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Poetica, Ivy Tower and The Arcade

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The Arcade for September is ending tonight.  I'm finally getting around to blogging all the fun stuff this round (which I'm sure you've seen in a million other posts.).  Also, I've been meaning to post about Poetica's Ivy Tower.  It's lovely!   Outside Ivy Tower:  Poetica dogwood and arcacia trees (New!), tiger lilies:  [Organica]

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September 2013
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||Thorn In My Side||

Style Card*LpD* - *Dama* Dress Avenue Autumn Winter Fashion Week  NEW!!RO - Megaton CrownOlive. the Twigs a Choking Collar: Milk and Brown  Designers United 5 NEW!!Amacci Hair Maria ~ Black CoalLiquid shadow 01 KooqlaKOOQLA Queens(Black) (w/ brows) Designers United NEW!!!Elysium - Eva BootsMG - Bracelets - Florentine Lover's  MG - Bangles - Black Dare - Set 2 - LargeSlink Mesh Had Elegant IKON Perspective Eyes - Wight 

Poses Del May 

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New! Le Debutante – Victorian satin bustle ball gown

Present yourself to "polite society" in this new Montagne Noire release, "Le Debutante," a formal satin Victorian bustle ball gown with matching feather hairpiece and pearl cameo choker.

The dress comes in the traditional debutante gown colors of pearl, ivory, and rose, and as a new release is currently on sale for 50% off at our main store in Caledon Oxbridge Village for 125L.

Le Debutante is mod/copy, allowing you to tailor the garment to your proportions, and was created with both standard and sculpted prims.

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Good Girl Gone (a Little) Bad

I started off today’s look with the sexy Martini Dress and matching clutch from DCNY. It’s currently available at the Bewbapalooza event, which means that it also comes with appliers for Lola Tango breasts. The accent color of dress (on the bodice and on the clutch) varies from dress to dress, but I was in a rocker mood or something I guess. I liked the blood orange lipstick on this Glam Affair skin in the Candy line, which is available as one of several gacha prizes at The Arcade. I thought it would really pop and work well with overall look because of the winged eye-liner. To top it off, literally and figuratively, I got the Ellie hair from LeLutka. I love the area above the ear being shaved to give it an edge, but the length still makes it feminine and I still feel like myself. Credits: Hair: LeLutka, ELLIE hair- Praline
Skin: Glam Affair, Candy Skin – America 07 (at The Arcade)
Eyes: IKON, Perspective Eyes – Oxidation (VIP Group Gift September 2013)
Lashes: Beetlebones, Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black)
Necklace: Amorous, Chained
Jacket: Emery, Mesh Leather Jacket Saul Light Black
Dress + clutch: DCNY, Martini Dress_Vermouth (at Bewbapalooza)
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Regency Boots Plum Leather
Shape: My own.… Read the restgggb1

Did you miss me?

While I was gone? Yeah, no, I doubt that. In parts because Kinu picked up my slack and blogged some stuff while I wasn’t blogging. Awesome pictures at that <3 She is getting so good. But also in parts because, hey, why should you care about me, right? I’m just yet another fashion bloggers among hundreds. I don’t make anything to stand out. I’m not one of those top 5 most important bloggers. I know this. And to be quite honest, I am not striving for it either. I love my followers, I really do. I blog for you guys..but mostly, I blog for myself. Blogging isn’t just that for me. I don’t just blog. I experiment, I try new things, I sit through hours and hours of tutorials to pic up on new things. Some of those new things I pick up on end up on the blog, sure, some of those new things I learned end up incorporated into my store and the creations I make there. Sure, some pictures may be “boring” or “standard” fashion blogging.… Read the rest

||Falling To Pieces||

Style Card[VM] VERO MODERO / Caliandra Gown AVENUE Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2013KOOQLA Queens(Natural) (light brows) Designers United 5Kooqla SG-lips01tram -Surrealism MY BRAIN- Designers United 5Finesmith - Rissa Collar- Delicate.Shi : Eye Bangle_L [Black].Shi : Eye Ring_R [Black]+:+WTG+:+ **Tear** eye charm*VoguE* Spooky Make Up ~ Elegant BeadsROZOREGALIA*NARUSAZA*EARRING

