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Dr. Fancy Feelgood

When I used to play tabletop RPGs (don't judge) one of my characters was named Dr. Fancy Feelgood.  I think I may have been drinking when I created that character.  Anyway, she was a doctor in a post-apocalyptic world who was kind of promiscuous and just a wild, strange character in general.   When I saw this outfit from Bare Rose it reminded me of her and I had to slap it on.  The sushi lingerie from Schadenfreude adds just enough quirkiness to make this character just right to me.
My hair is from Mina and I love this store because I love wavy hair and not everyone makes it.  My hair is stick straight in RL so having wavy hair in SL is a fun change.  My skin is from Amacci, who I usually go to for hair, but the lips on this skin really impressed me so I had to wear it.
Nurse Outfit: Bare Rose, 140L and comes with shoes and stockings and stuff too!
Skin: Amacci @ Festival of Sin
Hair: Mina @ Festival of Sin
Stockings and Sushi Lingerie: Schadenfreude @ Festival of Sin
*Note: The skirt in this photo is a system skirt and I ended up having to heavily photoshop it because apparently shadows + system skirts = suck.  You should be able to see it accurately on the item vendor picture though.… Read the rest



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New Outfit: Legend Female

New Outfit available at V-Twins Main Shop:  Legend Outfit composed of:   Available in 4 options: plain, babygirlz, 2 different patched versions & lone wolf Visit V-Twins Main Shop by clicking here !!

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ChouChou is back!
What? Do you never heard about it? So is about time to know it.
ChouChou was the first “art” sim I ever saw in SL (2008), when I started to blog about places I looked for it, but the sim had vanished.
But it is back and you need to see it. This place is almost empty, with few objects over it, like a piano, a birdcage and a huge ladder, that is a teleporter for other ChouChou sims.
Is beautiful see this few objects reflecting in the water, the simplicity of this place makes it perfect for pictures.
At the landing point you will find a hud, that makes you see ChouChou as a movie.
In 2008 I never thought about it, but this time I wanted to know more about this sim, about the creators and I discovered that in fact ChouChou is a music group ( a duo, actually )formed on July, 2007 to search for new possibilities of music.
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Can we play the game your way?

On 26th February 2012 · By Suri L. · With Leave a comment
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Can I really lose control?

-Details and more pics inside-

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They say perception is everything.  That you should think about what kind of vibe you put out there, because sometimes a first impression is all you get.  I have a problem with this, because when I first meet people I am shy and awkward.  Once I'm comfortable with people, I can be chatty and silly but maybe my first impression would make someone not want a second one?  Shy people aren't usually fun, so I can't say I blame them but it does make meeting people a challenge.  It is so easy for a lot of people to be super social within SL, but I find myself shying away and just doing my blog photos or whatever…and logging off.  I should change that, I just don't know where to start.
This deep meaningful thought process I had today was courtesy of this lovely mesh corset I was given lol.  The smallest things trigger my rambles, I swear it.  The store is called *Perception* and that got me thinking what people perceive me to be or not be.  I don't really know, but I do hope some of it is good!  I wore the size small corset without the alpha and it fit just fine, but a teenie bit bulky for my shape so I went with the XS with alpha and I think its a great fit   and yes…I once again had to wear my stompin boots from [Gos].  I really do think I'm in love with mesh.  It hugs all my curves in all the right ways lol.… Read the rest

in the desert can’t remember your name, ’cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain. laa la lalalala lalaalaa laaaa laaa~ this song is *really* before my time, but i still love it. and my look for today, paired with the in-world location i found to snap my bloggy pics, made me immediately think of it. so *old school* jam with me! \m/ …not that my look has much to do with being in a desert, but.. y’know. ;P at least my location does! i broke out a couple older items i found in my inventory purge about a month ago. it’s a never-ending cycle, trying to keep my inventory sorted.. with how much of a *shopaholic* i am, it can very very easily get out of hand. i mean, i was all pumped && excited about getting my inventory number way down, and during the process of boxing/deleting.. i went and fatpack’d a new skin. *facepalm* but! i’m proud to say i’ve kept my number.. manageable.. since then. and i’ve been more determined than ever to get some use out of the older items i decided were worth keeping!… Read the rest02.26.2012


Water is the driving force of all nature. ~ Leonardo da Vinci

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Introducing the EPOCH Legend Event!

