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White Wood Panel Textures

Couldn’t resist another wood pack! A classic and versatile white wood panel pack. 7 different textured shades of white wood from tongue and groove to shabby cottage, with coving and skirting and of course all textures tile horizontally AND vertically – so you can create your own style of baseboard and height of coving to fit your builds. Perfect inside and out and one of the best bits easy to recolour too! Available from Shop.insightdesigns

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April 2013
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Fantasy Faire – Explore a Little More

On 28th April 2013 · By Nicole Twigvald · With Leave a comment
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Fantasy has been extended an extra day, so there is a bit more time to grab up some goodies and enjoy the sims. I’m wearing one of the special RFL colors of Wasabi Pill’s Erika which you find here, and my skin, horns and outfit can all be found at The Plastik’s FF shop here! My photos were taken on the awesome FF sim Titan’s Hollow. Credits –
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Erika Mesh Hair – Crystal violet @ Fantasy Faire
Outfit:[Plastik]::[P]:- Vandariel//Magicka @ Fantasy Faire
Horns :[Plastik]:-Arachzis Horns[L]://Dusk
Skin: :[Plastik]:-Arkasia {Tyran}://Scales @ Fantasy Faire
Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement Fingernails
Nailpolish HUD: Orc Inc. Glitterdown
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Purplexion (M)

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The end of Google Reader

As you know, the Google Reader is set to the middle of the year, without any alternative by Google itself. Gogo wrote an articel a few weeks ago, and linked to “”, you can read the articel here at her blog. I was busy the last few weeks with testing various alternatives and doing my thumbs up for Feedly is very clear, helpful, well-structured and easily to use. There are various display options, full text with image, title only, magazine look, Card View. Feedly displays only unread articles, if desired, this is something I missed in the last month with the Google Reader, it showed ALL articles, even if you marked only one with “unread” to make it easy to find later. I do not know if this is just a problem to me, but it was incredibly annoying. Anyway, Feedly is a really great alternative for those who have used the Google Reader and have many blogs that they want to track.
… and has an import-function from Google Reader to the reader :o) I took some screenshots from my to show you how it could look like !… Read the rest

Hebenon Vial: new piercing release “Schakal”

One of :HV:’s (formerly known as Hebenon Vial) newest release is these great piercing “Schakal” in holy. There is a 5% discount to anyone wearing the :HV: group tag – please notice … there’s a new group for the store “the :HV:”. ***teleport to Hebenon Vial mainstore*** *other credits
skin by PXL
hair by Truth
hands by SLink
tattoo by PURE™
bracelet by RealEvil Industries
ears by Mandala
top & vest by {A&C} Sweet

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Cosmetic Fair – Shakeup Overview

On 26th April 2013 · By Nicole Twigvald · With Leave a comment
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There is less than a week left to vist Cosmetic Fair which ends April 30th. Shakeup has a bunch of great makeups there including exclusive items that will not be sold again after Cosmetic Fair is over. Which is a shame because they are awesome, so all I can say is if you want them don’t put it off! The skin in this post is Jalwa, she takes makeup wonderfully and the slink hand and feet skin appliers are included which was perfect for this post. Here I’m showing the six types of makeups for sale, 3 eyes and 3 lips with two of the lips only being sold at Cosmetic Fair and not after. Each pack includes a bunch of variations and a handy chart to keep it all straight.  I really appreciate the chart, I so often have a folder of makeup with random names and I have no idea how they look. A serious part of my SL makeup routine is just going through a pack trying on one after another looking for the color I want. :p Look 1: Double Eyeliner + Sessie Ombre Lipstick (exclusive!)
Look2: Danielle Eye Makeup + Sessie Lipgloss Dual (exclusive!)
Look3: Basic Eyeliner + Sessie Lipgloss Another Cosmetic Fair exclusive, not to be sold again are the Metallic manicure and pedicure HUDS which work with the Slink Avatar Enhancement mesh hands, feet, or rigged nails.… Read the rest

Headshot #18

skin by Glam Affair@Collabor88
eyes-MakeUp by cheLLe
hair by Truth
hat by LeeZu@L’Accessoires <3

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Nevina Jewelry

On 25th April 2013 · By Siyu · With Leave a comment
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Before I requested commissions, I was slowly plodding along with work on a new piece of jewelry.  Mesh is fantastic for jewelry, as it is for just about anything wearable.  However, the stones I've used in the past for my other jewelry seem a little outdated to me, so I decided to make an entirely new set.