Poses :: Del May FinesseMa Vie Wicked Game

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[LeeZu!] Single Room Skybox (mesh)

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Conjuring images of lazy autumn days and tender starlit nights, tucked away in a hilltop retreat, surrounded by panoramic views of the romantic Tuscan landscape, the NEW [LeeZu!] Single Room Skybox makes a perfect home for those with a Mediterranean dream. Enhanced by soft muted colours and a delicate watery fresque, seductively mixing modern and traditional styles for a unique living experience.

TP here

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Click the images for bigger size and wider views <3
This is me being forgetful because i did those pictures 10 days ago. ★ BODY : Skin : Glam Affair – Shanna ( Europa ) 11 @ Collabor88
Eyes : ~Tableau Vivant~ Galaxy eyes – Uranus
Hairs : (Chemistry) HAIR – Bubbles – Oceans
Ears :  [MANDALA] Steking EARS
Tattoo : :Little Pricks: Three Strikes
★ JEWELRY/ACCESSORIES : Collar : Happy Undead – Charming Collar [vinyl black]
Horns : RO – Diable Band (past Group Gift)
Rings : .:* LOULOU&CO *:.
Nails : PMD for Slink Enhancement Fingernails
Piercings : [ni.Ju]ellabella
★ CLOTHING : Bodysuit : Graves - G324 Paradox
Gloves : SiniStyle Taped Fist (Loose Hand – Forearm)
Legwarmers/Leggings : [ SAKIDE ] Willful Velvet Thighs&Pumps Black NEW
Boots : A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic Poses : Del May

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||Everything I Touch, Turns To Gold||

AVENUE has been a part of Second Life for 5 years, and their goal, as Second Life evolves, is to grow with it. They are excited and thrilled to announce Autumn/Winter Fashion Week that will forecast the latest and greatest from some of Second Life's Veteran Designers and showcase a selection of talented new faces.
The fashion week will run from September 29th to October 5th 2013. Displaying exclusive new designs from a whole host of different creators, and each collection will purchasable after each show.  
Today my stunning outfit is by Coundown designer Antoniaxp.

Style Card
Countdown.Kate Mesh Corset Gold NEW for AFW!!!Countdown.Kate Gold Skirt Brilliance Skin Lucy terra cotta lips by Deetalezd.Select glossy effect multi color I DeetalezIKON Destiny Eyes - Clarity~Soedara~ Gold 1 Face Chain
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1 Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance)
Jewelryset Buddha GoldNecklace  & Matching Earrings[MANDALA]TEFUTEFU MG - Bracelets - Octavia
GizzA - CoutreHeadpiece [Black]FasterPussycat Neo Geisha Beehive Hair - blackBliss in Pink Earrings Rt Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery
Shi : Eye Ring_L [Black].… Read the rest

Dreamcatcher Rusa Antlers

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Ariel Lunark is a very patient person.  As I've slowed my progress in getting through my commissions, she's been very understanding in the delay.  Every project has been a struggle for me lately, and so having someone be kind enough to let me take the time I need is invaluable.

She commissioned a project that had occurred to me, but that I simply hadn't and probably wouldn't get around to.  I loved the idea, and she pushed me to take it in directions I might not have.

Dreamcatcher antlers are something I thought of when I did my Dreamcatcher Nivicola Horns, but I was ready to move on to different projects at the time and it never was a priority.  Ariel originally commissioned me to make a dream catcher for the Capreolinae antlers, but I had misgivings.  I gave it a go and they didn't look right at all, the prongs were getting in the way and the arch of the center wasn't right.  So I ended up making an entirely new set of antlers, similar to the Capreolinae but simpler, and of course made out of mesh.  Mesh is just perfect for antlers, and it's lovely to be able to make seamless angles without worrying about sculpts and textures lining up.  And of course, since the new antlers were made with a dream catcher in mind, it came together far better.… Read the rest

New Steampunk gown @ A Clockwork Spiral

A Clockwork Spiral is now underway!