Allow me to introduce you to EPOCH, a brand-new festival spanning 4 venues and showcasing over 50 shops in three themed areas. The themes for this grand opening are: “Art of Escher,” “Beast” and “Clowning” (gallery below matches this order). I was fortunate enough to run across this event during a Flickr distraction session, and as soon as I checked the blog and saw the list of designers and the themes, I knew it was going to be a great one and it did NOT disappoint. The variety and creativity is astonishing and I wanted quite a few things from each area. I will admit that “Art of Escher” was my ultimate fav. I’ve been a huge fan of artist M.C. Escher since I was a teenager, so this was heaven in SL for me. If you’ve never heard of him, Google him before you go and you’ll have a greater appreciation for the items there, not to mention the cool-as-hell build! But I digress! To start your adventure, TP to the Creator’s Cafe.… Read the rest[NERD.P] - shirt, 138L

Not So Bad Going Mesh, Is It?

On 26th February 2012 · By Boystown - Second Life · With Leave a comment
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NotSoBad just released it first line of clothing, and mesh at that.  Notice that you can also experiment with the female mesh jeans as well, especially since guys are often limited with clothing options.  We also included new mesh items from Kal Rau and Gizza, and Angelik is also sporting the new hair from Cheerno.

Divos Titanium (left):

Skin: The Abyss - Dave Gears - Tanned Shaved
Hair: Boon - DTU831 - Chestnut
Eyes: MADesigns Eyes - Natural - Blue Reasonable
Shirt: Kal Rau - Plaid Shirt Mesh - Brown/Blue
Pants: NotSoBad - Jane Jeans - Faded (NEW)
Shoes: SoReal - Superstars - Orange/Blue

Angelik Lavecchia (right):

Jacket: GizzA - Mesh Biker - Blue (NEW)
Pants: NotSoBad - Vince jeans - Dark
Ears: AITUI 
Harbase: MADesigns Hair - Black Hair Base ~ Tribe 5
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear - Milestone
Lip Piercing: Acide - feather piercing
Hair: CheerNo - Steven - Dark (NEW)
Skin: Evian - Jordan - Medium
Eyes: Ikon - Utopia Eyes - Hazel

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The Forbidden City – FOS and BTB

TheForbidden City is a RP combat sim with urban decay theme. There is some great buildings to explore and take pictures.
At landing point you will receive the sim’s rules, any person under 18 years old will be considered a trespassing. You can grab an observer tag or a combat meter, the system used here is the CCS, which is free.
After read the rules you can use the teleporter to reach the ground. The language spoken here is Spanish, so if you don’t know Spanish use a translator for RP.
At the ground you will arrive at a “rezz area”, which means it is free of combat. At this area you will find on line boards to GM if you are interested in join the RP.
This time I mixed and matched items from Back to Black (ends 24th at 4pm SLT) and Festival of Sim.
Unfortunately my time in SL is getting shorter, which means I won’t be able to cover events as I would like to, but I will do my best!
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Cart Sale @ Car Wash – Still Golden

A quicky for the 10L cart sale at Car Wash. Some of my favorite shops are participating with several items out all for 10L or less. Yay! It runs till the 14th of March. Heartsick’s cart has male and female skins with shapes included. Sn@tch has full outfits, seperates and shoes for sale there. Even my background is from the cart sale. Timeless Textures’s cart has a bunch of texture packs for making a new home, landscaping and jewelry creation. Credits - Dress: :::Sn@tch Nymph Dress (10L cart sale) Makeup: [mock]Memories of Mardi Gras (group gift 250L join fee) Hair:  **Pocket Mirrors** Melvin Shoes: B&T Platform Pumps Veneta Jewelry: Zibska - Zivit Skin: Heartsick evotion : Euphoria : Au Naturel (another heartsick skin is at the cartsale) Eye: ** [ Riddle ] ** Multi Tone Eyes – Brown #2 (back to black) Background Texture: timeless textures (10L cart sale) Poses: Olive juice (closed)

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$10L – Sale at The Wash Sim

The Wash Sim is having their Biannual Cart Sale from February 22nd - March 14th.
(Teleport link at bottom of post.)
Everything is $10L and under and, as usual, they have everything. If you haven't bought anything new for your avatar in a while, now is the time. Don't miss these great savings by some awesome creators and stores.
They even have some St. Patrick's Day goodies.
(This is also a perfect place for Second Life newbies to pick up clothes for their avatars! So, if you have a newbie friend, bring them to the Cart Sale or email them the link to this blog post.)
Here are some pics of what's available. Click images to enlarge.

