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Lots Of Events @ Cheeky Pea!

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There’s lots of events that Cheeky Pea is happy to be a part of starting July 1st! Not only is another round of FaMESHed about to start, but The Home Show 2013 opens its doors as well. For The Home Show, we have two exclusive items, a beautiful bed, remodeled after the Maude bed from a previous hunt, and a fantastic living room set. The bed has some incredible features in with PG and Adult versions, including shifting sheets and pillows when you lay down. And for FaMESHed is this adorable spa. Made for a friend that’s wanted this for months, the Rowen Tea Spa has creative steam glass decor and a tea bag shaped light. Coming in both PG and Adult versions, there’s workable taps that rez water, bubbles, and even steam! All items are exclusive to the events they’re found at. FaMESHed is here, and The Home Show is here. Both open at midnight. Happy shopping!

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[F F]+[R3]+[BELISSIMA]+::[annaA]::+Cute Poison+[tea.s] (SIS+S&H+Fist Pump Hunt3)

Cabello/Hair: Magika [01] Wait (50% Sale) Cuerpo/Shape: [BELISSIMA]-SHAPE-GRACE-SMAL-5- (She & Him Event – Inicia el 5 de Julio/Starts July 5th) Piel/Skin: Swallow Sarah 02 Gatcha (Peach) (@ The Arcade Gacha Event) Sombra/Eye Shadow: ::[annaA]:: Eye Make Up – Party [red] (@Stuff in Stock Discount Event June 25th- July 06th) Labial/Lipstick: MONS / Makeups – lipstick dominant black Anillos/Rings: [tea.s] Kitty Ring Set – FPH3 Gift – (Cacería “Fist Pump With The Best Hunt 3″ – Desde el 1 de Julio hasta el 26 de Julio/From July 1st until July 31st) Brazaletes/Bracelets: Cute Poison- Fragmented Bracelets Top: [F F] MESH – Shirt White (@Stuff in Stock Discount Event June 25th- July 06th) Fada/Skirt: [R3] – Leah Skirt [V3] Medias/Tights: *blowpop* Fishnet Tights -Black- Botas/Boots: Cute Poison – Morpheus Boots Poses: *[Starry Heaven]* Maichi Poses – FPH3 Gift
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Avatar Blogger

(click here for a raw shot) Hi, my name is Strawberry Singh and I’m an Avatar Blogger. This past month of June I’ve been doing the 30 posts in 30 days Avatar Blogger Challenge. I didn’t quite make all 30 posts though, I completed 26 posts because of some RL commitments that kept me busy. [...]The post Avatar Blogger by appeared first on

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Talk About Me

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Hair-Magika [01] Bliss
Skin-[PXL] Sophia SK Peach Lips MEB C2
Eyebrows-Soiree - Brows / Vivian
Jacket-*chronokit* Fabre Jacket Camouflage
Dress-{.:Ozi:.}RACERBACK MAXI dress - NAVY STRIPED (New)
Boots-BAX Prestige Boots Brown Leather
Ankle Bracelet-[F]oil- Heart Relaxed Anklet - Gold (New)
Necklace-MG - Necklace - Isis Solar Magic Choker

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Grid Talk: Familiarity, Recognition and Remembrance

It's funny how ideas for blog posts just magically appear out of nowhere.  I was on my way to someplace important recently.  Well, I was headed to starbucks which in my mind is important (double chocolate chip frappucchino, 2 pumps mocha-thanks for asking).  As I was driving by a gas station I saw this:

which reminded me of this:

and I immediately thought of blog fodder (and yeah, I know I'm blogging the teardrop trailer that came out months ago at the arcade).  I originally called this post Deja vu but changed it because it's not exactly what I will be talking about.  What experiences, places, objects in rl remind you of sl?  It can be simple like the example above or more complex. I thought of many things after I saw that rl teardrop trailer.  I want to focus on rl to sl stuff not sl to rl (meaning what in sl reminds you of rl).  However, this post might get a little muddled so I'll probably end up mixing the two.  I'll at least keep each of my thoughts in separate paragraphs so there's some order to the chaos.… Read the rest

Sales and Discounts Make It Too Easy to Shop! – Featuring Exile at My Attic

Every few weeks there are a number of places in Second Life that rotate new items in and showcase designs from all corners of the grid. Places like this often offer a taste of this and that, in hopes that they will win you over and pull you in to their flagship store.

It's a good theory, and it does provide what it promises. I can test drive almost any designer if I look hard enough. I've begun to collect landmarks of these places, and since I know that they're discounting their products, sometimes as much as 75% off, I wait till an item that appeals to me appears in one of these locations.

This stunning hair from Exile is just a latest example. I've never owned Exile hair. This style suited me on several levels, first the updo makes it easy to wear with almost anything and not have prims bumping prims. Also it had the option to select naturals, so I have a basic blonde, brown, brunette, and auburn/red choice. For the discounted price and all these options built in to the HUD, I just might take a detour away from the houses of sales and head directly to Exile to see what else I might find.… Read the rest

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 23, Coconut


Yes, I'm back! Lots of catching up to do (so much that I'm not actually going to bother with most of it), starting with some posts for the Softpaw's crayon challenge.

