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No more SL for… well I don’t know.

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Hi y'all! Just wanted to let my readers and designers know that I'm taking a very long break from SL. I lost my SL mojo and I have no idea when it'll come back. If you're a designer and you offer me review copies please know that I won't be able to blog them and I apologize.

If you still want to talk to me you can add me on my plurk (I'll be there everyday) or send me an email (

Thanks for reading my blog and being so awesome! <3

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August 2012
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*Perception* Flutter-Sleeve Tops in Ombre

*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Cool Ombre
Flutter-sleeve mesh tops are now up at *Perception* in-world and on the Marketplace.
*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Warm Ombre
The cool set includes Magical Dusk, Forest Royalty, Glacier, and Land&Sky. The warm set includes Sunset, Black Cherry, Tropical Flower, and Creamsicle. L$145 each or L$485 per fatpack of four.
Standard sizing with the addition of special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.) Two alpha layer options are included, as well as full-perm alpha textures for ease in combining and customizing. Demos are available both in-world and on the marketplace.

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NEW: ivy. – Piercing Chai

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Heyas :) Here’s my newest release, available at XYRoom in September.. :3 enjoy your weekend <3 Also the Katanya Colours Pack will be available for 99L at the event only. Aaaand last but not least.. i will be opening my shiny, newnewnew mainstore in about two weeks.. along with cute new releases and stuff ^.^ i’m looking forward to showing you round :3 take care <3

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Restless Laurels…

Just as us three Culprits were about to rest a wee bit on our laurels.. the fountains began to breed, and before too long, there were two more additions to the collection..

The pebbles had already left to take a spend a dirty weekend in the country (its Friday morning here.. so yes, they were a tad hasty) so our new arrivals sport cracked stone and mosaic..

Culprit Roman Wall Fountain (mesh)

A taste of the older, elegant life...
A deliciously cracked stone fountain with a delicate trickle of water falling into an emerald green basin of water below...

Land Impact 3
250L M/T

Culprit Mosaic Fountain (mesh)

Something a little larger, a little more simple while still being delightful. 2 levels of water, brushed by the breeze.. with a small central fountain spout.

Land Impact 5 (will change with resize up or down)
250 M/T

We are hoping that the pebbles return safe and sound .. (and hopefully bring souveniers..) as we have become rather fond of them already.  But for the next few days at least, us Culprits plan to stay on dry ground and hammer out a few land locked items =^^=
love and chikens
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Culprits wet their mesh a little..

Humps and I do so love our fountains and wet things...
So we decided to take the plunge and wet our mesh.

First I sent Humps out into the pouring rain .. armed with a brollie and wellies of course.. I am not that sadistic... and told him to gather up lots of river and beach stones.

I thought he would be a good boy and just load his pockets.. but no, he had to highjack a brewery horse and cart and bring back the whole of Brighton Beach..

I stayed at home warm and dry and hammered away at pretty granite .. stuck individual mosaics.. polished the bronzes .. while Yure went out to gather the freshest mountain spring water for our creations..

and here we have them...

Culprit Tsukubai

Artfully chizelled granite with gently lapping water.. resting on a slab of mossy stone with hand picked river stones (i sent Humps out for those.. it was bloodywell raining). Completed by a delicate bamboo water scoop.
Land Impact 2
250L Mod/Trans

Culprit Pebble Pond

Gorgeous coloured river stones in a lichen covered stone basin.… Read the rest

Twisted Hunt 2012 @ Perception

Bloody Underbust for Twisted Hunt
The Twisted Hunt is almost here! At *Perception* you'll be searching for a black damask blood-covered underbust corset with silver dart flossing and a dramatic tight-laced shape. This is the most detailed rigged mesh corset on the grid and comes in 7 sizes for increased shape compatibility. Start your search on September first!

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Summer Harvest Hunt — *Perception*

This year *Perception* is participating in The Ego Company's Summer Harvest Hunt! Summer Harvest Flutter-Sleeve Top
At *Perception* you'll be searching for a damask-printed silk flutter-sleeve top in harvest/transition inspired colors! As with all *Perception* meshes, the top includes 7 sizes, the five standard sizes XXS-L plus special sizes M+ for very curvy shapes and Bx for top-heavy shapes. Hunt begins September 1st! *Perception* Main Store

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City Workout

Bodysuit: Blah. (My Macrame’ Suit – Mint) – VIP Groupgift Hair: .: vive9 :. Bruna in SandDollar Pants: Shabby Cat – Enix Distressed Denim Shorts Faded Shoes: 2Real – F-WINGS SHOE Piercing: ivy. – Piercing Juno with HUD Headband: Izzie’s – 80’s Headband -Vintage Fair – Gift Bangles: Izzie’s – 80’s Rainbow Bangles – Vintage Fair – Gift Necklace: [Aura] Beaded Boho (Rigged) Necklace Skin: .::Mother Goose’s MiChi III(B)3teeth

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Single Frame Stories-Three Prompts

I've been participating in a new challenge Single Frame Stories.  Every Saturday a new word or phrase is given and the challenge is to create a single frame story based on that prompt.  You can submit one image with up to 140 optional characters.  It's been fun for me and well, challenging.  When I see the prompt on Saturday, several ideas immediately come to me all of which I disgard at the end.

