ZombiePopcorn Brand’s Fine List Of Nine

ZombiePopcorn Brand is back, with a new bi-weekly line-up of awesome stores. The list is somewhat smaller this week as only 9 designers step up to the plate, but the 9 that have items on offer have pulled out all the stops and put out 9 brilliant items. There is something for everyone it seems, even the boys get a look in this time round with a skin from AngelsDemons…
Oh and don’t forget the ZombiePopcorn Collection… It’s sitting there in the Brand HQ calling to you to take a look, you know you want to hehe!!
Rudh xxx

ZombiePopcorn Brand HQ

01 je suis – jewellery, 99L each 02 Soap Co. – jacket, 125L 03 LISP Bazaar – lamps, 75L 04 pesca – tops, 180L each 05 Skintimate – skin, 150L 06 PIN ME DOWN – tattoos, 100L 07 AngelsDemons – skin, 250L 08 Mina – hair, 150L 09 CiCo – dress, 75L

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