I'm particularly proud of them, because unlike past jewelry stones I've made, I made them without any sort of leaning on Zbrush matcaps.  With my other stones, I would basically bake the texture of a Zbrush material and modify it, while in this case I started with a red circle, and after a lot of playing with gradients and blending layers, ended up with a gem.  

My friend doodles celtic knots, and he came up with one that I particularly liked.  I thought that with a few adaptations it'd make a really lovely pendant.

Nevina is gaelic for "worshipper of the saints", which I found fitting for a Celtic cross necklace.  It's unrigged for easy modification, and the pendant is a separate object so you can adjust the angle or size for a perfect fit.  On one hand, it seems like something from the middle ages, on the other, it's modern enough to be timeless. 

Currently available at my stall at the Fantasy Faire!Read the rest

Weather! or not? Doom and Gloom for Woeful Wednesday

Only 50L$  (normally 265L$)

The Little Fluffy Cloud Couch doom and gloom edition doesn't even remotely pretend to be cheery... it's all about bad weather and a rotten attitude. Mope about all you like on this doom cloud, complete with awesome thunder and lightning effects... which you can turn off if you are just too grumpy to handle it. :P

This celestial seating comes with multiple animated avatar poses for both men and women, as well as couples poses if you want to get cozy with someone.

Come try it out at our main store location!

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Fantasy Faire – Hidden Places

On 23rd April 2013 · By Nicole Twigvald · With Leave a comment
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The builds at Fantasy Faire are wonderful to explore. Many have special areas high above or down below. This is an area on the Magnificat sim which could easily be missed if only going from store to store. I’m wearing another of the new skins from The Plastik at FF. The crown tattoo (one of many included in the skin pack) made me imagine some sort of white queen who has gone to a secret room only she knows about to get away from it all and relax. There she plays on her piano and the music drifts up to her subjects who can hear it, but never know where it comes from. My outfit is WolfMaid from The Muses, it includes a rigged mesh skirt which blends into the system shirt upper and a mesh kirtle which goes over it all. The textures on this outfit are just amazing. And for the duration of the Faire it’s sold at a special discount price!  The Nocturnal eyes from Beautiful Freak can be found nearby. Bliensen + MaiTai’s  “Mine!” jewelry set is an adorable, very detailed dragon wrapped around a gem.… Read the rest

Fantasy Faire – Caverna Obscura and Lucid Dreams

On 23rd April 2013 · By Nicole Twigvald · With Leave a comment
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Caverna Obscura is at Fantasy Faire with three recent releases in the RFL vendors. I’m wearing Petunia, a rigged mesh fairy outfit made of leaves and flower petals. The textures are so realistic and the design is lovely. It comes with boots, arm ribbons, a flowery necklace and the top and skirt with a choice of regular or spotted petal textures. These pictures were taken in the collaboration shop Lucid Dreams  (Sea Warcliffe of Deep Blue Sea Designs, Thane Woodford of Raven’s Heart and Beautiful Shamen of Amulet) at Fantasy Faire. It’s a full perm shop for builders, and nearly everything used is decoration is also set for sale. The mesh flower I’m wearing in my hair is in one of the RFL multivendors, and my adorable squirrel friend is sold by the other animals gathered on the upper level. My skin is also a Fantasy Faire release, from The Plastik. It’s part of the mermaid line of skins and comes with a subtle scale print. I’ll be doing a full blog on those skins soon.… Read the rest

Fantasy Faire – Quixote’s Dream – Colossi Golem

On 23rd April 2013 · By Nicole Twigvald · With Leave a comment
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For Fantasy Faire Quixote’s Dream (on Lumenaria direct surl here) has released Golem avatars. Sold as both a regular avatar and also as Colossi: a rigged mesh giant which includes 2x (16 feet) or 3x (22 feet) versions. Here I’m wearing the 3x form and playing with a petite I’ve found in my cave (dragonspire). Included are two HUDS. One to control expressons (happy, neutral, unhappy), hands (choose from four hand poses), glow, shine, and a variety of alpha options to hide parts such as ears or lower legs. The other HUD handles tinting which allows you to quickly tint skin, toe or fingernails to any color. The full outfit is provided, and the gem eyes have 20 textures to choose from using a touch menu. If you would like to customize your Golem even more, everything is mod and works with the default SL skin and clothing textures. There are also free clothing templates available. So it’s easy to create custom skins and clothing just by dropping the textures you would like to use onto the mesh.… Read the rest