This week's is Coconut or as I've been thinking of it, not-quite-white. Hopefully this gown from The White Armory fits the bill.

I've accessorised with the Arachzis horns from Plastik and worn one of the Lionheart skins - so I'd have an excuse to tell you that the Plastik annual half price sale is on, until July 25. What are you waiting for? Go take advantage!

While we're talking about sales, the hair is from Magika, who are in the midst of a half-off sale. Check it out at the mainstore until July 10.

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2nd Makeup & Tattoo Hunt – The Gifts

The 2nd Makeup & Tattoo Hunt starts at midnight on June 30th 2013 and runs until July 31st. There are 19 stores in the hunt and the start location is Adore & Abhor. You can get hints for the hunt on the Stuff My Inventory Hunts blog. There’s an inworld group which you can join […]

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::[annaA]::+.S&C.+::Mu-Shi Doll::+Unorthodox+-bubblesqueen-+-UtopiaH- (SIS+DC+Gatcha)

Cabello/Hair: ::Exile:: Collide:Crystal Cuerpo/Shape: ::[annaA]:: Body Shape “Tanya” (@Stuff in Stock Discount Event June 25th- July 06th) Accesorio Oreja/Ear Cuff: [7891.] Xenno Cuff – Gold – Right Sombra/Eye Shadow: MONS / Makeups – eyeshadow dominant silver Labial/Lipstick: MONS / Makeups – lipstick dominant black Brazalete/Bracelet: PP – Love Stacked Bracelets – Black & Gold {Wear Only} Vestido/Dress: .S&C. Wild Thing (@Stuff in Stock Discount Event June 25th- July 06th) Piercing: -UtopiaH- Pierced Belly [in gold] (Gatcha) Guantes/Gloves: ** Bish Gloves Black Tatuaje (Pierna)/Tattoo (Lower): -UtopiaH- Beyond the Death Tattoo Tatuaje (Espalda)/Tattoo (Back): angels spine - bubblesqueen- (@Stuff in Stock Discount Event June 25th- July 06th) Botas: ::: Mu-Shi Doll ::: Black Platform Boots (@Designer Circle – 56th Collection) June 23th – July 06th Poses: Unorthodox Animations – Sasha (@Stuff in Stock Discount Event June 25th- July 06th)
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LE Showstoppa – Panda2 // Customer Request

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Everrrrrryone has asked for another round of Panda Showstoppa’s to be released, and after yesterdays Skullies, alot of people asked for a b&w version, or a combo of these 2 popular styles, so Im answering those requests. Though I will not resell any past SOLD OUT shoes, I can make some edits and tweaks. Just trying to make everyone happy♥ TY all for your support of my Limited Edition Craze & my store! Hope you likey! Only 50 available /// 350L each Enjoy! Panda2 available NOW!

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The Currents Will Shift


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Just Place It On The Deck For Now

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So I had all this amazing furniture and decor I wanted to show you that will be featured at The Home Show starting tomorrow, and I hadn’t had a chance to set up my new home yet so….I threw it all our on my new deck! That works right? The deck is part of a beautiful new adult lake house from Pixel Mode.  I have high hopes to show you all the rest of this beautiful lake house, but check out the amazing details of the deck.  The realism is incredible. As for everything else, it’s hard to comment on so many things individually.  The Mudhoney couch is to die for. It has absolutely amazing poses in it!  Check out my credits for all the details for this post, and make sure to stop by The Home Show, opening tomorrow! Credits: Deck: Pixel Mode | Tya Fallingbridge – The Lake House (available at The Home Show) Sofa: Mudhoney | Rayvn Hynes – Sydney Sofa (available at The Home Show) Table: Mudhoney } Rayvn Hynes – Sydney Table (available at The Home Show) Tray: DIGS | Iris Maskelyne – Ferryside Tray Decor (available at The Home Show) Pouffes: End of Daze | Icewood Bayne – Pouffe (available at The Home Show) Abacus & Jacks: Second Spaces | Elle Kirshner (available at The Home Show) Travel Trunk: Culprit | Eku Zhong (available at The Home Show) Globe: Barnesworth Anubis | Barnesworth Anubis (available at The Home Show) Fragile Box: End of Daze | Icewood Bayne (this was just the packaging the pouffe’s come in!) (available (Read more...)