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Yes, Detective

Vintage Fair is in its final few days, sadly I haven't had the opportunity to blog this event as much as I would have liked too, however there were a few pieces I wanted to show you before it all wrapped up for another year.

This amazing detective room prop is available from Lost Angel Industries, exclusively to Vintage Fair, with 7 couple poses in built as well as the desk, chairs and all accessories, let your imagination run wild and you can have a whole lot of fun with it.

Secondly is this stunning dress from Boom, so classic and elegant, it is definitely one of my favourites from the Fair.

Vintage Fair runs through until the 29th of August and if you haven't been yet, now is the time to go, lag is gone, the crowds have died down and, as an added bonus, you can now teleport directly to store entrances as opposed to landing areas.  You can find all the SLURLS for the individual stores on the Chic Management website.


Skin: -Belleza- - Betty 0 in Pale by Tricky Boucher (Available at Vintage Fair)
Dress: *Boom* - Hye Tube Dress by VerucaDarlin (Available at Vintage Fair)
Hair: Elikatira - Spark by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Shoes: N-Core - Lulu Shoes by Claire Messenger (Available at Vintage Fair)
Prop & Pose: [LA] LostAngel Industries - Film Noir Detective Room by Evangeline Cortes* (Available at Vintage Fair)

*Denotes promotional copies

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Mesh leather dress and latex boots

Kinky belted mesh leather dress and latex overknee boots in black and red.

Available in our mainstore  MayCreations mainstore
Or on Second Life marketplace:
MayCreations Kinky mesh dresses
MayCreations Kinky latex boots

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Voodoo Alley

Funkadelic (Click Here for Larger Image)
I have a real treat to share today, from the talented and very creative designers that shared these review items with me today.  All of the clothing I'm wearing in this photoshoot is from Chandelle, for the Fashion Voodoo Event, which lasts until August 30th.

Funkstar (Click Here for Larger Image)
Mixing it up with the layers, we have a gorgeous bodysuit and panty set, open flowery jacket, Bree workout pants and Alex denim pants, and the Shoe Barbie all from Chandelle.

I also found a pair of Black Denim Mules by OOTT (Out Of The Trunk) at the Cart Sale at The Wash for only 10L while I was out looking for a place to do my photo shoot.

SlurpDawg (Click Here for Larger Image)
The entire avatar (except hair) is called Elisa and is a creation of *Stars*Fashion* who has a promo right now on the Marketplace for only 99L for this shape, skin, eyes, eyelashes and brows.  And the body is Modify!  This pleases me to no end, because as you know in a mesh dominated fashion world, it's so essential to have shapes that are modify.… Read the rest

A Brand New *Perception* Mesh!

A new mesh is now available at *Perception*!
This is one of the items that I was working on in July and ended up temporarily putting aside in the mad scramble to get everything together for Vintage Fair. So now that Vintage Fair is winding down, it's time for new main store releases! (If you haven't gotten to Vintage Fair yet, make sure, go! It ends on the 29th, so you're almost out of time! The crowds have died down a bit and they've turned off the landing point routing, so you can even teleport straight to the *Perception* booth on Retro if you like.) *Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Deeps
*Perception* Flutter-Sleeve tops feature a beautiful damask-printed silk dupioni texture in two sets, deep and muted. They're L$145 each or L$485 for a fatpack of four.
As usual, there are seven sizes: the five standard sizes XXS-L, with the addition of special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.) Demos are available in-world at *Perception* and on the Marketplace.Read the rest*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Deeps

conserve my breath

some more stuff from the fashion voodoo event.. :D this gas mask is pretty amazing.. the hud let’s you change textures and colours of about every single part.. it’s smoke emitting and you can even hear yourself breathing.. O_O Skin: [ S H O C K ] Dakota – Noire V3 (Charmed) – Fashion Voodoo Gas Mask: A&Y Cyber Gas Mask Inferno – Fashion Voodoo Top: :::insanya::: VooDoo Mesh Corset – Black – Fashion Voodoo Pants + Shoes: *Epic* Latex Vixen Pants-Boots – Fashion Voodoo Belt: *BLITZED* BUG belt Necklace: *[MANDALA] Hannya Necklace/Black/ single/ Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Moelleux” Pink Black Tattoo: :Wicked Tattoos: Demonology – Dark Ink Nails: Sexy Mamas – Geeks & Freaks Manicure – Prim Nails

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Fate Led Me To You

FATEwear by Damien Fate

The buzz on the grid is about a great new men's clothing store opening soon called FATEwear by Damien Fate. The same mastermind behind ColdLogic.  Right now, there is a free promo gift for the guys out in the group subscribo on FATEIsland, and ladies if you've got a guy wanting to get in on the mesh scene, you'll do well to point him towards FATEIsland, or take him there yourself.  Trust me, he'll thank you!  My own personal thanks for the head's up from Alex1985 Diabolito of That Guy's Blog, where you'll also find some other great collections for your favorite guy.

