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Mel Vanbeeck and Sasy Scarborough on

At the beginning of this month I turned Six in SL years. The day was almost overlooked, as it was only because I said the date out loud in conversation that it triggered the memory that the date seemed familiar. I have always been so incredibly proud of my time in Second Life, overjoyed by the experiences I have been a part of, and so grateful for the amazing friends and loved ones I have made. So to receive an email from Linden Lab asking if I would be interested in submitting a picture for their website, just blew my mind. It is an incredible honor to be asked, because there are so many amazing and talented residents in Second Life, and that I could pose with Mel just made it even more special to me. Then the cherry on top was that Whimsy Winx also got asked, and that just made it extra special. Not only do I now get to log in to Whimsy everyday, but I also got to see once all the pics were put up, that the amazingly talented Strawberry Singh is also featured with Winter Jefferson. I am so happy to be amongst such talented people.… Read the restMel and Sasy on log in page

Vote Mesh!

Evening all <3 A different post tonight, as some of you are aware I have been busy with a new series inspired by different people who use Second Life. The first For Absencen has been one of my favourite builds of all time, and the next one in that series For Lyla is in the works and I am so excited over it.  I am on my 4th Mesh prefab release (Lyla and an Asian inspired cottage next up) so for my 7th I had a question. What to do about prims?   I have made the decision to upgrade key prim builds into Mesh on top of the new collection.   The reason for this is twofold (a) some of those 250 odd prim builds will be less than 80 prims so I am liberating prims for people PLUS (b) to upgrade the textures to take into account the beautiful and higher quality way I can light / bake models and incorporate that into more realistic looking builds.  I have always committed to free upgrades for customers since 2006 and I think as we all make this journey of adopting Mesh, upgrading the houses is my vote for Mesh!… Read the rest


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…So then I began to house-hunt in Real Life and dropped off the grid for a while… But I’m still dipping my toes in. Case in point, I logged in to find this gorgeous little number that might as well be a clubbing outfit, a bathing suit from Katat0nik. Cheeky! (Seriously, the arse is especially great in those swim suit bottoms. Wish I could find one half as decent in RL.) And then, below, I played with the Polaroid Fun set from Miss Shippe’s Studio. She has a set of three different washes for your hud- or attachable-polaroid snapshots, and I like how it emulates Instagram/Hipstamatic. (I added the caption below using Photoshop.) Enjoy your summers, y’all! Don’t get too serious! Skin: Miasnow Skin 2012: Sweety in pale with auburn eyebrows
Outfit: Katat0nik (candy blue) Sailor Bikini with gloves
Hair: lamb! Pearl (mesh) in Milkshake color
Polaroid: Miss Shippe’s Studio Polaroid Fun in the Summer Sun set

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Bleeding Hearts are the new Black.

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Reblogged from Concerned Bloggers Association: Concerned Bloggers Association wants you to know that YOU ARE ALWAYS welcome! We are totally accepting of all Second Life avies from furries to goreans, child avies to half-ewes, ALL WALKS of AVIES are welcome. Just be a blogger, and we’ll have you as our own! Contact Marleen Vaughan, in world, to find out more. I can also be reached via… Read more… 19 more words I'm a proud blogger for Concerned Bloggers Association. Help us get the word out to Second Life avies everywhere!

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Are You Hungry?

I'm always hungry for more mesh goodies. In fact...I'm FaMESHed!! Haha...see what I did there? No, seriously, the new FaMESHed for June is awesome!

I'm not really familiar with the store MONS, but I'm happy they're in FaMESHed this month! The Sha top and the jeans from their Summer Love Collection are just so sweet and cool for the summer. I'm actually not a fan of jeans that are different colors other than regular blue or black, but as soon as I saw these, I HAD to throw them on. Just lovely!

Oh! And you need to stop by SLink! The Ilena sandals are seriously my new summer staple. The BEST part? They are to be worn with the rigged mesh Barefeet from SLink! So if you already have the feet [and if you don't, you SHOULD because they're fabulous] you just have to wear your new sandals. No having to tint more feet! So fab! If you DON'T have the Barefeet, you need to get them if you want to wear these sandals. I'm hoping this means Siddean is going to make more flat sandals for the Barefeet!… Read the restStyle - Are You Hungry?

Pink Girl with a Pink Cat

Whoa, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve written anything on this blog. What have I been up to, you ask? The answer is simple:  I’ve been obsessing over cats! Or, to be more precise, I’ve been breeding KittyCatS. If you’d told me a little over a year ago that I’d be a hardcore customer of a breedable pet company in SL, I probably would have laughed at you and then asked if you were high. I’d always thought breedable chickens, turtles, horses, dogs, frogsbirdsplantsfairiesdragonstigersandgodknowswhatelse were ridiculous and a waste of time, money, prims, and server resources. So what changed my mind? A friend sent me a kitten one day, it was pretty random. I was still typing “NO DON’T SEND IT” in IM to her but I was too late; the inventory offer had already come through and a tiny feline was waiting to be rezzed. I set my new cat on the floor of my skybox and he proceeded to trot around, and you know what?… Read the restmy new kittycat, cotton candy

Why does it rain, rain, rain down on utopia?

