about this, the wonderful Kala Bijoux stepped up and offered me a place on her grandfathered tier sim called the Winged Isle.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to take it, since I know I'm a bit of a control freak and I didn't want to step on her toes, but she has promised me full creative control and is even open to changing the name to fit our new vision of it.  My new costs for maintaining my store would be a mere fraction of the former and I would still have contr (Read more...)

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[LeeZu!] Constance Leather Pants & Top

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The stylish new Constance Pants and Top from [LeeZu!] are the latest is casual attire. The satin one shoulder top is refreshing and soft on the skin and a perfect addition to your wardrobe. The leather pants are ideal for a day of horseback riding or wear the combo on your next adventure. Each top comes in two colors. Bra not included. Pants sold separately.

TP to TopTP to Pants

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Simple Man (Standing On A Poseball)

What poses fit you?
What do you love in a pose?
Berry asks us all to Strike A Pose for her weekly meme this week.

I have 3 favourite pose makers, in no particular order.... so I flipped a coin and decided to list them in reverse alphabetical.

R) Rack Poses
Even before I started blogging, I knew Rack Poses, at least the poses that had captured my attention at the adult store. If you know what I mean.
It was only later that I realized that Kirsty had PG poses also, and in the past half year she's put a lot of her energy into expanding the PG pose store, and joining many events.
This pose I'm using now is from her Sam Collection of male poses.

K) Kuro In Motion
I had been a fan of Luana's furniture store for a long time, and when she said she was going to try making poses I was excited to see what she would come up with. Since starting Kuro In Motion, she has created quite a collection of unique poses. Her work has always seemed to capture much emotion, and often they include props, such as the mirror in the photo I've included here, from her pose Shattered.… Read the rest

Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Pose Fair 2014 opened a couple days ago, and I have already featured several poses that can be found there.
I do have one more to show you though! Katya of An Lar Poses has created a really cute set called You Are My Heart, with a little help from Ispachi, who made original mesh props for the set.

The song I picked to go with the pose might be a little bit of a twist on the intention of the pose, but it works. Enjoy, and go visit Pose Fair 2014!

"Don't Stand So Close To Me" by The PoliceHer friends are so jealousYou know how bad girls getSometimes it's not so easyTo be the teacher's pet

Pose + Chalk Board & Blocks - An Lar Poses > You are My Heart *at Pose Fair 2014*

Skin > Atomic - InnocenceHair > Magika - CuriousSkirt > Milk Motion - silk skater skirtTop > -tb- - Short Sleeve BlouseSocks > Maitreya - Dahlia SocksShoe > HOC Industries - Maryjanes shoe
Teacher:Skin > 7Deadly - JudasHair > Exile - TravellerGlasses > Steinwerk - Shiny Meshnerd GlassesSuit > Kauna - XIV SuitShoes > Kauna - Brogues

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L’accessoires April-May Round

Necklace & Earrings: Zibska Avalon by Zib Scaggs – New! Available @ L’accessoires
Color change hud included Cat: Azoury Isidore Cat [little avatar to wear in the arms, versions with static eyes and moving eyes available] by Mayhem Seetan – New! Available @ L’accessoires
April 15th – May 15th
Limo to L’accessoires Skin: Glam Affair Brandi Europa 05H & Lipstick 03 by Aida Ewing – New! Available @ The Seasons Story
2 new tones available, Europa & Frost each has 5 gorgeous makeups available. There is also a lipstick pack with 14 colors available Hair: Tram B430 [brown] by Moca Loup
Dress: Overhigh Black Collection #06 by Merry Lemur – New! My blog:
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ATIA’s Expands!

Atia has been away from her blog for a long, long time (AGAIN!!!). When you see all the designs I've created you'll understand why. The goal at ATIA's is to offer quality cosmetics - classy choices you won't find anywhere else. Our specialty is sophistication and subtly, yet we also have some fanciful options available as well. Here are samples of my creations available both on SL Marketplace  and inworld

In addition to individual tattoo components, ATIA's is now offering complete makeovers. Copper Spark is the first of many total transformations that will be available this spring. 

