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Zeery’s Color Couture & Es’ cusi are on FIRE!

we've set out some animal printed clothing and accessories for you! :P come by the tent and check it out!  we're hot.  L I T E R A L L Y .

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Truth District Spring Sale – 15-50% off select Trompe Loeil items!

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Trompe Loeil is thrilled to be a part of Truth District’s Spring Sale, running from April 1-7 and open exclusively to Truth District Update Group members! Truth District is a themed shopping region designed and managed by Truth Hawks and features top-of-the-line designers in a seaside village created by yours truly, Cory Edo. Trompe Loeil’s shop is located in the lighthouse and for the next week it’s featuring great sales on the following favorite Trompe Loeil products:
During the duration of the sale, the region will be open to Truth District Update Group members only – if you join before April 1 membership is free, so make sure you join ASAP! Click here! Teleport directly to Trompe Loeil in Truth District  first thing tomorrow morning, and don’t forget to check out the fantastic sales from all the other Truth District designers as well!… Read the rest


Please visit Designer Directory for store locations. BODY HAIR: Cheerno Hair ~ Steven – Red 8.3 SKIN: The Abyss ~ Dave Gears – Tan Shaven EYES: MADesigns ~ Mutation – Neutral OUTFIT JACKET: Egoisme ~ Autumn Dandy Wool Blazer – Coffee SHIRT: Gabriel -Three Piece Suit – Shirt PANTS: Gizza – Dark Swan Pants & Skirt – Male SHOES: sYs – Doom Boots
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Ah when I get my hands on you

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Wow, wow
You're gonna kill me that way
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)

Delicious, delicious
You're gonna kill me that way
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)
Ah when I get my hands on you, (poor you)

Saturday party night
Everyone began to dance
The hottest girl of the place passed me by
So I got the guts up and began to say to her

What I'm listening to.
Check out this tune and enjoy it with me.
Michel Teló - Ai Se Eu Te Pego

What I’m wearing:
Hair: Truth - Lykie
Eyes: pc eyes by LL -Shallow Water
Skin: LAQ - Ebba[Nougat] Glow skin
Make-up: BOOM -Love my eyes Liner and Mascara
Necklace: Yummy
Bracelett: ASO -Leather Bracelet
Top: Jane -Lace Cami
Skirt: Aura -Low-rise Boho
Pose: Glitterati

Love Quote of the Day:
Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.
Zora Neale Hurston

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Bake Sale Time

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In honor of eggs and bunnies and all things Eastery, my unisex hushpuppies are just 10L this week in pink. Taxi to the bake sale!

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In a world where my emotions seem to rule my every move

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They will challenge my devotion to seek and know the truth~

-Details and more pics inside-

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TUTORIALS: Taking High Quality Photographs

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I’ve put together a pretty standard tutorial on How to Take High Quality Photographs in Second Life.  I hope it helps you!  I’ve included some information on my computer specifications that I use, how to set your graphics settings up, anisotrophic filtering, camera restraints, and also some recommendations on other blogger tutorials to take a look at! I hope it helps you, and anyone you come across along the way!

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Bubblegum Ice Cream Gluttony for Motif*

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(hair by lamb; tattoos by ~silentsparrow~; shoes by lassitude&ennui; pose by Lolapop!; ears, skin, eyes by Schadenfreude)

Motif* is a group collaborative effort that brings a number of designers together with a shared theme and colour selection. This month it's ice cream! In a selection of pastels with brown. From me, there's an outfit, gluttony lingerie with an ice cream pattern (this colourway won't be seen again after the event, but there will be other ice creams later!), with the matching corset, a skirt to make it into daywear, and a brollie with ice cream pattern (you will need a mesh viewer to see the brollie!)

At Motif*, with all the other delicious matching things!

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Taste of SL from Blacklace

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This week for Taste of SL we have Impassioned in a very pretty shade of melon.  This is a limited edition colour for Easter and will not be added to the existing range.  The set has a floral and lace bra and panties, a velvet corset with or without garters and matching stockings.  Prim bows are also included and are modifiable. From Blacklace Beauty for ToSL is a pack of 5 glitter eyeshadows.  Layers with and without combined lashes are included. Each of these items are 99L for this week only.  Taxi to Blacklace

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Easter at Blacklace

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The Easter Bunny has arrived in the form of a limited edition of Material  Girl.  This is a special edition in pink and white,  with both PG and a more racy transparent lace option included.   Also included are bunny ears and a pink fluffy tail !  Hip frill with bows, ears and tail are all modifiable and script resize. Also new this week is a set of 5 Summer bright eyeshadows from Blacklace Beauty.  Layers with and without combined lashes are included. Taxi to Blacklace  

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The Mens Dept.

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two hundred and twelve.

i have nothing to sayyyyy argh! soo i'll just credit the style. ;p
hair - boon, Boo Nakamura. skin - atomic, Ivy Graves. undershirt & tights - urbana, Camille Bellecoeur. off shoulder top - tres blah, Julliette Westerburg. high waist pantie - milk motion, Marie Lauridsen. feet - slink, Siddean Munro. pose - es' cusi, Sophielle Resident.

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Newness at ZombiePopcorn and a Collection for Spring.