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Why does it have to kill the ideal of who we are?~

 -Details and more pics inside-

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New Female Outfit: Tag2

New Outfit available at V-Twins Main Shop: Tag2 Outfit composed of:   Available in 2 options: plain & patched Visit V-Twins Main Shop by clicking here !!

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Now That Your Mine Hunt – Kakia Designs

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Kakia Designs White Lace Wedding Gown FREENow That Your Mine Hunt
Runs for two months

June 1st - July 31st

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blackLiquid – look 64

t h e    l o o k Vanity Hair - The Wrong Way-Platinium (TINTED)  (NEW) Nuuna’s – eye makeup v4 4. blackLiquid - MAKEUP hot pink sheer shimmer (PREVIEW) .S h i – P l a s t i k VERSHE – Scribbles Dress blackLiquid - BANGLES & COLLAR – orbital iron (NEW) blackLiquid -  NAILS – black acitate pink tip (PREVIEW) blackLiquid - Modavia Supermodel – Stylist & Photographer

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Mesh Around 2012 starts at Midnight!

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Starts at midnight! Bilo’s item for the hunt! Hunt Information

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New Male Outfit: Tag

  New Outfit available at V-Twins Main Shop: Tag Outfit composed of:   Available in 3 options: plain, patched and lone wolf Visit V-Twins Main Shop by clicking here !!  

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The Godswood Garden Skybox – new for FaMESHed June 2012!

Steal away to your personal forest refuge – a mirror-still pond at the edge of an ancient and mystical godswood tree, surrounded by a private woodland skydome – our new Godswood Garden Skybox! This 27m diameter forest clearing features a mirror-effect pond in the center with a majestic white godswood tree towering above. The surrounding stone wall fence features small firepits along the top glowing with crackling light to keep out the gloom of the woods. The surrounding skysphere forest is scripted to fade in and out of view on touch to allow easy flight access – modify the notecard inside to add allowed users or set to group membership. At 101 prims including skybox, this skybox is lightweight and perfect for any arboreal photo backdrop. As a private garden or intimate getaway, it can’t be beat! The Godswood Garden Skybox is available exclusively at this month’s round of FaMESHed starting June 1st – see you there!… Read the rest

Maybe Makybe

I was drawn to this dress after seeing Real Housewives star Heather Dubrow sporting her 99th outfit with a white Peter Pan collar attached to it because it was a pleasure to see a dress where a Peter Pan collar made sense. This is a sweet and simple casual dress without the layers of lace and chiffon and sequins that she wears with her white collars. Don’t get me wrong. I like an unusual detail and fashion eccentricities, but when it becomes a schtick, people stop paying attention to you and pay attention to your gimmick instead.

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Skin    Laq     AlvaHaIR      ^;^CaTwA^;^      LamarLipstick      *EyeLure*      Apple   -  NewDress      Blueberry      Aika2 - Rusalka - GoldNails     Mandala      KabukiJewellery      Stars!      Adrienne  -  for The Accessories huntPose      FLY LILY     Caliope set - for SVPAP

*EyeLure*   KissKiss  7 lipsticks 60L - one lipstick not show here

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Beach Curves

A new round of FaMESHed opens tomorrow and sexy new mesh brand One Bad Pixel is taking part with this sexy Ring Bikini. Brand new is also this mesh hair from LeLutka and I am still wearing my mesh FATEeyes. The little necklace that fits so well into my cleavage is a recent release from Dark Mouse. read on >>>

Image Preview:

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New post for Look What the Cat Brought!

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New releases from some of my favorite designers and a preview of the upcoming Accessories Hunt! To see what Moniq is wearing, click here!

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Then you can tell me goodbye…

STRIP’D / Desiree Sequence Top *mesh*  (NEW!!) JANE / Every Day Shorts *mesh* RICIELLI / Serena Boots BLIENSEN + MAITAI / Sweetwater Necklace  (@ The Fashion Cache) LELUTKA HAIR / Aphrodite *mesh*  (NEW!!) & Taken @ MIC

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Chain and Vine’s Belle Gown

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Blog: Gown: Chain & Vine Belle Gown {Mesh} [onyx] Skin: Glam Affair Leah Hair: [e] Looking Necklace: :Hebenon Vial: Clockwork Coller (Sorry, store has closed) Pose: The Muse Poses… Location: XIV

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