Read more about FATEWear on Damien Fate's blog!

Fate led me to you...
Boudica Destiny

Style Credits:
Shirt and Shorts - Carter by FATEwear (NEW Promo Mesh Item!)
Lowtops shoes by Super Kingdom
Keats Hair - Dry Earth by Uncleweb Studio
Knox Blond skin by FRUK
Pose - Vista Animations

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Coming Soon to Treet TV: The Blackened Mirror

The Blackened Mirror is more than just a virtual world TV show; it's also a game that can be enjoyed within the virtual world of Second Life or through explorations and puzzles on the internet.

You'll find clues on related web-sites, or on social media streams (so maybe you'll want to follow Dolores' Twitter stream, for example, or Millie's Live Journal). These clues will lead you to more information about the characters and the plot ... and if you are following the game within Second Life, it will also lead to prizes to keep, too!

In short, The Blackened Mirror is a media experience like no other.
Get more details at

The Blackened Mirror Video Link

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Does My Ass Look Fat In These Capri’s?

Head to ToebooN KGI848 hair chocolatebooN gathered raised hairbase chocolate::DT:: ::eSmEE:: CafeNoir - CLA (bare)IKON Utopia Eyes - Deep Hazel (M)MG (Maxi Gossamer) - Earring-Shell-Teardrop-Sea GreenROLE OPTIC SG-53 Eternity~Blacklace~  Green Satin & Lace BraMG - Necklace - Seahorse - Group - GOLDMG - RING - Ketama - Small - LcoldLogic capore.cream (M)coldLogic top - andersen.greens (M)N-core FEMME "Printemps"
[gi inc] Auto Focus v1.0[Tillie] Posing Stand HUD 3.0:Standalone with LAP Poses

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this absolutely gorgeooous dress by 1 Hundred is still available at the XYRoom (for a really good price!)… but hurry, it’s the very LAST day.. x) and this cute necklace by miel is actually a subscribo gift.. matching earrings are included too, and the whole set is colour change. <3 i wish you all a happy sunny sunday.. :3 Dress: 1 Hundred. Eye Candy Dress. Blue. – XYROOM Tattoo: :Wicked Tattoos: Dreamer Tattoo Piercing: ivy. – Piercing Maiko Flip Flops: J’s Gift flip-flap Flower: je suis…hibiscus behind ear Hair: Magika // Veruka II Necklace: miel - UVA NECKLACE Skin: .::Mother Goose’s MiChi III(B)3teeth

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when birds fly in the sun

  Necklace: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Necklace :: HESPERIDE :: White & D.Pink Shoes: .::PiCHi::. ELLA Flat Sandals [white] – Fashion Voodoo Hair: ::Exile:: Silent Wings:Frost – Hair Fair Dress: <Bellamissimo> Sahra Ruffled Dress white short – XYROOM Skin: .::Mother Goose’s MiChi III(B)6teeth

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In my last post, I mentioned that you can change the whole look of an outfit just by the accessories you choose to wear with it.  Here, we're adding some beautiful finds from the Vintage Fair, and giving this modern mesh couture dress by Chandelle a completely new Vintage flavor and appeal.

(Click here for larger image)
Stepping out in style with the 30s Striped Cloche hat with hair by Bubbles Roxan of the Millinery Shoppe, and Oversized Sunglasses by Izzies, I've added the contrasting touch of delicate almost Victorianesque Lace Necklace from Jack Spoon, Nouveau Leaves brooch and earrings by Eclectica, andCherry Ostritch leather bag by Zenith.

(Click here for larger image)
Whether you're stepping back in time, or stepping forward, a stop by the Vintage Fair is a must to find some of these beautiful accessories that can spice up your wardrobe year round.

Boudi Loves You

Style Credits
Dress Deisy giraffe by Chandelle at Acid Lily 70L til 8/18
Louise Avatar shape, skin, brow, eyes, lashes by *Stars*Fashion* 99L Special Promo on Marketplace
30s Striped Cloche Hat by Bubbles Roxan of Millinery Shoppe @ Vintage Fair 2012 on CHIC
Oversized Sunglasses by Izzies @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Retro
Lace Necklace by Jack Spoon @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Classic
Nouveau Leaves earrings and brooch by Eclectica @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Retro
Cherry Ostritch Leather Bag by =Zenith= @ Vintage Fair 2012 on Classic
Poses by Sleeping Koala @ Vintage Fair 2012 on CHIC

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