Blacklace – Devotion – Numberology


Blacklace has a new release, but for the next two weeks you can only get it in a limited edition color for the Numberology Event that runs from June 1 – June 15.

Devotion is the perfect example of why we ladies are devoted to Blacklace! This corset set includes a blue bra, garter and panties that are adorned with little black polka dots, perfect for a night-time version of “connect the dots” that is anything but G-rated! Also included is a black cincher that comes in mesh in standard sizing. Never one to forget the details, Blacklace has included the stockings, adorable little bows and Lola’s Appliers!

Devotion is a gorgeous corset set that will leave your significant other devoted to you, and a reminder of why men are so devoted to Blacklace too!

LM to Numberology Event, where Blacklace is at Number 3.

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