Fantasy Faire – Lassitude & Ennui

On 23rd April 2013 · By Nicole Twigvald · With Leave a comment
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Lassitude & Ennui makes my little pixel heart go flitter flutter and for Fantasy Faire there are two new items, the Gothic doll corset dress and an optional petticoat. Both with gorgeous textures and curly cue detailing, they can be worn together or apart. Visit Lassitude & Ennui at Fantasy Faire (direct surl) on the Crimson Fields sim. My eyeshadow can also be found at Fantasy Faire, from Beautiful Freak (here). Since it was created from a request by Jackal I thought it was fitting to wear it in a post with her clothes! The background of my photos is another lovely Faire sim, Lotus Valley Dream which has little meditation gardens spread out between the shops. Credits – Hair: >TRUTH< Chynna – night (truth sale)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S Right
Skin: Jalwa Skins – Sonam – Salt – Black Brow
Eyes:IKON Lucid Eyes – Field (M)
Eyeshadow: Beautiful Freak Jackal – eyes – black
Lipstick: Action Laque Lips Oil @ Cosmetic Fair
Nails: Orc Inc – Rich
Dress: lassitude & ennui – Gothic doll corset dress noir @ Fantasy Faire
Jacket: lassitude & ennui – Gothic doll jacket noir @ Fantasy Faire
Boots: lassitude & ennui Phoebe lace-up boots black / dark wood
Poses: musa @ Fantasy Faire
Location: lotus valley dream @ Fantasy Faire

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Grim Bros. @ Fantasy Fair 2013

“Grim Bros.” also takes part at the Fantasy Fair 2013. I’m wearing the “Circus Hat” from “Grim Bros.”, it’s unisex and the hell of a hat, isn’t it ? “Grim Bros.” is located @ the Ravenshard sim. *other credits
skin by Glam Affair
hair by Alice Project
lipstick by JeSyLiLo
eyes-makeup by BOOM
eyeliner by Acid&Mala
necklace by WTG

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Cosmetic Fair Before and Afters

On 22nd April 2013 · By Nicole Twigvald · With Leave a comment
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I love tattoo makeup! Often glossy and glittery, two of my favorite traits for anything and so many colors. I also enjoy how layering, mixing and matching can create a unique look. The way makeup can transform a skin to something new, for a lower price than buying a whole new skin and without having to retint feet :p. Cosmetic Fair lasts till April 30th with 28 creators and every booth had something I wanted. When I saw Ekilem’s picture on Flickr with Before and Afters I wanted to do the same sort of thing. So using cosmetic fair items I gave myself eight new looks with the goal of using five tattoo layers each, which is kind of crazy but a lot of fun. It’s not just makeup at cosmetic fair, there are moles, eyebrows, lip parting alpha layers, freckles, nails (regular and slink avatar enhancement) and more. So on the left is a basic look. Then I started adding layers! Basic:
Hair: Magika – Awake
Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx
Eyes: ROZENA ~Twinkle Eyes~deep blue @ Cosmetics Fair
Eyelashes: -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE*
Scarf: *BOOM* Perky Bowkerchief short -carnation shine-
Look 1:
ROZENA ~Baby gloss v2~ citrus
MONS / Makeups – Smokey Eyeshadow – gold
Shakeup!… Read the rest

Style-Mix by Sawa #361

Hair: “C407 hair / brown (size40)” tram  **NEW**MESH**
Skin: “Sophia LightTan Peach Lips” PXL **NEW**
Eye-MakeUp: “Sophia LightTan Summer Eyes” PXL **NEW**
Hands: “Mesh Rigged Hands Pack new avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Dress: “September Sky” AMD **NEW**MESH** Accessoires:
Hairclip: “Sirens Hair Clip” Sirens Call/Panda Express@Fantasy Fair 2013
Necklace: “Necklace – Gold Heart Key – Medium” Maxi Gossamer **MESH**
Bracelet: “MILKY WAY2 BRACELET/Hawthorn RED” Mandala
Bag: “Cala Saona Bag – Sand” *YS&YS*
Drink: “SLUSH SLURPY ~berry~ <3″ ::LEO-NT:: Pose:
“Model 254″ Everglow

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Wolf, Lioness and the Wildwood

On 20th April 2013 · By Siyu · With Leave a comment
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Now that Fantasy Faire is open, you might have spotted a couple of new masks there! As part of my commission spree, Dream Resistance hired me to do a set of three animal masks: a sparrow, a wolf, and a lioness. The sparrow is one of my RFL items this year, but the wolf and lioness, but the wolf and lioness are here to stay. She described the masks as made of leather, for a Game of Thrones roleplay. She wanted them primitively made half masks (rather than the full heads I'm so fond of doing). I found making them too primitive difficult because I just love details, but I think I nailed the rough leather look.

