52 Weeks of Color- Week #9- Dandelion

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52 weeks of Color Week#9- Dandelion
“I was a dandelion puff...Some saw the beauty in me and stopped quietly to admire my innocence. Others saw the potential of what I could do for them, so they uprooted me, seeking to shape me around their needs. They blew at my head, scattering my hair from the roots, changing me to suit them. Yet still others saw me as something that was unworthy and needed to be erased.”  -Nicole Baily-Williams

I fell off the blogging radar last month and developed a bad case of the "I'll do it later syndrome" which eventually lead to full on stopping of my blog. (A casualty of my classes ending and final exams taking a first priority.) I can only apologize for not getting back on track sooner. I really hate when I get behind and feel as if I am letting not only myself down, but the designers who have been so generous by including me in their blogger release. So, once again my apologies. Let's get back to this business we call blogging.

Week #9 of Luna's 52 week of color challenge is Dandelion. This color is a beautiful spring tone and is one that should be celebrated and worn during the season change from winter to spring. Today I'm wearing "Megan", from Ivalde. Megan is an extremely cute retro designed dress. It's something I can see coming strait out of Mad Men which makes me love this design even more. Megan falls right at the knees which makes it modest, but still very sexy. Short sleeves and an embroidery design along the collar, sleeves, and skirt trim are an bonus for bri (Read more...)

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