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Dear Bloggers

Dearest Bloggers, This is going to sound ranty, and in some ways it is. I never thought I would ever do a post that was focused on bloggers and what they do, or in this case often don’t do. This has been festering for me now for at least two years, so it was today […]

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A strange zebra

Do you want know about another amazing hunt?? Yeah ok Lol… The Jack or Jill Hunt!! Hunters will be divided and led down 2 different hunt paths, one female, one male.  50 Amazing stores along each path giving gifts designed specifically for the g…

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Ready For A Fall

Do you ever just stumble upon something and you almost scream with delight because it was JUST what you were looking for, even though you didn’t quite know it? That happened to me today! I was actually on the hunt for lingerie to wear with my new Flu…

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Style - Ready for a fall


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I was invited to blog my first event! The event is called Back to Black and it is created and organized by Chic Management.  The event’s purpose is to raise awareness about mental well being, and it is absolutely amazing how many great creators ha…

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Tekuteku Closing Sale!

don’t forget to try demos, okay! DEMOSDEMOSDEMOS. and tryyy them ALL! cause you know.. some that you might THINK yuou don’t like how it looks, you will love!!! i’ve learned this lolol.

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Day 9 – Less is more?

Usually I ramble on about nothing, and today I find myself at a slight loss for words.  I am attributing it to a less is more attitude.  It's friday, lets not get too deep about anything…its underwear!  I'm hardly wearing anything, so not much to style.  My windlight made everything orange-ish but I kind of […]

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The Love Gacha launched this week and so I thought I’d show you a few of the goodies. The flower in my hair is a gacha item from Balderdash and comes in a beautiful rainbow of colors! I’m also wearing … Continue reading

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Right or wrong…I can’t hold on.

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New releases from Admiral Spicy and Fab U lous hair!!<3 Admiral Spicy is one of those stores you must visit for everyday wear. The prices are lovely and the quality of the clothing is great. From clothes, skins to piercings..worth the TP!Fab u lous …

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Back to Black Part 3

I very very very rarely wear formal wear in Second Life, not because there aren’t some great designs out there, but mostly because I have nowhere to wear them and well made formal wear is often rather expensive in terms of the Second Life economy.&nbsp…

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Geez it’s Juicy up in here

As I mentioned last night, the Juicy Crush on You event has started today. There are many great designers items up on display in the adorable cart booths set up in a lovely garden setting on the sim. I have been back already three times already, because due to the time zones and all that jazz, people […]

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Share the Sn@tch Love

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All New Releases on the Wall at Sn@tch Today!The Sn@tch-n-Grab Special this week only,a whole outfit called Charming for $75 L AND the Amira Love Gatcha is still on til Feb 14th and you can get these Graphic Tees for 20L eachShare with your friend…

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MEH…That’s How I Feel

OUTFIT:::Sn@tch T-Ball Jersey (Meh)::: (Love Gacha Event)-Entente- Classic Jean – Relaxed – Midnight – Rolled [ JP ]:dsg. Sneakers / MultiChange / GROUPGIFT [ Unique’s ] >>Chelsea<<ACCESSORIES(AppleMayDesigns) Obnoxious Hoops – Black…

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A Juicy Crush On You Event!

Valentine’s Day is a time when people start revealing their crushes, telling the ones that they have admired from a far that they like them, hoping for the chance to have their feelings requited by the person of their dreams. This event is stuffed full of things that will definitely get you feeling lust over […]

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Crush on You Poster Texture


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Happy Friday! Just a quick post to show off some more beautiful lingerie, this time from Fishy Strawberry. As soon as I get a chance I have more to share, but until then I hope you have a great day!Shopping List:Skin: Al Vulo – RenzieHair: Truth – Evel…

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[Mesh] PETITE Angelwing Fall Fairy

I officially fell in love with the PETITE’s world, so I’m showing them again today, and sharing some useful info and tips if you ever wanted to join this magic world.Angelwing adapted some of her beautiful fairy outfits to the PETITE avatar by Yabusaka…

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PETITE Angelwing

black ‘n’white

are ya’ll gettin’sick of seeing me in my underoos yet?! ;p probably. so don’t answer that! but i’ve got *more* lingerie to show off for today, so… let’s get right to it~ the crush on you event @ malt opened today.. so naturally, i went this afternoon to take a stroll through all the stalls. […]

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Kickstart My Heart

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With Valentine’s Day coming up there is love in the air and new items out in stores! Ispachi is releasing their brand new skin Christian right before the holiday on Feb. 11.  Christian comes in 8 skin tones, 12 facial hair options, hair/bald optio…

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Skin: IT GIRLS -Daph Summer Makeup: MONS / Makeups – lipstick – purple Hair: [BURLEY] Lola Dress: GoK- Color Mixed Floral 5 (soon @Back to Black event – 11Feb-29Feb) Leggings: +BOUNCE+ BUBBLES leggings – purple Shoes: **FJ** Shoes  DOL Skyblue … Continue reading

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Solidea Folies – party @ Modavia

Modavia Fashion Marketing proudly presentes the new Mila Tatham’s *SoliDea FoliEs* collection at her satellite store @ Modavia, where all the creations of Mila’s couture line are featured. DATE/TIME Friday, 10th February @ 1 PM SLT SLurl to Solidea Folies DJ set: riri Bazar There will also be an exclusive gift for Modavia Fashion Marketing […]

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. numero 257

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Guess who likes mesh now? This girl over here! Yup.I couldn’t resist not buying this awesome dress. What’s even better is that it’s only 20L$ each! It’s gatcha so you never know what you might get but all the colors are fabulous anyway. I added some je…

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. numero 257