Fi*Fridays is Back With Another Round!

Hey ya’ll! It’s finally Friday! Not that it has mattered much to me, I’ve been stuck at home with the flu! :( No bueno..but, I’m feeling much, much better! Just in time for Spring break! WOOOOO!!!

Alrighty, Fi*Friday’s has a new set of items out for this week and let me tell you, this event is a MUST to visit every Friday. It is one of my favorite events because hey, it’s cheap..and they always have something I want! The designers are great and did I mention it’s cheap? Every single item is 55L and they are there for an entire week, so you have plenty of time to get your hands on these goodies. I have to say, s u . v i d a is becoming my all time favorite store lately. I was just looking for some tattoos to go on my cute little feet and BAM! There they are in this week’s collection. I love them!!! Cupcakes and Candy? Hell yes! Go check it out. NOW.


01 ILAYA - poses, 55L 02 Retro - outfit, 55L 03 Anomaly - dress, 55L 04 su . vida - tattoos, 55L each 05 {k}Rea - shirt, 55L 06 Medley - shirts, 55L/110L 07 Eclair - shirt, 55L 08 SuperBia - earrings, 55L 09 SuperBia - poses, 55L 10 Potcha - skin, 55L each 11 Le Primitif - shirt, 55L 12 Rama Rowanberry - necklace, 55L 13 Piccara - boots, 55L 14 S (and) P - tattoo, 55L 16 iRetro - shirt/body suit 55L each 15 Paperbag - dresses, 55L each

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