ACS is a shopping and music event featuring more than 35 steampunk/goth, dieselpunk/goth and dark Victoriana merchants to help raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.

As one of the co-sponsors, Montagne Noire has a BRAND NEW Victorian Steampunk gown available right now at the event.

Also at our location is a 10L "monster slippers" gacha machine, with 100% of proceeds going to the NKF.

A Clockwork Spiral is on now on the Cursed sim through Sunday, Sept. 22. Hope to see you there!

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Last of Summer

It’s the very of last days of summer trickling in…and I thought about visiting a cozy cabin, one that reminded of the one my RL aunt and uncle have. We used to visit in the summer and go wading in a river, trying to catch fish, and generally having a good time. Two group gifts came out recently and I decided both were a great tribute to the end of summer. The Angelica skin that I’m wearing is by Glam Affair, and the makeup is made especially for the group gift. The shoes are the exclusive print of the CUORE heels by N-Core, made for their group members. The pink tones in both spoke to me, pink is my favorite color after all! Credits: Hair: Tableau Vivant, Yazimoto – Winter 2 (at The Arcade)
Skin: Glam Affair, Angelica Skin – Group Gift (current group gift)
Eyes: IKON, Horizon Etes v2 – Pale Glass
Lashes: Beetlebones, Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black)
Glasses: ISON, quinton glasses (crystal)
Earrings: Yummy, Tiny Acorn Earrings – Gold (at Collabor88)
Top: mon tissu, Ruffled Shell ~ Pearl
Pants: mon tissu, Cotton Pants ~ Khaki
Shoes, N-Core, Group Gift – CUORE “Pink Floral” (Mesh) (current group gift)
Poses: PRETENSE, ESCAPE 4; and CHARM 3 Location: by Dorian mainstore, with new Cozy Cabin in the background

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The Oakwood Manor

I discovered The Domineaux Effect a couple of years ago at the Home & Garden Expo and
immediately became a fan. Creator Domineaux Prospero's collection of mesh prefabs and outdoor accessories are high in quality and classic.  Her homes are among my favorites because of her extreme detail to everything from the textures to the smallest fixtures.  Her homes are also realistically proportioned to the 'average/normal' avatar height, which means the doorknobs won't hit you in the forehead when you walk in a room (major pet peeve of mine). The rooms are just the right size so your furniture will fit comfortably without being swallowed up in a vast amount of space. For the layout challenged, you will be able to tell which room is which by the names she gives to the doors.

Featured below are some of the rooms from The Oakwood Manor, which was released several months ago and recently updated to include a materials option.  The home includes a dining room, a great room, a rec room, a bathroom and kitchen and more.… Read the rest

Texture Change Low-Crown Hat – Humans and Kitties Deserve Fine Hats!

This was listed at the Marketplace a while back – as I thought, it took about as long to create the marketing textures as it did to create the original hat, although I spent a lot of time tweaking this one. And then publicizing and social-mediaizing it took even longer… In the meantime, I discovered that it fits my Dinkies Kitty avatar with a little rotating (no size adjustment necessary). Hurray, kitties in hats!
14 hat and 6 hatband textures, dozens of combinations
Brown blocked wool with gamboling Art Nouveau wild animals
Redonkulously cute on Dinkies Kitty avatars, too
Change the textures on this versatile antique hat for year-round style. Add your own if you like! Just be careful to edit linked prims, and add textures to the contents of the hat body or band only.
via Second Life Marketplace – @LC@ Chameleonic Nouveau Topper – Wools.

