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La Petite Morte celebrates Mardi Gras!

FLUX is a new monthly themed event, where different designers come together and create items around a certain theme. This month is Mardi Gras/Carnivale! La Petite Morte at FLUX La Petite Morte is offering 2 different skins for the low price of 100L each per skin tone. First skin has a mardi gras colored mask, to hide the identity of the wearer, so all sorts of fun may occur due to anonymity. The 2nd one is more of an every day look that you can wear out and about while wearing your favorite dress. A special shape, Luciana, is also available for 100L, which was inspired by the Brazilian goddesses you see riding on the floats every year. Lastly, feathered lashes are available to take your look to the next level for only 50L! These items are exclusive to the event, so be sure to come down and try the demos and check out the special build created specially for the event! FLUX The 5 winners for this release are: Celebrity Trollop
svetlana Ihnen
Tarascarlett Skytower
Caitlain Clowes
Vix Emmons If your name is listed here, please send me a notecard with your name and which skin you’d like to get!… Read the restLPM MARDI GRAS SKIN AD



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Diva Red Lace ReReleased for Valentine’s

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I don't go backward often,but I reached into my inventory and revamped one of my favorite gowns. Just in time for Valentines... 199L

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Day 4, discouraged

I know its early in my experiment but today I’m feeling kind of sad and discouraged, I lost my RL job today. So I couldn’t really think of a good place or a pertinent point I wanted to make, so I just went to a pretty place and took a picture. I’ve liked the Lula sim since it opened, I think the little village is very cute and charming, so there you are, a simple pic for today. I also changed my blog theme, I hope to personalize it over the next couple of days. clothes: dress, coldLogic; shirt, Zaara; shoes, G-Field; belt,; hair, Elikatira

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Blacklace – Jade

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Jade, exquisite in its seductiveness, has been recreated as a limited edition for Valentines. This corset set in pink and purple is embellished with the richness of embroidery and is lavishly trimmed in sequins.  Jade will embrace your skin, and its soft sensuality can’t help but to invite soft lips to explore each of your curves. This set includes a bra, waist cincher, gloves and panties.  In addition there are garters and stockings. Beguile your partner this Valentines, and remember that the spell of love they are under is that of you in Jade. Take a limo to Blacklace for your Valentines limited edition of Jade

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Think Of Me

More lingerie! I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete this challenge, I'm starting to get cold! But luckily I have some new hair to drape over me!

For Stumblebum this round, Truth has put out the Lana style! Thick, lush, and long - just my kind of hair!! The hair comes with the lower attachment just in case you're a little more on the boobsy side, or you need to move it around for photographs like I did here. Since it's for Stumblebum, the regular color packs for Lana are $200L each until the 14th.

My lingerie for today comes from Blacklace! I'm not terribly familiar with most of their things since I am actually pretty bad about buying lingerie regularly. I'm wearing the Sahara set in red floral and lace. I think it's so pretty! In the future, I might just wear the bra and panties since I'm not actually much of a corset girl. Very pretty!

In This Post:

Skin: Briar in Starlight by Aura
Hair: Lana in Auburn by Truth [Stumblebum]
Lingerie: Sahara in Red Floral w/Lace by Blacklace
Shoes: Kate in black by G Field
* Devotion Bridal Set by Earthstones
* Broken Long Strand Black Pearls by Caroline's Jewelry
Pose by aDORKable Poses
Bed by LISP Bazaar

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Blacklace – Amor

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Blacklace presents Amor in new colors of love, perfect not only for Valentines. Everything about Amor embodies classic elegance and beauty while whispering of the sensuality that you will exude as you move about the room, be it the dance floor or mingling among an admiring crowd. Amor includes a bodice that is embroidered with exquisite roses and laces in the back giving this lovely gown a bit of a sexy edge. Also included is the petal gown skirt that will gracefully follow your movement and when you stand, hangs perfectly as though you are standing in a bed of roses. Also included is an optional overlay skirt that  adds the detail that Mariska Simons and Blacklace is known for. Naturally, if you wish you can wear Amor as lingerie. Amor includes the same exquisite bodice  as the gown,  a veritable garden of roses that will caress your skin with soft petals along with embroidered panties, garter and stockings. Details of bows and a skirt will enrich the experience of Amor.… Read the rest

You know what she is, No doubt about it…

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Ohhh new goodies to talk about.

