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Valentines, zombies and other hunts.

The Sakide store is always taking part in a gazilion events, and that's great news! On the first two pics I actually mixed and matched outfits from two different hunts : the shirt is from the Gangster Girl Outfit for Jack or Jill Hunt, and the dress is the Heart Keeper Dress for ZombiePopcorn Hunt

This lovely Crimson Outfit for Rotten Valentine Hunt comes in two versions, a low cut and a high cut one. I accidentally left the shirt collar on for the pictures but I think it actually looks very good with the dress, so I left it on.

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Was it the Linden who took over my avatar (and found nothing wrong)?

Was it the remote update to my ADSL box?

Was it the third complete uninstall / reinstall of SL?

Was it kind people crossing fingers and thumbs for me? 

I dunno, but it works and has done for 48 hours. After 3 weeks of **** frustration.


Permit me a brief period of just sitting and grinning at Vent du Sud, and being able to tp and explore and chat and -

- I shall be back with newness.

(and I am sitting on my 1L bench beside the greenhouse, should you be tempted - couples / singles). Which in turn is beside the Mas (which is a 'massive' 50L).

Forgive me. I am just so pleased I want to plug my stuff and change clothes again and... most of all BUILD.


(and I am wearing Exile Monika hair and Zaara jewellery and HOC wedges a top by PBD from 2008 and I need to go shopping also).

Except I have to get on a train tomorrow and go away for a couple of days - lousy timing -but apparently earning a living is useful.

In fact, if somebody would pop over and do my ironing and finish up a chunk of legalese, I would start shopping building NOW.… Read the rest