CRAZY HAIR HUNT for Flora and Fauna!

The Crazy Hair Hunt is now in it’s third outing after a long period of quiet from the hunt organizer, but it’s back and OH MY GAH, the creativity and imagination of this bunch of people is incredible… Who’d have thought we’d see shells for hair, bird’s nests for hair and giant flowers for hair… In this hunt we get all that and more!
From TODAY until April 30th, a circular hunt will lead you through a selection of a handful of awesome stores and scenery, some of which I had never heard of before, in search of little purple floral sculpties that will be set for sale at 0L each! There is about 67 Stores in total that are taking part, some of these are currently still not ready, but we wanted to let you get a jump start on hunting for the other crazy hair and I will update the pictures as and when I can!!
There is no set blog for this hunt, but if you wanted some help there is in an In-World Group, where you can find help. The hunt officially starts at The U-Neek, but the hunt is circular so no matter where you start you can hit them all at some point!
Enjoy Hunting and these crazy hair styles, I know I will!!
Rudh xxx

01 The U-Neek 02 Curious Kitties 03 Vanity Hair 04 Tekeli-li 05 [Bizarre Hair] 06 Bare Rose 07 ZsaZsa’s House of Beauty 08 Vita’s Boudoir 09 CONCRETE FLOWERS 10 [M&K] 11 ChiChickie 12 Grim Bros 13 The Stringer Mausoleum 14 (Nushru) 15 (-dDx-) 16 EMO-tions 17 Bliensen + MaiTai 18 {Rue} 19 [hate this] 20 Evie’s Closet 21 BARLOW 22 Ein peixe 23 Gummi's Flower Shop 24 A&A Hair 25 Skinthesis 26 VAUGHAN’S 27 IrEn 28 La Boheme 29 Hairoin 31 Malizz Yiyuan Creation 32 C&D Designs 33 frou-frou 34 ((RIPE)) 35 SyDS 36 Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy) 37 W.Winx 38 Yasyn's Odds and Ends 39 Iron Tiger Jewelry 40 CENSORED 41 Calico Ingmann Creations 43 {Bingo} 46 IM CaPPed 47 Morgane Batista Poses 48 HeLtEr SkElTeR 49 The Strand 51 Entropy Designs 52 L+N Signature Designs 53 Le Cactus 54 Alpha Point 55 Zibska 56 MSM Designs 57 Weather! Or Not? 58 Facepalm Designs 59 Rosy Mood 60 Raven’s Heart 61 Ayashi 62 Amulet 63 By Snow 64 T&S GLaMouR 65 Orage Creations 66 (red)Mint 67 gilded

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