What a gorgeous Grenade Free Wednesday!

Oh my gah, spring has finally sprung here for me in RL and the sun is shining and glorious… I think I will be spending some time in the garden today, maybe with a good book? I have to bring you your Grenade Free Wednesday shopping fix, and so you lucky, lucky people get to see the fab line up. There is some really good stuff out there this week! I love the Freaky Design item, and the cute jetpack from Epic, oh AND the fun top from Razorblade Jacket! OH AND to make things even better, there is nothing on sale here for over 100L… ALL GFW ITEMS ARE 99L OR LESS YAYYYYYYY!!!
Rudh xxx

Grenade Free Wednesday at Jersey Shore

01 Misera – dresses, 75L each 01 Misera – dresses, 75L each 02 Sparrowtree Studios – pose sets, 60L/40L 03 Xtra Ordinary – skins/shape, 95L each 04 Aissence – outfit, 05 American Bazaar – outfit, 70L 06 Forever Young – make-up/earrings, 75L each 07 Kennedy’s – dresses, 70L 08 Tenjin – tattoo, 50L 09 Seddy’s Creations – swimsuit, 89L 10 Shadz – glasses, 50L 11 V & M Inc – shoes, 99L each 12 BLONDEQUEEN – shape, 99L 13 Razorblade Jacket – top, 69L 14 Step inSide – skins, 85L 15 Freaky Design – accessory, 75L 16 Ohmarie – tops, 70L 17 ILAYA – pose set, 50L 18 form – shape, 75L 19 Crash Republic – shorts, 50L 20 [Virtual/Insanity] – make-up, 49L 20 [Virtual/Insanity] – make-up, 49L 21 Epic – accessory, 49L 22 Delusions – tattoo, 75L

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