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Flirt Cross Strap Mules

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Available At Our:
In-World Store |&| Marketplace Store

100% Custom Mesh
Materials Enhanced Textures
HUD-Driven Sizing and Texture Options
Works With Slink Avatar Enhanced Rigged Mesh Feet (Medium Heel)
Feet Not Included
Non-Rigged Mesh
Copy * Modify * No-Transfer
(HUD is No-Modify) L$399 Pair (Includes Multiple Heel, Inner Sole and Metal Options)
L$999 6-Pack
L$2750 Whole Damn Pack (36 Pairs)
Flirt Cross Strap Mules (Whole Damn Pack)
Flirt Cross Strap Mules Color Chart The Flirt Cross Strap Mule from Sax Shepherd Designs is a casual, open-toe mule that is right at home on the beach, at the club, or accenting that little black dress you keep on hand to shake up every room you walk into. Easy to follow HUD driven options provide you with sizing and fitting choices as well as texture change features. This sassy, versatile design provides oodles of possibilities with multiple materials-ready heel/base, inner sole, metal rivet, and strap textures. Individual pairs feature:
* One strap design
* Five base/heels (black leather, black leather with red under-sole, cherry wood, light wood, and medium wood)
* Five inner soles (flat black, glossy black, champagne suede, cocoa suede, red suede)
* Three metal rivets (carbide, gold, and silver)
Flirt Cross Strap Mules (Black Leather)
Flirt Cross Strap Mules (Red Leather) Flirt Cross Strap Mules (White Leather) Flirt Cross Strap Mules (Leopard) Flirt Cross Strap Mules (Python) Flirt Cross Strap Mules (Zebra) Six-Packs and the Whole (Read more...)

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It’s Sublime!

I felt like doing a more haute fashion-eque post today, and I started with the new Sublime heels from N-Core. These are some amazing heels! There are 20 colors to choose from or you can go all out and get the fatpack! I chose to wear the Teal color because it’s something I don’t normally pick for shoes and I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m really pleased with the overall look and how this turned out. Here we have a close-up of the heels and foot. The HUD that comes with the shoes allows you to change the colors of the metal studs, sole, logo and the inner area of the shoe. If you get the fatpack you can also change the colors of the bow, heel, and shoe, individually. These heels use the N-Core Click & Match system which allows you select the skin brand and tone you’re wearing and they are automatically matched for you – so easy! Also you have a number of nail colors, base skin options if you want to tint them yourself, and the option to add a stocking layer.… Read the restsublime1

New! Une Bonne Femme – Victorian satin dress & hat

Finally, a new gown from Montagne Noire!

"Une Bonne Femme" (A Good Woman), is a Victorian satin bustle day gown with matching hat.

The dress comes in onyx black, sapphire blue, topaz brown, emerald green, ruby red and amethyst purple, and is currently on sale for 50% off (just 125L!) at our main store in Caledon Oxbridge Village.

The turquoise version of this dress is Montagne Noire's Autumn 2013 Group Gift, available in store only.

Une Bonne Femme is mod/copy, allowing you to tailor the garment to your proportions, and was created with both standard and sculpted prims.

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skin:  Glam Affair, shanna @Collabor88 hair:  Truth, lyma dress and jacket:  (NO), buffalo plaid maxi dress and denim jacket @Collabor88 necklace:  Kosh, tricos necklace hands:  Slink nails:  Flair poses:  Purple Poses, vivien

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[LeeZu!] Yukatan Pants (mesh,rigged,material ready)

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Free falling never felt so good as with the NEW Yukatan Pants from [LeeZu!]. This is high stakes, high-octane, high fashion at its best. Dangerously designed for the sexiest of skydivers, base jumpers and tactical clothing gurus, these highly detailed, versatile pursuit pants will leave you gasping for breath. Rigged mesh, material viewer ready and available in beige, black, blue and olive.
TP here

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Lazy Sunday @ [Insatiable Fashions]! 9/8/2013

It's a busy week here at [Insatiable]!

I've got somewhat of a newness preview out this weekend for Lazy Sunday! ;) This velvet skirt is quickly becoming one of my favorite items, and I hope to have more colors/styles out for you very soon, along with matching tops!

This skirt is only L$75, so grab it while you can! This item will be out until Tuesday.

Want the top in the picture? That's also up for grabs this weekend as well, at the same price!

Here's your limo:
TP to [Insatiable Fashions] HQ!

Until next time!


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