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And the weather is clear, yeah, nobody is near

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The future is not here~ -Details and more pics inside-Read more »

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Zombie’s Last Stand

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(at least for now) This round marks the end of Zombie Popcorn Brand (at least for the time being) and my new item for this final round is my Suede Ankle Boots in the Zombie Pop edition (black with red accents).  Just 25L, mod and copy.  Removable low-lag scripting.  Come try the demo and check […]

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Summer time part 2

 “summer harvest hunt”, SHH again…and other gifts/summer haverst hunt (SHH) encore…et d’autres cadeaux
Picture1/2 -photo 1/2

Location/lieu :Happy Hollow
On Kat/sur Kat…………………….

Skin/peau “e.m quennie” 0L : english muf…

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O-M-GEE Free Mesh??

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TweetYes! I forgot to mention in my last blog post that I recently just put out a fully rigged Mesh shirt for Cracked Mirror subscribers. As always, all of Cracked Mirror’s Mesh are my own original creations. So hop on over to my store in world and grab yours. A men’s version should be soon […]

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Orage Creations for Masai Mara

MASAI MARA the Solidarity Store is open and you can grab hold of some exclusive created items for an amazing charity project in order to help MAMA TUNZA’s Children Home, in Kenya.
More info at
Get your dress at http://sl…

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So Go the Days

I’m quite subdued but happy to be home and getting ready for another school year for my son.  I have been dealing with aging relatives and a tragedy that is causing great pain to my family and another’s.  I don’t want to go into detail but on…

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La fille du cirque

That's it – no more blog.  I've had enough and I'm running away to the circus (inspired by some Twisted Hunt extras from Aeva).The corset is from the TH Gatcha at Aeva – 10 colours in total, 30L a pop. I got the one I wanted – ruby, pictur…

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The Wind in My Hair

I live on the water. Each and every morning I wake up to see the sun shining over the horizon, casting an ethereal glow over the sailboats and yachts in the harbor. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? Sakide’s luxurious Summer Harvest Hunt gift made me yearn to set sail on a […]

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leaning closer.jpeg

Le Fame Shed for September

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TweetOk so it’s not really called Fame Shed but some of my troll/friends have (lovingly) nick named it Fame Shed. So like my momma used to say, if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.  Anyway, you all know how much I love my Fame Shed so here are my items for September. As I said […]

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Paper.doll Gifts

Credits1 LookSkin        .::Mother Goose’s::.       Bomi     –  free 1L Hair       LoQ       Gin    –   black  –  @ TDRB (fatpack 70L)Shape &n…

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Just a micro today, I am so spoiled. It took me some time to snap the picture, because the Lindens didn’t want to participate in my photography, but now done, my eyes wander out the back sliding door and the … Continue reading

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So throw me a line

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Skin:  [ PXL ]  –  FAITH PA NE LEB C1 Eyes:  Ikon- Horizon Eyes v2 – Hazel (S) Lashes 1:   Redgrave – Eyelashes -16- Elemental Eyeliner:  <nestle my bosom> – eyeliner – black Lipstick:  [ PXL ]  -FAITH PA Passion Lips Hair: [elikatira]– Spark – Brown 04 Top:  [ Cynful] – ] Hoodie it Up – black Pants:    Milk -Adore Me Long Pants Grey Shoes:  Maitreya – Gold * […]

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Cupcakes Bake Sale!

hey guys! cupcakes bake sale is here, and there are a bunch of cute new items and stuff, brands put out for you at a discounted price! happy shopping! the event ends tomorrow SO go now! i waited till today to post this incase someone was late or whatever..MYBAD!   Cupcakes Bake Sale!

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01 Body Doubles - shape, 50L

Fashion Limited

Oh boy the beginning of the month brings lots of good things around the grid, like…this new month of Fashion Limited. All items are limited to 50 per item, meaning once they are gone they will be gone forever, the good thing about limited items though is not many people will have them and just […]

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01 Posies - poses, 100L

You Should Do the Harvest Hunt

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like hunting for things. Not in RL or SL. I have labeled folders in both lives, labeled drawers and a place for everything and everything in its place. Even my clothes … Continue reading

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WoC2: Hot Cinnamon

A very nice lady who saw this week’s colour picture on Flickr described us as, “Cute, lovely and hot.” I have yet to determine whether she meant that in the order given, but it was a lovely compliment nevertheless. Irrelevant fact for the day: it takes me at least three tries to spell ‘cinnamon’ each […]

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WoC2: Hot Cinnamon

Lazy Sunday for Kids

Happy Sunday! You do not have to be all the way lazy today, there is a new round of Lazy Sunday for Kids, it lasts until the end of today and all items are 75L or less, SCORE!!!! All you kiddos go grab all these awesome deals! <3 Addy Some items are same as last […]

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Limited Bazaar and FaMESHed

Hope your weekend is/was wonderful, Limited Bazaar and faMESHed both have new rounds! If I love one thing in the sl fashion world, it’s events. Whether it’s discount, themed, or exclusive I love them all. So with that I’ll be showing some items I picked up yesterday! Hair: Ready To Go/Exile/Kavar Cleanslate (NEW@ faMESHed) btw […]

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Limited Bazaar & faMESHed


“We make our faces, our suits, our selves just a little more ready for wherever it is we’re going. Fashion is never just the clothes. It’s our mood, our excitement for something, our expectations, our attitudes, our outlooks. Managing those is often what getting ready is all about and that’s what our short tries to […]

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Good Afternoon!!! I have a new round of FaMESHed for all you ladies and gents This event gets better and better each time, the quality exceeds my expectations of mesh items and all items are exclusive, how awesome!!! There is everything from furniture to hair, so something for everyone. Go check it out! Hurry <3 […]

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