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Fantasy Faire Episode 3

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 Fantasy Fair is still going strong, and if you've not been there yet, I highly recommend you go before it's over. The builds are fantastic, and there's many many designers for you to spend your money on, and amongst those designers is .Eldritch. Their designs awaken a sort of primitive feel, back when only the basics were needed for survival, with a touch of invoking of the spirits. The Weald Mask that I am wearing certainly makes me feel like some sort of shaman in an ancient tribe. .Eldritch. not only makes beautifully sculpted and textured masks, but they also have tribal paints to complete an array of various primitive looks. Also, to make things easier and more 'you' for your new mask, they include a very easy to use hud that helps you to tint the base mask, and the spiritual etchings and adjust the level of glow!

What I'm wearing: .Eldritch.: Weald Mask - Shamanic GG's Boutique: Navey Native -Dark Grey (I think this store is now closed)League: Native JewelryRaw house: Flatliner -BlackGhurab: Whole Body ScarsTableau Vivant: Noctis -Tone 09

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How did I read the stars so wrong

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Yeah, I was dreaming for so long~

-Details and more pics inside-

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I am ready for the road less traveled, suiting up for my crowning battle

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This test is my own cross to bare, but I will get there~

-Details and more pics inside-

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In collaboration with Glam Affair, we are pleased to announce a collection of female COMPLETE AVATARS are now available @ KMADD. We have made 30 complete avatars for 6 top selling skins from Glam Affair which we will introduce to you over the next week here on MAD Image. Here are the next 5 avatars made for their skin Mary, which will also be available on sale @ KMADD. ABOUT COMPLETE AVATARS If you are looking for a complete look at fantastic price, you can’t go past MADesigns COMPLETE AVATARS @ KMADD. COMPLETE AVATARS is our exclusive collection of shapes created in a collaboration with some of the best Second Life skin creators. Designed to offer instant transformation, each shape comes with hair that is perfectly fitted, skin specifically selected for each shape that comes in both hair and bald version and pair of MADesigns eyes to bring life and realism to your avatar. Simply wear the contents of each package and you are ready to go, all you need to do is add clothing.… Read the rest

A New Generation of Ears, Day 1: Seelie and Fairy

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 If you weren't in Second Life before sculpts were introduced, let me tell you, it was the best kind of revolution. In 2007, it was still the early days and there were a lot of things that hadn't been made well yet.  Elf ears was one of those things, and when I made mine they were one of the very first sculpted pairs. I was absolutely delighted and amazed when they became more popular than free pancakes on a college campus, and there was a time where if I saw any elf ear on anybody it was one of mine.  Oh, those glorious days!

But, all good things come to an end, and as more people made their own pairs of ears, mine naturally fell into one of many choices.  I thought of making new ones, but as I was making a new texture for all of the dozens of colors I supported, and even doing custom skin tone matching, it was frightfully inefficient and I simply couldn't and wouldn't put myself through that again. 

However, mesh has made it irresistible to revisit them.… Read the rest

Living Young, Wild and Free

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xoxo Jaliyah

Credits due:
Hair-*Dura-Girl*35 Black
Lashes-!Admiral Spicy! Mesh Lashes (Black)(NEW)
Skin-*Glance Skins - Jourdan - 01
Top-Paperbag. 420 Varsity (Mesh)
Bottom-IMBUE. Highwaist Denim - LtBlue
Shoes-*Fishy Strawberry* Over The Mountain Boots - Burnt

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Whore Certified…..a little late!

Hey ya’ll! Whore Certified was put out just a bit late this week and I am taking over for Rudh! She figured I had nothing to do with my SL, being the Seraphim slave I am and all…and decided to be SO thoughtful by handing me the keys to cover Whore Certified from now on! <3 So, I am excited to bring you the newest round for this event! I have never visited WC and I must say, I'm a touch impressed. If you you're looking for a sexy, slutty club dress or if you're feeling a little definitely need to check this event out! It has all kinds of items that will suit your whoreish needs! So what are you waiting for? Strap on those SLink Destiny heels, slather on that favorite nude lipstick of yours, pack on the black eyeshadow…and go slut yourself up MIAS: M&M Bodyshapes, SuPerBia, L’Exception

