Gimmee a J-A-I-L!

The whole media world was very excited about Justin Bieber getting arrested in Florida yesterday, when they really should have been much more excited about the fact that there are now cookie dough flavored Oreos

Anyway, I thought I would go visit JB in jail and give him a piece of my mind, but he had bonded out by the time I got there. No worries. In my cheer outfit, I am inspired to make up cheers for any situation, so I made one for him. Here it is:

Hey there, Justin! Have you heard?
You're not above the law! That's the word!

We doubt that those were Smarties that you snorted!
Get yourself together or get yourself deported!

Rehab's the greatest! No doubt about it!
Talk to Ke$ha! She'll tell ya' all about it!

Don't become a has-been!
Go! Fight! Win!

Well, that's why I only cheered for one year. Good thing I still looked cute cheering it at the SL jail I found. 
I think my SL cheer costuming has been going well so far in the run up to the Superbowl. I attempted to put together something that was reminiscent of (but a bit sleazier than) the white chaps that the Denver Broncos' cheer squad wears sometimes. As you can see, I'm still stuck mostly with system stuff except for some mesh chaps. But, I need some chaps with fringe and no razor sharp spikes on the belt - because I could accidentally stab myself and die while jumping around and yelling "Omaha!" after an especially good touchdown. Then, I will miss the end of the big game. And then, there will be one fewe (Read more...)

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