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Wistful, wondering and weary

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So I'm sure my  massive readership is desperate for news (pardon the sarcasm, it's been a long day).

My patience with work overload is wearing thinner by the day. The big question is whether I will reach the light at the end of the tunnel before I do something daft like inform a Very Large Client or two that they can go take a leap, or delete SL because it's been too damn long and I feel totally out of it.

Then I get all wistful and soppy about Vent du Sud and my SL friends and grit my teeth a bit more.

I don't actually get frustrated about the fact that I'm not making money (heh - never really did with stuff at 1L or 50L), but far more about the fact that it's going to be a struggle to catch up, get building, and GO SHOPPING.

(Suggestions welcome to make me feel glam. I may even dip my toe into mesh - at least buying it because I'm sure as hell too stupid to ever MAKE it).**

But first I need time to actually go look at stuff. 

Now, enough whining and I'm off to line up a few more (thousand) words, interspersed with some short but rather cathartic RL breaks spent pruning bushes that suffered from our Siberian winter.… Read the rest



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Machinima by Nik Arlington of .Cheesecake. Studios We’ve been telling you guys that our fully furnished Dirty Boxes are great for SL Roleplay and picture taking..and Nik Arlington of .Cheesecake. Studios proved us right! .Cheesecake. creates the best SL films, including short movies for their clients that represent their profiles. Dirty Boxes was honored that our -db- Rockstar Princess Skybox was used for part of the quick flick which can be viewed here. If you’d like to view more of Nik’s work, click here :) Thanks again to .Cheesecake. Studios! Let us know what you guys & girls think of -db- in the film by either rating us below or leaving a quick comment. Keep in mind you don’t need to be logged in to leave a rating :) Hope to hear from you guys, Dirty Boxes luvs you!

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