More Mesh Corsets!

*Perception* Underbust Corset -- Red and Gold Damask*Perception* Underbust Corset -- Red and Gold Damask
I finished another set of textures for my underbust corset mesh. Damask!

So far they're in black, ivory, red/gold, black/silver, and purple/silver. There will be at least a couple more eventually; I'm still fiddling with the textures for a black/red and I'll definitely do silver-grey one like I did with the overbusts too. (And as usual, I'm still open to suggestions!)

Corsets and demos are available in-world at *Perception* and on the Marketplace.
*Perception* Underbust Corset -- Purple and Silver Damask*Perception* Underbust Corset -- Purple and Silver Damask
I'm kinda thinking about doing another version with less realistic seaming. The true-to-life seaming makes it easier to make them look real, but harder to do any of those nifty artsy corsets. I haven't quite figured out how to go about doing that without feeling like I'm sacrificing quality.

But, it's SL, right? If I can defy gravity by lifiting off and flying, why can't I defy the limitations of fabric grainlines? And I certainly don't have to worry about how I'd wiggle into a corset without a split front busk. Right-click and "wear" or right-click and "add." It's not like I actually have to physically put it on, or like the trappings that would let me get in and out of it in RL are even functional in SL. Some of them should look like I could but I think I'm limiting myself by feeling like I shouldn't deviate from reality. I'm pretty sure that SL is meant to have a healthy dose of fantasy too.
*Perception* Underbust Corsets -- Damask*Perception* Und (Read more...)

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