Vintage Fair Three (I think!)

Originally, I saw the new release from Baffle called Paper Butterflies over on Second Destiny blog and was in awe of the pictures that she had created to showcase them.  I knew they would work fantastically well with the (very  non original–more on that after the cut) set that I was creating in the sky for this particular post, so I headed back to Vintage Fair and bought them.

The set was inspired by the vendor ad for the desk by Nordari which is also available at the vintage fair.  Nordari shot the advertisement in a field of grass and I thought it was beautiful and is the reason why I bought the desk and curtains (also Nordari creation).   After adding in some Tranquility Way Station grass, flowers from Green and Wild, tree by botanical and a lantern by What Next, suddenly I had a romantic outdoor setting for the mesh dress by bonne chance called Ange.   Ange is available in a few different texture options and I chose the Ivory Flower Edition.  Halter top with ruffled skirt bottom, the dress definitely completed the over all look I was going for.

I’ll be using this set one more time to showcase a completely different look next week because it’s just on of those pulled together sets that could work with any style.  Romantic summer evening now, but with a different outfit and lighting…the entire feel  of the picture can change drastically.



Skin:  MOJO 2 – Vintage Fair

Eyes:  FATEeyes

Bracelet – mE Ninna Bracelet (Read more...)

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