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So, now that I use the latest Firestorm release pretty much exclusively I find myself addicted to mesh.  True story.  I really thought people were just exaggerating about being draw to all the mesh but its true.  Its a legit affliction, and I has it.  Mesh hair seems to be my biggest addiction, but I do also enjoy the clothing quite a bit.  The shoes are iffy for me at the moment and since I have so many shoes its not really a big deal.  e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories has come out with a new line of several pieces and they are so cute.  These dresses as well as…I think 2 others?  As well as a blazer, sweater/cardigan top and some trouser pants.  They all come in several sizes so most avatars shouldn't have too much of a problem finding a good fit.  With this new shape of mine, I've been put into the XS/S category which baffles the mind.  I still look pretty curvy though, so I don't mind all that much. 

These are said trouser pants and at first I had the cardigan on as well, but I don't know.  This seemed hotter lol.  And hotter means more people will look at it, right?!  I hope so lol.  Anyway, you all should stop by e! and demo some stuff.  See what you like (everything) and go home with some mesh goodies.  Gah…mesh.  Why you take all my $L's?


-Belleza- Lily V1 Sk WCF (cleavage) *WHORE COUTURE ITEM*
.ID. Mirror Eyes/Gray
[e] Abbe (Read more...)

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