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Post #234 [Lazybum] – NIVARO

Skin: -NIVARO- Vasean Skin – creamtone Facial Hair: *Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Beard V1 Sunglasses: <kal rau> Sunglasses M9 Shoulder Pads: [Lazybum] Shoulder Pads Briefs: [Lazybum] – Glitter Briefs Gold Sneakers: { Micoolie } Run + Gold

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Our home

  House:  [DECO] – St. Thomas Pot dude & chick:  The Loft Ladder:  La’Licious Shelf with plants:  { what next } Crates: Little Boxes (store is closed) Bowl with watering can & plants: Itutu Bottles: Itutu Tub:  Tatty Soup Box of eggs:  LISP Bazaar Bird house & planters:  La’Licious   Couch, chairs, and suitcases:  LISP Bazaar Rug, table, candles:   La’Licious Pictures:  Little Boxes & This is a Fawn (both stores are closed) Frames, door & shelf, armoire: La’Licious Rainboots & bag:  { what next } Heart & shoes:  Art Dummy Chair:  Awesome Blossom (I think this was a past subscriber gift)   Counters, bar, stove, fridge, rug, pictures & lamp:  La’Licious Dish rack, tomatoes, hanging utensils:  Itutu Bag of bread, newspaper, book, & mugs:  MudHoney Baskets, dish towels, lilies, canisters & metal bins:  Second Spaces Fruit:  Artilleri   Bed, sofa, rugs, drapes, table, dresser, chairs,  mannequin:  MudHoney White vases:  The Loft

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Spring green.

SUICIDAL UNBORN / Basic Top KYOOT / Lacey Little Top COLDLOGIC / Capri May.White  *mesh* MAITREYA / Moxie Summer Wedges SIGMA JEWELS / Kenya Bangles  (Depraved 2.0 Hunt item) EXILE HAIR / Dandy  (@ The Dressing Room Blue) & Taken @ End of Time

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Horror Haute, Kawaii Fair, Fantasy Fair, and More


Dress:  ~{Gothica}~ Black Pepper Bottom ! White ! for Horror Haute
Boots: lassitude & ennui - Prudence Mesh Boots for Fantasy Fair
Eyelashes: .:::GARAGE:::. -009 for viewer2 and :::Sn@tch Lush Glam Lashes (Black):::
Necklace: Lolapop!  When Love and Death Embrace Necklace (Pink/Black) for Kawaii Fair
Headband: Lolapop! Love and Death Headband (Pink/Black) for Kawaii Fair
Hair: POMME D AMOUR - Teacher's Pet - Intense Black
Skin: Gala Pheonix:  :GP: Moonbeam [Dark] Pout-Tantrum 1
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes - London Fog
Poses by Lolapop!

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Fantasy Faire – Adam n Eve *meets* Pose Fair – Bang!

Even if you're not into fantasy avatars, there's something for you at the Fantasy Faire! How about a nice little special make up huh?

Hair:  Locked - ElikatiraEyes: Stella eyes - Glam affairLashes: Mesh lashes v.01 - Beetlebones
Make up: Dragon - Adam n Eve [Visit Fantasy Faire - Jungle Bungle]

Shoes: Alex - G field
Poses: Bang [Visit at Pose Fair]

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short shorts

one of my favorite pieces in my virtual wardrobe.. is a good pair of denim shorts. for the upcoming warmer months, nothing is easier to work with than a great pair of shorts. they match with pretty much anything you could think of, from tees to tanks to bikini tops, and denim cutoffs especially are a nice blend of cute, neutral && casual. this *new* pair of jean shorts i grabbed from izzie’s are so cute… and are just short enough, definitely not too short if you know what i mean! seeing them almost immediately made me think of summer sunshine, so i *had* to have ‘em~ the belt is from izzie’s too && came in a pack that made it a steal. five different leather textures, two different metals, and it comes in versions with a resizer or without… all in mesh! \o/ and speaking of mesh… i am *so* in love with the latest mesh releases from mon tissu. super cute halter dress, more denim shorts (yaaay! \o/), && the ruffle-hem tank i’m wearing here.… Read the rest04.24.2012

New Outfit: Abril

New Outfit available at V-Twins Main Shop: Abril Outfit composed of:   Visit V-Twins Main Shop by clicking here !!

