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.evolve. poses

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I really wanted to show you all some of the awesome poses from the newly opened pose store .evolve. Evolve is owned by BellaStarr Fhang. You might be familiar with her name from her amazing fashion blog, ohhmaiblog. .evolve. has singles poses as well as friends and couples poses, something to suit everyone’s needs. Today […]

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February 2012
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I went to Flux and spent all my L on cool Mardi Gras stuff. Outfit: Katat0nik red jester dress for Flux Makeup: Miss Shippe’s Studio mardi gras bar fight makeup for Flux Beads: Schadenfreude green fleur de lys beads for … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras stuff at Flux

Day 5, Forest of Water

Today I went looking for some exhibits by my friend Glyph Graves. He’s an SL artist and his work is amazing, interactive sound & light shows that I’ve been enamored by since long ago. I landed up at The Port which is an art exhibit sim and his installation there the Forest of Water. Here’s […]

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You’re My Angel

Day 3 of the lingerie challenge! Last year when I was getting married, I received a lovely lingerie set from Mon Cheri called You Are My Angel, which of course reminded me of the Aerosmith song! It’s super pretty, don’t you think?It’s a really great …

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Style - You're my Angel

Day 3 – What to wear?

This guy and I have been chatting on and off about hooking up to do something.  So today, he tells me he wants to hang out sometime.  Inside, I'm thinking "YES! WHEN! I'LL BE THERE!" while in reality I said "Sure, let me know when.  We'll work something out" all civilized like I wasn't about […]

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Take our hands out of control

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This adorable necklace I am wearing today is from Undefined Lilies. It was made especially for Valentine’s Day. It’s available in 6 different heart colors. The Be Mine necklace will also be sold as modify/transfer until February 14th so that it can be given as a gift to that special someone.   On Lauren : […]

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Blogger Challenge – 12 days of lingerie

I don’t know If I can do all 12 days but I can at least do one!! Take the challenge: Read all about it HERE and get smexy for Valentine’s day. Make love to another or yourself…we don’t care. Hybie is … Continue reading

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Amaris by Adam n Eve

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Amaris Skin

Spotlight – Ashli Designs

I do love finding a designer just starting out in business. Maybe they just opened their doors or they have been around for awhile but no one has spread the word. Thanks to a fortunate happenstance I came across Ashli Designs.If you are like me, my m…

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Huntress is a beautiful sim, with a stunning landscape that goes from a beach with electric transmission towers to a hunted mansion (a store actually) some eerie gardens and charming bridges.The light on this place is really amazing; I used my own wind…

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A New Satin Lingerie Ensemble by INSOLENCE !

Winter is here for good ! The garden is now covered with a tick coat of soft snow. I can see the neighbors made some fire, by the smoke that slowly rises above the white roofs.I like this silent ambiant, it seems everything is coated with cotton, the a…

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Flux 1: Mardi Gras

The first Flux event is happening right this moment- it runs for the entire month of February.(hair by Dura and lamb; top by katat0nik also for Flux; body tattoos by ~silentsparrow~; suit, eyes, and currently unreleased skins by Schadenfreude; poses by…

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laissez les bons temps rouler

New releases for week of Jan 29 – Feb 4

Two new releases this week! The Look-out is based on alpine cottages often used as fire look-out stations. Spanning three stories in height, this building easily rises above the rest to provide an excellent view while maintaining some modicum of privacy. The build includes three doors with customizable access lists. Including some mesh along with […]

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Divine Divinae

Hello again! Today I’m featuring the newest jewelry set from Kunglers Extra – Divinae. It’s a modern 4 piece set that includes: earrings, necklace and a left-hand ring. It comes in 3 tones shown above: copper, golden and silver; and each set is available for L$ 400 each. I love that the simple design by […]

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Private Room Event

The Private Room Event is back with us this month with a brand new collection.  The variety at this venue is absolutely HUGE with items including clothing, accessories, shoes, shapes, hair, skin, makeup, tattoos, hair and poses from forty-nine different designers.  My fingers are sore now, and I think I need a nap… Hope you […]

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01 American Bazaar - 79L/89L/99L


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I decided to do my very first Blogger Challenge for something near and dear to my heart.  Lingerie!  I am doing the   12 Days of Lingerie   challenge, which started on February 2nd; so I am a little behind…but I will cat…

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Festive Flux

Flux is a new themed event with a great collection of talented creators taking part. The first installment is running from February 1st to February 27th and is Mardi Gras-themed. So, lots of green, purple and gold and plenty of festive items. I&#8217…

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Post It Up

Howdy out there in blog land:) Doing a quick post today with the new Redgrave boot release. I have to say, I really do enjoy these, the detail is amazing, i’m always happy with Redgrave’s shoe releases, I just want to see a mesh release from them. I’ve gotten a bit spoiled & addicted to […]

Find your inner bunny…

So, in spirit of going to Las Vegas in 11 days I thought I’d do a post of a half naked chick… in a bunny costume? Yeah, idk how that goes with Las Vegas either… BUT we will just go with it? Anyway, the outfit is only 70L’s!! Enjoy, Xoxo Alli What am I wearing? […]

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I’m too posh for this place!

I’m in love with the sim I chose today for pics, though it’s not really suited for Moniq’s outfit. I …

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