Mire que Belleza

After about 20 tries, I finally got into WCF to see everything there was to grab.  I obviously did have some things, but not everything so off I went to look around.  I've actually never owned a Belleza skin, never thought I quite fit them which is a shame because they look amazing on other people.  Both men and women skins, really.  They're really well made.  Now, the Lily skin that was released for WCF is really cute and I think it works pretty well with my shape.  I don't quite feel like myself?  But at the same time, I'm comfortable with how it looks on me and I've seen it on a few people that look great as well.  There's a shape that comes with the skin as well, I've always been partial to my own so I didn't take photos lol but! there are demo's at Belleza's store at the WCF sim.

I'd also just like to say that I actually have tan skin and freckles on the bridge of my nose and upper cheeks so it made me giggle a little bit that the skin has that.  I am a big fan of red lips on skins, the darker red the better so I used this makeup set.  There is also a more neutral makeup as well, if you like that look…which I usually do.  This super sexy dress is available from Cracked Mirror at WCF in a bunch of colors.  The transparency of the black lace gives it that little hint of sookie-sookie nah which I happen to like, gets the growls for sure.  So, WCF is open.&n (Read more...)

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