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Make me Purr

Purring to me is an expression of absolute contentment, and yes, I am a cat lover.  A cat’s purr has been said to vibrate at a frequency that can actually heal bones, and cats purr not only when contented, but also when frightened or in pain, kicking off endorphins to heal and calm themselves and everyone around them. For me though, I think of other things that make me purr. Some days it is letting a piece of Swiss chocolate melt in my mouth, or listening to most anything by Lindsey Stirling.  Sunshine on my bare shoulders, or laying in bed on a weekend morning with a purring kitten on my chest…yes…I purr too. Then, there are the special people in your life, where there nearness alone, those silent times of connection where no words are necessary, just a look, a touch….I don’t hear it, but  I can feel it inside; that long, languid, contented purr.  Purrs are found when we slow down, be present, and just savor.  A purr is pure blissful enjoyment of the moment.… Read the restShine Comic Fair Meow_003

Eclipse Marketplace Update

Eclipse is a perfect set to gear up, complete and accentuate your futuristic looks! The black leather — or synthetic variant of it — hosts vibrant circuit insets that a multitude of detailed buckles holds together. This combination will create adventurers out of cyber-goths, androids out of space travellers and women with attitude for any futuristic time and place. The set has been separated into boots, corsets and gloves on the Marketplace. The three used to be sold in fatpacks only, but since the addition of the collars to the set we have also changed the earlier fatpacks into separately purchasable items. The main store had already been updated, now the Marketplace has caught up with the change as well. The boots, gloves and corset are rigged mesh and move with your body. There’s twenty colours available of each. There’s seven different sizes available: the five standards and two extras, M+ for more muscles and XS+ for more top curvy women.… Read the reste boot all colors


発売したのは、ワイヤレス補聴器向けリモコン端末の新製品「Oticon Streamer Pro 1.2 APP」である。同端末は補聴器の利用者が首にかけて使うもの。ワイヤレス補聴器のリモコン操作に加えて、テレビや固定電話などの家庭内機器をBluetoothで補聴器と接続する「中継器」としても機能する。併せて、これらの機能をiPhoneのインターフェースを用いて直感的に操作できるようにしたiPhoneアプリの提供を開始した。
目覚しい進化を遂げる補聴器、スマホとの連携でより使いやすく – デジタルヘルス – 日経テクノロジーオンライン

この新製品「Oticon Streamer Pro 1.2 APP」は、補聴器の音量・音質などのリモコン操作はもちろん、テレビの音を直接Bluetooth経由で聞くこともできますし、固定電話に対してもヘッドセットとしての役割を持たせることができるので、一般に「固定電話の受話器で話そうとするとハウリングが起きてしまう」という難点を解消しています。 また、この「Oticon Streamer Pro 1.2 APP」は、対応のiPhoneアプリがあるので、それをiPhoneなどにインストールすると、iPhone上で全ての操作が出来るようになり、スマートフォンを常に使っている人にとっては管理を一元化できるメリットがあります。 これまでは小さな補聴器は操作するスイッチなどが極小で、お年寄りなどにとっては操作がとても大変だったのですが、最近の技術の進歩により、直感的に簡単操作ができるインターフェイスが開発・発売されてきています。その中でも今回のiPhoneとの連動は、ユーザーにとってはとても有用な「越境技術」となっています。

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Boudoir Bunny

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t take pictures or blog anymore, ok, three times, but still I’ve been asked and it makes for a good lead in. I don’t really have an answer, it’s certainly something I love to do, so it wasn’t lost interest, I think it was at least partially lack of time. The original intent of this blog was to rediscover Second Life, to find new things to do, new places to see, meet new people, and work on my photography skills while I was at it. Now that I only manage to get into SL once every two to three weeks, I don’t get as many chances to explore anymore so I felt like I didn’t have much to share. If I wasn’t sticking to my original purpose, or could only update once a month, should I bother? After great deliberation, I’ve decided that I should bother. Who cares if I only take pictures once every two weeks? Or blog three days in a row then not again for a month? I don’t have sponsors or ads, no commitments, and it’s something I find relaxing so I’ll post now and again when the mood strikes me.… Read the restSunny Bunny

The Middle

Getting stuck in the middle can be a really uncomfortable feeling.
Being forced into an awkward position between two fighting friends is one of the worst places to be.
Trapped in an airplane with snoring or overly chatty passengers on either side... not fun!
The child of divorced parents? That can be terrible if they are bitter.

Luana from Kuro In Motion has a new pose called "Masquerade", which is THE GOOD KIND OF BEING IN THE MIDDLE!

"Stuck In The Middle With You" by Stealers WheelYes, I'm stuck in the middle with you,And I'm wondering what it is I should doIt's so hard to keep this smile from my face,Losing control, and I'm all over the place

Pose > Kuro In Motion - Masquerade (out now at Pose Fair!)

Skin > 7 Deadly Skins - JudasHair > Exile - Take ItEasy
Tux > Kauna - Tuxedo

Skin > Glam Affair - Brandi in America
Hair > Clawtooth - Hang It Up

Skin > Labyrinth - Spear Skin
Hair > DROT - Jeremy
Suit > Kauna  - XIV Striped

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