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I want to show you some promo that runs today. First at Finesmith there is a big sale on all shoes! All shoes are 100L, until tomorrow (29 February); so runs! Second, Ducknipple putts some outfit on promo at 50% (95L) on the marketplace. Make sure…

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In Love With Petite Avatars

I am in love with the Yabusaka Petite Fairy Mesh Avatars! The one I am showing you is the “Fairy AV1″. The box includes: 1/3 Size Full Mesh Body, Fairy Dress blue set (shown in the first pic) by G Field, Mesh control HUD and Skin tint HUD. Free demo available, you will love it […]

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Fantastic Flying Fox

If Sonic has taught me anything, it’s that foxes can fly. I may only have one tail but really, that’s all that you need. Don’t worry about my little fox friend on my shoulders, he’s just sleeping. This foxy scarf is a group gift from Violent Seduction which is 50L to join. He’s rigged mesh so the […]

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Miss America Latina

Miss America Latina 2012

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Mera Naam Joker


“Dare to wear the foolish clown face” – Frank Sinatra ++ Bustier: (Milk Motion) black bustier (EPOCH Legend) Boots: [CheerNo] BOOTS Victorio (Festival of SIN) Skirt: (Milk Motion) high waist white skirt (EPOCH Legend) Arm Warmers: ISON – leather arm warmers (black) (EPOCH Legend) Leggings: ISON – escher shear tights (black) (EPOCH Legend) Nails:  * RezIpsa Loc * […]

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[Insatiable Fashions] gives back (to the group, that is)! 2/28/2012

Hello Hello my loves! <3How are you? I hope your week is going well so far. I have a special gift out now for both the in-world group, as well as the subscriber! It’s a cute little 5-pack of lingerie, I hope you enjoy it!It’s only available for a li…

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[IF] Group Gift: Leopard Lingerie!

Day 25, Just a Perfect Day

The other day I was showing off the cute little sheath dress from BOTHER for the Festival of Sin, well they’ve put the same silhouette dress out in a very fresh floral pattern now! I love it, it has a modern feel while also calling to mind vintage patterns. Today I’m wearing it in brown […]

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Love, love is such a crazy thing

On 28th February 2012 · By Suriko · With Leave a comment
In Bunneh Files, Fashion, Second Life

Never understood the way I was supposed to feel~-Details and more pics inside-Read more »

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The leopard and the tiger … Lol maybe two leopards grrrrr

Today i post about news about Flirt cosmetics and a new gift from Insatiable Fashion. Flirt has new releases with different make up for eyes, go to see how they are pretty for your eyes! While the gift of Insatiable Fashion is very nice and it arrives …

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Amarelo Manga

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Lvs Kids at \Spring Glitter Festival this March

On 28th February 2012 · By The Writer · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, LVS & Co., Second Life

Lvs Kids in Spring Glitz FestivalBe sure and head on over on March 10!After the festival these will be available at the store ^_^

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Hey everybody! I’m back -or trying to! A lot of stuff has…

Hey everybody! I’m back -or trying to! A lot of stuff has been released since I was away, so I will try to catch up (and I also want to share things I have bought recently =) ) so I’m making double post today!
On a side note, I’m sorry if I can p…

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Finesmith Shoe Sale

  Finesmith is having a 24-hour sale on all shoes!  The sale began this morning at 9 am SLT and will last until 9 am SLT tomorrow (February 29th).  There is still plenty of time to teleport on over and take advantage of this great sale! Finesmith Happy shopping, loves♥

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My Corinna

Join the Al Vulo group to get this beautiful group gift skin free. Just wear your group tag and touch the board.  It really is that easy! Hiln Bluebird of Al Vulo is one of those designers that makes incredible high quality skins and always lavish…

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Hair of The Dog….

OUTFITNODe+ =Modulor=Renpou Uniform(pink)FreeNina Boots White by INSOLENCEACCESSORIES(Elate!) Pink Rose RingKOSH- INFINITY EARRINGSThe Sea Hole – Milla Rings – L – Flamingo[PM]Sculpted Nails V3 – Long BODY-Belleza- Erika Med 3 [mock] Lydia Eyeliner {…

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Elves on the rocks

Once there were two elves spending the afternoon together. They spent some time listening to the birds chips and enjoying the wonders of the forest around them.Of course after a while they decided to chat about other things in the world, mostly about c…

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elves on the rock II

Escher in Epoch

It’s been a long time since I’ve been so thoroughly impressed by an event as I am by EPOCH-Legend. The designers have really embraced the three themes — Art of Escher, Beast and Clowning — and produced things that stand out. Art, quirk, quality, strong points of view. All four areas are worth visiting for […]

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so fucking kawaii

so fucking kawaii. yeeeeeup. i know it’s a li’l obscured by my hair && my purse strap, but that’s what my shirt says. it’s new from blah and i was *so* amused by it that i had to blog it. and to me, it sounds so sarcastic (which is right up my alley, i speak […]

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She’s a very kinky giiiiiirl

She’s a very kinky giiiiirl, the kind you don’t take home to muuuthaaaa. She will never let your spirits dooowwn, once you get her off the streets. She likes the boys in the band, she says that I’m her all … Continue reading

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Science Fiction…..or not.

Somewhere along the way I thought I would attempt a science fiction type photo. I envisioned glow and moving things and a robot or two. That’s not what I got but the M.O.C.K. make up layers and Exile hair made … Continue reading

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Misty Snapzilla