Sagal is the latest release of The Skinnery skins. What can…

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Sagal is the latest release of The Skinnery skins. What can words add to these pics? The skin is incredible: I spent a long time zooming in details (you have to check beauty marks and how well knees are made!).I love love LOVE it and well, I wanted to share a great discovery =)

This skin comes in three tones: Champagne, Toffee and Ebony. I’m wearing the Toffee tone. Each tone comes in 2 make upsBARE and GLAM ROCK (great eyeshadow and lips come in a “pinker” shade). You can also add Teeth and Pubic hair layers (not what I would personally choose to add anyway) and 3 cleavage options (I’m wearing CL 3).

I need to remark that this skin also includes a NO BROWS version…which is definitely A WISE CHOICE from my experience with skins, and I’m sure many of us are all the time asking for browless skins. The reason is simple: just by adding a different brow layer, the stare or the face can vary A LOT. This gives me a lot of options to play with and personalise the skin, so thanks for considering this version! You will see in the pics that I played with different brow layers to show different looks (some demos too)

Enough talking, here’s your taxi to The Skinnery store. (demo first!)

 Vyper Body Suit by Illmatic (Ushi Mall group gift)

Hair by Friday (modded by me)

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