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Bath Time

I have already shown several shots from the Ka’u Beach Skybox from Trompe Loeil for the Festival of Sin, but I’ve still got locations left to showcase. This time, I’m in the bath. I’ve also snuck in a lovely new couple pose from oOo Studios in the second photo and I am wearing the brand-new Yumi skin from Adam n Eve. read on >>>

Image Preview:

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New Things at Sn@tch

On 26th February 2012 · By Ivey Deschanel · With Leave a comment
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The Sn@tch & Grab Specials are only $69 L each! Both sets of Bandages tops.....all week!
And there's a brand new Fishing Outfit. 24 Parts to fish for FREE!Full Outfit, Gloves, Socks, 5 Tanks, Jean Shorts, Roller Skates & Skating AO 
Come down to Sn@tch and see what's NEW! 

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New Mesh formal outfit, from Hoorenbeek.

On 26th February 2012 · By Sam Laszlo · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Nerd Finds, Second Life
This mesh formal outfit by Hoorenbeek, is the best i have seen so far. Its awesome made and so complete, every item i am wearing is included, it also have sunglasses by it. And this all for 960ls, which is a bargain really. Link to the Market > Hoorenbeek, Formal mesh outfit 01 Or get it at the Mainstore > Hoorenbeek main.
If you wanna see the Mesh collection from Hoorenbeek, They also have a spot at the Mix + Mesh spring fair Mix + Mesh spring fashion fair 2012 Enjoy!!

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|| 一个人 ||

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations. BODY HAIR: MADesigns ~ SERGIO – Light Blonde VI OUTFIT JACKET: GizzA ~ MESH Biker Jacket PANTS: GizzA ~ Loose Jeans – MESH SHOES: GizzA ~ Sports Shoe – MESH
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The Bright Side

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I Am Strong

I have a fun look I put together last night when I saw some new items on plurk and the feeds that I had to have! The leather jacket is a new mesh item from {.essences.} and it comes in a bunch of colors. I went with black because it’s the most badass, and black can work with so many outfits. I also wanted to wear some ass-kicking boots, so I got the new ones from Gos, called Triumph. They too are mesh, and are available in several colors at the Festival of Sin – however, you can get them at the mainstore after the event I hear. My skin is a group gift from Aura (which was previously known as Grixdale) and I am always happy to find another brand that suits my look! There is a fee to join the group but you get this skin in 2 tones at the moment and I suspect there will be other great stuff to come our way. Credits: Hair: Truth, Kalia – Swedish
Skin: Aura, Helena – Love Notes – Caramel (group gift)
Eyes: IKON, Utopia Eyes – Light Blue + Rust
Prim lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes, curl
Eyelash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Earrings: HoD, Bodiqua Mega Hoops – Silver (former group gift)
Necklace: Artilleri, Make A Wish Necklace (at Back to Black)
Jacket: {.essences.}, Bonnie Biker Jacket [Mesh - Black]
Top: Kyoot, Idolatry Bodysuit (White) (at Festival of Sin)
Belt: ~Pepper~, Andavi Belt – BROWN
Jeans: IMBUE, Ribbed Skinnies – Faded
Boots: Gos, MESH Triumph Boots in Black (at Festival of Sin)
Shape: My own.… Read the rest

I’d rather drink from the ocean

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I only want what is best for you~

-Details and more pics inside-

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Wrapping up a few hunts

On 26th February 2012 · By Lilyana Muircastle · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, New2SL, Second Life
(click to enlarge)
After another short hiatus and some inspiration as helped by my Plurk friends, I have another post for you! Hunt gifts and some group freebs to fill your late winter and early spring with!
The Season's Palette Hunt ends Feb 29th but that still gives you plenty of time. All the items in the hunt are inspired by a palette of colors.Blog:

The chair is by Clutter and has 10 colors to choose from. There are also many sits and some Men inspired ones too. At 10 prims, it should fit nicely in any small rental or home you have.

The WOMENstuff hunt is inspired by the MENShunt group. It's all for girls and it ends March 2nd.

Loordes of London gifted this green jacket complete with prim sleeves, collar and jacket bottom.… Read the rest