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So... I have been rather busy making and doing and sort of neglectful about getting the word out- counter productive I know!

So then- from the most recent going backwards... let's see what is new..

First off- This gorgeous little Cloud Bedroom Suite! What is there NOT to love?!

Every little angel needs a place to lay her head and what could be more appropriate than a group of clouds to cradle her in her dreams?  Included are four poses - sitting, relaxing, lounging and sleeping. And did you know there are delicate flowers that grow in the clouds? Yes! Our heavenly angel will be able to tend her garden very soon- meantime, she can lay under the ethereal flowers and listen to the music of the spheres.

Next to show you, we have an equally magical place- but this one is more earth-bound. It is an enchanted fairy glade! With buzzing dragonflies and hovering pixies... hidden treasures and creatures great and small!  What fae wouldn't delight in a chance dip in these magic waters or a nap in her very own leaf bed? Peek under things, little fae... you may have company!

Some shots from the glen:

Next, a couple of animations/poses from The Animation Station @ Talon Faire
Here we have a lovely bridal bouquet hold, static pose. Suitable for photos, AO's etc. Available in both C/M/T or C/M no T.

And then, you asked for it and you got it! Tired of having to stand to eat or drink?  Animation Station's got you covered.

Here is a comfy sit and eat or sit and drink, suitable for both app (Read more...)

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