the end

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the end

everything always comes to an end. sometimes, endings can lead to sadness && sometimes endings can lead to more freedom, happiness and relief than expected. but nevertheless, my own ending can only be defined as… bittersweet.

with months of rl insanity, my blogging time in sl has taken a hit. and rather than thinking of it as an annoyance, i’ve come to think of it as a blessing in disguise. without feeling the need to blog, i’ve found myself actually enjoying my second life when i get the chance to log in. and it’s been wonderful.

so even after almost three years of off-and-on hard work, i’m ending it here.

to all the designers i’ve come to know in second life: thank you. it’s been my absolute pleasure to showcase your wonderful items in the best way i can.

to everyone who has ever read my blog: thank you. every single visit to my little corner of the internet means quite a lot to me.

thank you to anyone who took the time out of their day to leave me an IM saying how much you enjoyed my blog. it made my day every single time. a thank you to my friends, who stood and posed with me for hours just to get that one single shot. thank you to all the lovely people on flickr that, unknowingly or not, gave me the confidence to keep on blogging even when i thought my photos could never compare to some of the talented people out there… you’ve no idea how meaningful your comments of encouragement (and favorites!) have been fo (Read more...)

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