One being the cool body tats from Spearsong. They come in 3 different shades, dark, medium and light. Depending on your skin tone, you will use one of the three. Also they come on all layers , including tattoo layer. Got to love that right? Oot oot. The one I'm wearing is called Super Punk.

A new pose store has hit the grid!! Evolve owned by Bellastarr Fhang, fellow blogger and best friend, is now open!! It is sooo worth the drop in. I'm not just saying that because she is my PB either. Not only has she put out single static poses, she has couple poses too. The couple poses are must haves too. You can feel the emotions in the ads..I'll have to get a man just so I can buy them :P The poses in this blog are from Evolve and there are many more to see, so go there!

It's almost valentines day and the hunts are popping up everywhere. ZombiePopcorn hunts are always popular and this time around is no exception. One of my favorite stores, Izzie's put out glitter nails for the hunt.… Read the rest

#147 – [Glance- Lola skin review]

Lola is the new skin that has just beenreleased by Ava (Could she possiblybe more skilled?), owner of  Glance skins. Super well definedeyebrows and lips  are the center ofattention of this skin. Needless to say the look is 100% latina . And I loveit. I’ve been waiting for a skin like this one for a long time! As I’m fromLatinamerica in RL, I feel Im being well represented wearing it and (finally!)I can give Noelita the flavor she deserved hell yeah <3

Lola comes in 12 amazing make ups – all soldseparately- and includes 2 eyebrow layers (darkand light brown) so you can play with variety a lot. It also includes big/small cleavage tattoos.The rest speaks for itself, I took very highdefinition shots so you can have a look at details – dare to zoom in and see =).
Get the taxi and demo it here

 Last but not least, I wanted to mention that I’mwearing this adorable lingerie set from MONS(includes the bunny ears and tail!) available for TDR shop of the collection in February.… Read the rest

Blacklace – Rose – TOSL

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All women love flowers and Blacklace has a special Rose for you for TOSL! Rose is so full of goodies that it will take that Valentines Day straight into a Valentines night that will be unforgettable! This stunning set contains a cupless bra that can be worn with or without included pink heart pasties, two different kinds of panties, and gloves  along with a garter and white stockings. Also included is a pearl and rose choker and a bridal veil and rose that you could wear in your hair or to draw attention to certain assets! No matter which combination you choose, a Rose by any other name couldn’t be sweeter…or sexier! Grab a limo to Blacklace for your Rose but hurry for this TOSL set wont be out long!

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blackLiquid – look 42

t h e   l o o k KHUSH – Latex Tush leggins – Black coldLogic – mesh dress reeves unBra – Hairbase for pale skins BLACK 1 blackLiquid MAKEUP – custome brows soon… blackLiquid MAKEUP – just gloss soon… blackLiquid MAKEUP silver glitter shaddow soon… Baiastice -Xena hair attachment-BLACK DERP. –  Posture Collar – Black #1 – Chest – sevre’y modded by me. Similar Italian Footwear – Sorrento black patent with bowtie [PXL] –  Mouth_open_Addon_v6 La Boheme – 004 Manicure – Black Laced:Gray05 blackLiquid - Modavia Supermodel stylist & Photographer

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Tainted Demon

Or alternatively, you can’t spell demon without emo. All puns aside, I had been poking at Tainted Love Hunt and was busy sorting my loots when this look just happened. Then I ran into the you broke me ottoman and then the pictures pretty much took themselves. The ottoman is by Malfean Visions and oh so fitting for this darker side of Valentine’s hunt. Surely demons become tainted if they fall in love, right? So against their nature that they become ill. This outfit by Acid & Mala seemed to be made of more holes than fabric and somehow it worked for the tattered and heartbroken demon look perfectly. The shoes by Dilly Dolls are from the hunt as are the heart-piercing horns by .{Rue}., giving the darkness splashes of red. The droplet attachment for the heart blood is by AD Creations and actually from the Zombie Popcorn Hunt. There’s another attachment for the Tainted Love Hunt in the shop, but I liked this one better. Make-up is made of two layers: M.O.C.K.’s tainted tears of love and Plastik’s renaissance mask.… Read the rest