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The Home Show

Less than 24 hours to go and then The Home Show will be open! If you haven’t been to this event before, you’re missing out (or you’re new, then you’re forgiven)… It’s one of SL’s finest Home and Garden Events and IT IS UPON US AGAIN! So much to show you, but I am going to start with one of my favorite pieces: This is the gorgeous offering from Pixel Mode, it comes in both PG and Adult and is absolutely bloody stunning!   The cutest little house that looks great on a beach, in a forest, surrounded by green, or surrounded by rocks.. whatever, this house makes its surroundings its own because it’s just THAT lovely.   It’s not overly big, so fits in nicely on a small plot, and it’s mesh, so the LI isn’t that mental! YAY!    You get a lovely little hexagon (well kinda) shaped patio/decking area… so you can put out chairs and a table, deckchairs… a bbq! Whatever floateth your boat.… Read the restComing to The Home Show from Pixel Mode

My Favorite Room

I love to read. Big, heavy books that take days and weeks to finish.  Moreso weeks nowadays, as I have that little racal running me around the house. But to curl up with a good mystery, a thriller, any book that catches my attention is so fun. I am extremely drawn to real life stories, those that people write about their own experiences as well as a third party writer weaving a story that really happened but they may not have necessarily been there. When I was in high school, I read every piece of literature about real crime I could find, and famous criminals. Those kinds of stories still fascinate me to this day, how someone becomes a person that would hurt another. The patterns they keep to, the beginning middle and end that has to happen or they don't get their jolly happy kill people feeling.  I realize I'm sounding incredibly morbid right now, I apologize. True Crimes aren't the only true stories I enjoy though, just about any really. An accounting of someone else's life experiences is fascinating to me because often times they are chaulked full of things I have never done or heard of in MY life.… Read the restMy Favorite Room

Limited Bazaar

Ahoy there! It’s nearing to the start of a new week, and what better way to start your Sunday off than with some shopping? Limited Bazaar, the fortnightly event that features 15 brands with items that are on sale for a limited time only. All items are 150L or less, and you have only two weeks to grab these goodies before they run out, or even get sold out. So what are you waiting for? Teleport to Limited Bazaar    

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A Prayer of Hope — Featuring a Dress From Luziefee and Great New Products from Face Paint

Dance then... wherever you may be... for I am the Lord of the Dance said He... I'll lead you all wherever you may be... I am the Lord of the Dance said He.

I danced in the morning when the day had first begun...

I danced in the evening with the setting of the sun...

A song of prayer sent out to someone very special, someone who's family has had to deal with such sadness and fear and so many other things this past 48 hours. To Wesley, I pray you find your way home from the darkness. To Wesley's family, I pray you find strength, wherever you are and know that wherever you are, you are not alone.

Featuring Luziefee Paka #3
Featuring Face Paint Niki Lip Gloss (Single)
Featuring Face Paint Color Change Prim Long Nails
Featuring Face Paint Skin Cynthia Pink Beige - Tan
Featuring Face Paint Prim Lashes
1. Poetic Colors: Autumn Moon
2. Osmose: Desir Platinum
3. Chop Zuey: Final Judgement Earrings
4. {{BSD}}: Stay Cool Model
5. Manifeste Poses

6. Taken on site at Image Essentials

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Organica at The Home Show

Starting tomorrow (July 1, 2013), along with 47 other Home and Garden shops,  Organica will be participating in The Home Show, which runs from July 1 thru 31 at Le Petite Roche and Argentina Amor sims.   Four new items will be exclusive for the duration of the event and are as follows:   Both of the above items are great for indoor or outdoor use. They are each 1LI and being mesh, require at least a mesh-capable viewer. Fill in those empty corners or perhaps divide up a large empty space? Or maybe hang from the eaves of your new home? Additionally, while both of these look great already, you can further decrease alpha flickering by using a materials-enabled viewer and enabling ‘advanced lighting’. Mod, copy, no transfer.  
This new building features three fully built floors, detailed textures, a cafe on the ground floor and a loft on the upper floors. It’s 120LI at packaged size (unfurnished) with a 12.5x36m footprint.You’ll also be able to preview this new building on-site at Organica.… Read the restHangingIvyPlanter1-vendor

Cajsa Fast Five: June 30th

This will be quick. I am a bit (a lot) under the weather today. I even passed the stream over to the next DJ just 45 minutes into my set because I just didn’t feel well enough to finish it. But, I  already picked some great posts for you and wanted to be sure you saw them. Sorry if the descriptions are terse.
  1. More than friends: I love the casual easiness of these photos from Kaelyn Alecto. 
  2. The Blackened Mirror: I missed this Treet.TV series when it happened, but thanks to 1AngelCares Writer plurking about it I watched it yesterday. Fun, worth watching. Not your usual SL movie.
  3. Delayed: Elle Couerblanc’s heartbreaking entry for the Single Frame Stories challenge.
  4. Drax Files Episode 8: MadPea Games: An inteview with the creator behind Madpea Games, the immersive storytelling experiences that enrich SL.
  5. Connecting 354 Lives – Don Mill: One of the more innovative entries in this series. Don speaks to Donald. And Happy Anniversary!

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Lazy Sunday for Kids

Each Sunday participating designers of Lazy Sunday for Kids set out items at no more than 75L each through midnight SLT.  Items typical to the event include clothing, accessories, poses, furniture and decor. MIA: Aura’s Official Lazy Sunday for Kids Blog Happy shopping♥  

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Should I?

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Hair: Kerri by Truth
Skin & Head: Chloe by LOGO
Hands: Mesh Hands by Slink
Top: Crop T Shirt Aztec by Emery
Skirt: Slit Pencil by Ison
Shoes: Liaison by Maitreya
Pose by Del May
Earrings: Bouclier by epoque
Cuff by erratic

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