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Dr. Fancy Feelgood

When I used to play tabletop RPGs (don’t judge) one of my characters was named Dr. Fancy Feelgood.  I think I may have been drinking when I created that character.  Anyway, she was a doctor in a post-apocalyptic world who was kind of promiscu…

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New Outfit: Legend Female

New Outfit available at V-Twins Main Shop:  Legend Outfit composed of: Jacekt Top Mini Skirt Thong Stockings   Available in 4 options: plain, babygirlz, 2 different patched versions & lone wolf Visit V-Twins Main Shop by clicking here !!

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ChouChou is back! What? Do you never heard about it? So is about time to know it.ChouChou was the first “art” sim I ever saw in SL (2008), when I started to blog about places I looked for it, but the sim had vanished.But it is back and you need to …

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Can we play the game your way?

On 26th February 2012 · By Suri L. · With Leave a comment
In Bunneh Files, Fashion, Second Life

Can I really lose control?-Details and more pics inside-Read more »

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They say perception is everything.  That you should think about what kind of vibe you put out there, because sometimes a first impression is all you get.  I have a problem with this, because when I first meet people I am shy and awkward.  Once I'm comfortable with people, I can be chatty and silly […]

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in the desert can’t remember your name, ’cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain. laa la lalalala lalaalaa laaaa laaa~ this song is *really* before my time, but i still love it. and my look for today, paired with the in-world location i found to snap my bloggy pics, made me immediately think […]

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Water is the driving force of all nature. ~ Leonardo da Vinci

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Introducing the EPOCH Legend Event!

Allow me to introduce you to EPOCH, a brand-new festival spanning 4 venues and showcasing over 50 shops in three themed areas. The themes for this grand opening are: “Art of Escher,” “Beast” and “Clowning” (gallery below matches this order). I was fortunate enough to run across this event during a Flickr distraction session, and […]

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[NERD.P] - shirt, 138L

Not So Bad Going Mesh, Is It?

On 26th February 2012 · By Boystown - Second Life · With Leave a comment
In Boystown Closet, Fashion, Second Life

NotSoBad just released it first line of clothing, and mesh at that.  Notice that you can also experiment with the female mesh jeans as well, especially since guys are often limited with clothing options.  We also included new mesh items from …

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The Forbidden City – FOS and BTB

TheForbidden City is a RP combat sim with urban decay theme. There is some great buildings to explore and take pictures.At landing point you will receive the sim’s rules, any person under 18 years old will be considered a trespassing. You can grab an…

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Cart Sale @ Car Wash – Still Golden

A quicky for the 10L cart sale at Car Wash. Some of my favorite shops are participating with several items out all for 10L or less. Yay! It runs till the 14th of March. Heartsick’s cart has male and female skins with shapes included. Sn@tch has full outfits, seperates and shoes for sale there. Even my background […]

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$10L – Sale at The Wash Sim

The Wash Sim is having their Biannual Cart Sale from February 22nd – March 14th.(Teleport link at bottom of post.) Everything is $10L and under and, as usual, they have everything. If you haven't bought anything new for your avatar in a while, now …

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Bath Time

I have already shown several shots from the Ka’u Beach Skybox from Trompe Loeil for the Festival of Sin, but I’ve still got locations left to showcase. This time, I’m in the bath. I’ve also snuck in a lovely new couple pose fr…

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New Things at Sn@tch

On 26th February 2012 · By Ivey Deschanel · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Second Life, SN@TCH

The Sn@tch & Grab Specials are only $69 L each! Both sets of Bandages tops…..all week!And there’s a brand new Fishing Outfit. 24 Parts to fish for FREE!Full Outfit, Gloves, Socks, 5 Tanks, Jean Shorts, Roller Skates & Skating AO Come dow…

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New Mesh formal outfit, from Hoorenbeek.

On 26th February 2012 · By Sam Laszlo · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, Nerd Finds, Second Life

This mesh formal outfit by Hoorenbeek, is the best i have seen so far.

Its awesome made and so complete, every item i am wearing is included, it also have sunglasses by it.

And this all for 960ls, which is a bargain really.

Link to the Market >&…

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|| 一个人 ||

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.
HAIR: MADesigns ~ SERGIO – Light Blonde VI
JACKET: GizzA ~ MESH Biker Jacket
PANTS: GizzA ~ Loose Jeans – MESH
SHOES: GizzA ~ Sports Shoe – MESH
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The Bright Side

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I Am Strong

I have a fun look I put together last night when I saw some new items on plurk and the feeds that I had to have! The leather jacket is a new mesh item from {.essences.} and it comes in a bunch of colors. I went with black because it’s the most badass, and black […]

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I’d rather drink from the ocean

On 26th February 2012 · By Suriko · With Leave a comment
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I only want what is best for you~-Details and more pics inside-Read more »

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Wrapping up a few hunts

On 26th February 2012 · By Lilyana Muircastle · With Leave a comment
In Fashion, New2SL, Second Life

(click to enlarge)After another short hiatus and some inspiration as helped by my Plurk friends, I have another post for you! Hunt gifts and some group freebs to fill your late winter and early spring with!HUNTSThe Season’s Palette Hunt ends …

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