I've been playing with methods of layer blending and found a wonderful balance between color, shading, and roughness I think.  The Lioness mask comes in six colors: black (melanism!) , white (albinism!), ruddy, cream, brown, and golden, which is the one shown. 

If I'm honest, people have been asking for a wolf mask just like this for a while now.  I've started many attempts at them but for some reason simply could never get it looking like a proper wolf, or looking like anything passably decent at all.  Dream's commission gave me the final kick in the pants I needed to push on through my troubles and make it right.  I'm actually really pleased with how it came out.  The wolf has six colors as well: black, gray, brown, mottled (shown), cream and white.… Read the rest

Pin Me Down @ Fantasy Fair 2013

“Pin Me Down” also takes part at the Fantasy Fair 2013. I’m wearing the makeup “Myst” (piccie #2) and the two “Warrior” makeup’s (piccie #1) … right, two makeups at no. 1, ’cause i added both versions and got these awesome makeup, ready to fight !
Please note that one of the “Warrior” makeups are an RFL item at the “Pin Me Down” booth and one is for the hunt, which is going on during the Fantasy Fair ! “Pin Me Down” is located @ the Lotus Valley Dream sim. *other credits
skin by Glam Affair
hairs by Wasabi Pills
jewelry by EMO-tions

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TABLOID – Now open

  SLurl: Moons/207/112/4002 We are very excited to launch our first 100% original rigged mesh clothing store/line, in standard sizing – Tabloid for womenswear and Fruk for menswear. Our first items are, for women: Tabloid AMBRA vest, in ten different colors, sold in two versions – long and tucked in, each with two metal color options for the shoulderless sleeves. The tucked-in version has been made more specifically to go with the Tabloid.LONDRA jeans, as a further option, but it has been tested and works with few of the most famous SL brands high-waisted pants too. However be sure to try the demos before purchasing; Tabloid LONDRA jeans, sold in 8 colors. and for men: Fruk BioTech Pants, standard sizing, with or without rigged suspenders. Two cuff styles – boots or regular. 8 individual colour choices. Demos and Fatpacks also available. Fruk Halcyon Tee, standard sizing, 8 individual colour choices.… Read the restTabloid - Now open

Bilo @ Fantasy Faire

On 20th April 2013 · By Name · With Leave a comment
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We’re super excited, as this is our first year taking part in Fantasy Faire!  We have three items in the faire this year:  The Tabasumm Dress, Warda in Gold Trim, and Warda in Silver Trim. Tabasumm is slightly Persian inspired gown, while Warda draws more heavily on European medieval designs. Each Warda comes in both the “open and closed,” versions pictured (in their relevant colors). We also have an exclusive color of each dress (shown below) with a 100% donation to the Relay for Life charity in the store. You’ll find us on Crimson Fields, inside the same shop as The Muses, Beautiful Freak, and House of Rain. The event runs through 28th and is being held to benefit the American Cancer Society.  SLURL to store on Crimson Fields
Bilo Rani are creations that fall under the Bilo brand of eclectic and ethnically inspired designs, yet focused significantly on fantastic and cultural expressions.

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MacMoragh & Muse @ Fantasy Fair 2013

Fantasy Fair 2013 open it’s doors – NOW :o) “MacMoragh & Muse” has delivered an absolutely sweet little nest, it comes with 5 poses which are adjustable (comes with tree, without squirrel). It’s really very cute and will fit into any fantasy-sim or could be simply a dream station for your home. “MacMoragh & Muse” is located at the “Magnificat” sim @ Fantasy Fair 2013. I’m also wearing an outfit by Caverna Obscura, hair from Wasabi Pills and my makeup is by Musa. Everything is available at the Fantasy Fair. Take time to roam about the fantastic sims, they are definitely worth a visit.

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