Home & Garden Expo: A Nomine Wedding at the Meshworks Grand Hall

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Today’s post is all about luxury! The extravagant Meshworks Grand Hall preview at the Home & Garden Expo was the perfect setting for Nomine’s Ariel, a lovely limited editon wedding gown with lots of wear options.

The Grand Hall itself isn’t for sale just yet, it will be released in full mid-June, but there are two RFL donation items for sale. One is the intricate Mesh Baby Chandelier with an on/off script for 600L. The other is Linx, a glass and wood coffee table, texture change with 10 wood frame options and 7 glass tops. The Grand Hall is a large open space, perfect for fancy ballroom dances or perhaps a large wedding. There is a stage at the far end and the walls are lined with tall windows. Stairs on either side lead up to a balcony that looks out onto the stage. The lighting and shadows from the windows and lamps is a baked texture. So even those with lower graphics cards will be able to enjoy the beauty of shadows. For more info on the Home and Garden Expo check out the official blog .

Ariel is the current limited edition dress from Nomine. A traditional bridal gown with tons of gorgeous details and style options. There are six colors to choose from for 1k each (visit the Nomine blog to see vendor photos of all the colors) and only 12 copies of each color will be sold. When they are sold out, or when the next limited edition dress is ready for release, then that’s it!

Options for the dress include a lace duster jacket with sleeves, delica (Read more...)

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