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Cupcake Sim – Bilo

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Dress: BILO Kalilia cream pouffe Hair: TRUTH Jolie [chocolate] Hair Flower: ARTILLERI Hibi hair flower Skin: GLAM AFFAIR Leah Pose: JULY. Location: ALIRIUM

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Fading into Blue

Remember the Blue Fairy? She was so miffed about Cousin Sparklewing being in the FF poster that she swore she’d buy all the wings from the Faire! Fortunately she didn’t have to, because Vaengi is giving out pretty-shiny wings in Meandervale and changing their gift every day, go check! I tried to tell her that there are more petite-sized wings for sale, in several shops, but did she listen? Nooo. She wanted the biggest wings EVER. So that’s what she got. With that I shall also take my leave for a week. RL trip of no internet connection is hugely disturbing my Faire-blogging plans, but what can you do. While I’m gone I’m expecting you all to shop the Faire empty and rescue the world! There’s a quest involving the Faire beginning today, after all… Fantasy Faire: Wings: Vaengi - Free Ragged Fairy Wings, Combo Jewel 01  Other Credits: Petite: Fallen Gods Inc. – Petites Crystal Azure Natural | Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amendine Petite Mesh Hair Crystal Azure | Dress: Adoness – Lilabellis Baby Blue | Pose: HDL – Muack

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Wasabi Pills, Mayfly, Pepper & Sn@tch

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Styling Credits:
Hair: Wasabi Pills Shiki Mesh Hair ~ Aquatic (includes boob versions also)
Skin: MiaSnow Skin Starla ~ Bronzed 1 (only 100L$ for a pack of 8 skins ~ available downstairs)
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes ~ Persian Pink w4 (includes 4 white shades & mesh attachments not shown)
Bird: Happy Mood Little Birds ~  Sky Blue
Necklace & Earrings: DooDads Flowery Earrings & Necklace
Bracelet: DooDads Love Bracelet (only 1L$, earrings also available)
Bra Top & Shorts: Sn@tch Stash Bash Marley Beachwear (free from stash bash hunt ends May 20th, includes bikini bottom & versions in 3 colors)
Belt: Pepper Loopy Belt (available @private room)
Bag on Belt: Pepper Tami Mesh BDE (includes skirt & 2nd bag)
Moccasins: Willow ~ Creek Moccasins (past hunt prize)
Tattoo: KatatOnik Eva Bunny Tattoo Sleeves Wasabi Pills:
Happy Mood:
DooDads Online (Necklace):
DooDads Online (Bracelet):
Pepper Mainstore:
Pepper @Private Room:
Willow: (Read more...)

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New from [ JP ]:dsg. Male & Female Hoodie-Dissident.

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when i was a Teen a walkman was THE thing to own. My first one was a huge Audio Sonic, with Orange headphones. Just like the one that is a part of this hoodie. So i was thrilled with this Hood lol, its just freakin awesome. There are so many things to change, i added the Release picture by it. And its Mesh the hood, tapes, wire, headphones, laces, is all just 1 item to wear, with a menu on the belly. Quick Cab - [JP]:dsg Mainstore. Enjoy!

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In My Garden

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” ~ Henri Matisse

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Dragon Magick Wares at Fantasy Faire

Time for another of my amazing stores to promote! Dragon Magick Wares By Dragonia Decuir

Dragonia is a builder of wonderful whimsical houses, furniture and landscaping items.

Click to see bigger

SLURL to her store on the Jungle Bungle Sim of Fantasy Faire

Her Relay offering of a Petite Secret Hideaway tree has been blogged by, a number of people, so I thought I’d focus on another of her relay items. The Pixar's UP inspired Storybook House . For a donation of 300 you get a fantastical two story home. That is the right size for a smaller plot, but also still has plenty of room inside.

Click to see bigger

You can see the UP influence with the balloons, and I quite like the touch of it resting on an open book. It boasts two floors, two large rooms and two smaller rooms. Both of the larger rooms come with a carpet and a fireplace.

Click to see bigger

Outside you have a lovely ramshackle picket fence, and my favorite feature, a birdhouse with three birds, that chirp and twitter.… Read the rest