Fashion for Life “Gacha of the Day” – Czas

In the Fashion for Life event this year, there are 8 gacha areas. At Seraphim, we will feature one area daily with a gacha gallery for your gambling pleasure! Enjoy the great prizes and give generously!

Check out the full Fashion for Life 2012 post!

Fashion for Life “Gacha of the Day” – Czas

01 Collisions - necklace, 35L per try 02 Teen Turf Imports - bag, 50L per try 03 Ashli Designs - dress, 100L per try 04 Dulce Secrets - skin, 35L per try 05 Stars! - jewelry, 50L per try 06 G Sloane Couture - skirts, 25L per try 07 Angelwing - necklaces, 10L per try 08 Diva Store - bodysuit, 25L per try 09 Ruca Tease - bracelets, 10L per try 10 Sassy! - shirts, 25L per try 11 Sn@tch - earrings, 15L per try

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