Introducing: The Mens Dept!

Wonders in SL never cease to amaze, and gentlemen, this event will indeed amaze!

Today marks the opening of an all new event just for the guys, created by Seraphim’s very own Mikel Monk, called THE MENS DEPT! This unique sales event will feature top-notch designers offering at least one item, with all items priced between 150L or less during each monthly round. We’ve always known as ladies how spoiled we are with such a never-ending selection of shopping choices, but as I mentioned at the beginning of spring, SL seems to be changing, and I hope that having more quality products for men continues to be one of them!

But enough of my blabbering – it’s time to go shopping! The official “grand opening” is at 7PM SLT with a DJ and such, but you can still go ahead and TP on over and shop til you drop. The place has been packed all day.

And ladies? Don’t worry! You can still shop, too! Every single item is able to be purchased as a gift, so send that special man in your life a little sumpin’ sumpin’ today! (And the eye candy ain’t half bad either! *wink*)

Your Limo Awaits: THE MENS DEPT

And be sure to check out THE MENS DEPT BLOG

And join THE MENS DEPT GROUP to make sure you don’t miss an event!

Happy shopping, guys and gals!

Razorblade Jacket – top/jeans, 45L/79 Balaclava!! – cardigan, 120L Leverocci – boots, 100L each FRUK – various, see listing Abiss Design - bookcase, 147L Shag – hair, 75L CheerNo – tanktop/watch, 75L each Sleepy Eddy – shirts, 120L each POST – stool/table set, 90L/150L PDA – pose set, 80L Havok – hat/top, 75L/150L KMADD – eyes, 70L each Acide! – ears/necklace, 95L each 22769 – pants, 60L [DECO] – furniture/buildings, 75L/150L each Pixlights Factory - various, see listing themens dept opening poster

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