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Hello Fans of Talon Faire!

Have some newness going on~ As you know, the Animation Station @ Talon Faire is a great source for unique and exciting poses and animations- things you simply will not find anywhere else on the grid! It had also been home to my Gruesome Tidings collection first developed for Halloween and La Ville Macabre Charity Event held through the auspices of the Out Of World forum- or OOW for short  Out of World.

All in all, it was getting pretty crowded on that floating island so ... I waved my magic wand... plucked a new island from the very ether and voilà! A new floating island called Gruesome Tidings is hovering over Talon Faire. In it you will find despicable torture devices, horrific ways to inflict pain and suffering! Oh how the serfs will tremble to know it could be them hanging in those gallows... Come see the dark side of Talon Faire.

On other topics~ I do have two new releases to share with you.  One is a wearable - I call it a Bubble Suit! The point of this very sexy little something or other is its bubbly consistency. Strategically placed bubbles cover or uncover all your sexy spots, as you wish- as always, all Talon Faire goodies are Copy/Mod where ever possible.


TP straight to product, put this in local chat: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Animated%20 ... 166/188/23 
Bubble Suit

And lastly, this sweet and sensual couple's animation available in the Animation Station.

Will work for either partner to wash the either's hair. You lean s (Read more...)

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