ZombiePopcorn Brand has moved location again back to its old location, but there have been changes afoot in the layout and with a BRAND NEW ZOMBIEPOPCORN COLLECTION!!
As well as the awesomeness that comes out of the ZombiePopcorn Brand this week, I love the necklace from Weather Or Not, it would be like having a friend with you hehe… There is also a brand newness that is the ZombiePopcorn Collection. This collection has been put together by some of our favourite ZombiePopcorn participants, and is the Spring collection, such a perfect look that will have you skipping through spring with a smile on your face!!!
Rudh xxx ZombiePopcorn Brand

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[LeeZu] Dreamworld

OGlam Presents: [LeeZu] Dreamworld April 1st at 3pm SLT

Explore the duality of LeeZu's creative mind in a dream world of surreal whimsy and dark nightmares. OGlam is proud to present LeeZu Baxter's first runway event in almost two years. You'll enjoy the amazing styles and newest releases as they take the stage.

The audience will be a part of this journey, and the most LeeZu'tastic in attendance will receive fatpacks of the latest releases. In addition, attendees will be honored with special token of appreciation for taking part in the show.

This is one event not to be missed!

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Oh silly me..

I forgot about this..

Kouse started a new jewelry store called Krystal Jewelry and had a photo contest to celebrate the opening. The grand prize was a complete jewelry set inspired by the winner and all of the jewelery ever made for the store.

I came in third with this photo

And won a gift certificate and one piece of jewelry will be inspired by/named for me. I asked for glasses in her style, and if she's not ok with that a necklace or tiara themed to the flower Columbine. It's my FAVORITE flower and there is so little columbine stuff in world.

Can't wait to see what she creates! Not just for me but for all the winners. It will be fascinating to see what other come up with for her to make.

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Fourth Rez day!

Part one at least

Oh and it was Wednesday for the record, not today.

part two comes whenever Ambrose gets someplace with an internet connection and can give me this year’s cake. I cannot WAIT to see what he did with my idea of Butterflies and jewels.

For part one I bought myself a present of the most princessy over the top stunning gown I could find, Poem By Fellini Couture. And an amazing jewelry set by a new to me jewelry maker Zuri Rayna called Only You Rose Elite. And I am not in world ATM so I can't grab slurls for either of them.

But holy crap I felt so PRETTY in them. I have my eye on a few other sets by Zuri. And honestly a few gowns by Joy, but her gowns are just so over the top amazing I don't buy them often. Just for special occasions.

Decked out in my finery and a favorite hairstyle I set out to find a castle for my fairy princess self. I wanted something sparkly and shiny and new looking. destination guide was no help there :P At least with the castle section

So I settled for a photo session on my land and this was the results.… Read the rest

Bridge Of Light.

So, I took a couple different pictures for this post. One is my regular style, where I am showing in good color all aspects of the outfit. The next is a photo I was playing around with and thought looked kinda neat, and last is a close up of the face to show off the prettiness of the skin. I hope you guys enjoy! Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing?
Dress: Maitreya Mesh Nolita Dress * Slate **Mesh**
Boots: Maitreya Mesh * Radical Boots * Black **Mesh** Skin: [  Al Vulo! ] – [ Leilani ] – Milk * Shine Teeth Cleavage **New tone and super pretty!!** Add-on Eye Makeup: [[Mozz]] Cosmetics – Winged Eye with Lashes (Silver) Hair: Magika [01] Calm **Mesh** Necklace: passed down from mi madre <3. “Let’s not let our anger get us lost
And the need to be right comes with way too high a cost…”, Pink Sadly, most of us figure that out a bit too late. Bridge of Light- Pink

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I love the bold, color-blocking in Appolonia Criss’s new dress called City Chic. She takes a very mod style and updates it with a blouson top and short, very modern sleeves. I decided to note the military-inspird sleeves by adding the gauntlets from Nzuri, though most gauntlets don’t have adorable bows at the wrist. This brilliant and bold color got me looking for a brilliant and bold place to shoot and that led me to the Labyrinth of Absurdity.

I wore black tartan boots from Peqe with the kelly green dress.

And chose sleek red, black and gold wedges from R2 for the red dress.

For both, I wore jewelry from Ganked. I believe the store is no longer in-world, but it is still on marketplace. The skin is from Dutch Touch and the hair is from Elikatira.   Store info at Blogging Second Life

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Lollipop girl

Here’s one more reason to visit Motiv: the Jack Spoon- a.e.meth collaboration. Hilarious tops, poofy skirts and lollipop-colored lipsticks.Here’s a sample! Styling: Skin: Bomi by Mother Goose’s (Dollarbie) Lipstick:  Matte Lip Tints (Slushie) by a,e.meth for Motif* Hair: Bring it On!:Rouge by Exile Top: IceCream Tee – Diva Sundae  by Jack Spoon for Motif* Necklace: bramble ramble (pink/s) necklace by Undefined Lilies Pose: Exposeur    

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CRAZY HAIR HUNT for Flora and Fauna!

The Crazy Hair Hunt is now in it’s third outing after a long period of quiet from the hunt organizer, but it’s back and OH MY GAH, the creativity and imagination of this bunch of people is incredible… Who’d have thought we’d see shells for hair, bird’s nests for hair and giant flowers for hair… In this hunt we get all that and more!
From TODAY until April 30th, a circular hunt will lead you through a selection of a handful of awesome stores and scenery, some of which I had never heard of before, in search of little purple floral sculpties that will be set for sale at 0L each! There is about 67 Stores in total that are taking part, some of these are currently still not ready, but we wanted to let you get a jump start on hunting for the other crazy hair and I will update the pictures as and when I can!!
There is no set blog for this hunt, but if you wanted some help there is in an In-World Group, where you can find help. The hunt officially starts at The U-Neek, but the hunt is circular so no matter where you start you can hit them all at some point!… Read the rest01 The U-Neek