Blacklace – Mile High – Valentines Limited Edition

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He sat down by the window, settling into the seat heavily. It had been a bad week; business was bad, the bed in the hotel room wasn’t comfortable and a week of bad food and irate customers was pushing him to the point of exhaustion and irritability. Maybe a drink, then a nap the rest of the way home would calm his nerves. . The flight attendant, professional as always, stopped by his seat and offered him that badly needed drink. He looked up at her and inwardly whistled. A vision of loveliness if there ever had been one. Was it his imagination or did he see a bit of heat in her glance? He eyed her voluptuous figure and shook it off.  Even if he was a man he refused to be one of  ’those’ men. Quickly he finished his drink and leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes. Startling awake, he fought off the cobwebs of confusion. Someone or something had touched him and he struggled to regain his composure. The flight attendant straddled his lap, as she loosened his tie, fingers trailing down his chest as she deftly unbuttoned his shirt and leaned in, whispering against his ear ”Sir, might you be a member of the Mile High Club?”.… Read the rest

Blacklace – Harlequin

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Blacklace presents Harlequin, a Limted Edition release in  the Valentines Holiday Collection. Close your eyes and think back… The excitement would build as you settled into bed with the romance novel, a box of tissues and chocolates at the ready. Oh how we devoured the pages, wanting to take the place of the heroine in the book as the handsome stranger wooed her, courted her. Sometimes it was forceful, sometimes sweet and somes oppositional..but in the end there was love and romance. Now open your eyes, and you see Harlequin…ready to be devoured, ready to be courted, ready for all that he has to give her and yes, even take from her. Harlequin is inviting with crimson velvet and white lace, the material begging to be touched, the lace whispering to be traced with fingertips, the bows nudging to be untied with the playful nip of teeth. Included is a the bra, cincher, garter, and stockings all on different layers. Also included is the mask, cause you just never know when you might need one!… Read the rest

Alphamale – NEW RELEASES!

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  Hey Guys, guess what!?! Alphamale has new stuff for you and you wont want to miss it! Yelmer Pfeffer has released a new version of his formal pants, and the only thing I wonder is how did he improve on perfection? Well, one way is by putting together those new pants with Alphamales awesome Smart Shirts - and nobody does dress shirts like Alphamale! That’s right, Alphamale has put them together to make things easy for you to shop!   These sets are must have for any man’s wardrobe who wants to look good, and really – all men love to look good and their women  love it too!  Wear the sets as is, or add a leather jacket, a cool pair of shades and the ladies will be following you all day! No matter how you choose to work them into your wardrobe you wont know how you managed without them. Stop by Alphamale and pick up one set or pick up all of them.  That way you are guaranteed to have everything you need to mix and match to always look hot and to be  the ultimate Alphamale man.… Read the rest

I Too Can Wear Lingerie

I’m not doing the Lingerie Challenge. I might do the Lingerie Challenge. I don’t know. I haven’t decided.  But I AM WEARING lingerie, so this should give me some sort of partial participation points. I’m wearing the gorgeous Feathered Harlot lingerie which is from Somnia and is Mardi Gras inspired, like everything else at the awesome FLUX sale event. It’s more of a market event than a “cheap sale” event and it’s fun to see all the cool Mardi Gras things, there you even get a slice of King Cake just for walking down the street! This lingerie comes with two styles of panties, depending on how much ass you wanna show and on ALL the layers including tattoo so you know MAX versatility. If you pop over to FLUX – go in all the shops, not just the carts! The shops are chocked FULL of goodies! You can hop this virtual trolley and pop down to the Quarter to check out the awesome. I’m also wearing a new release from TRUTH as well as a beautiful new skin from Baiastice.… Read the rest

Blacklace – Beauty

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What an alluring Beauty in the new colors of romance! Then again, it’s no surprise because it is Blacklace. This satin set will draw your partner in with opulent material graced by intricate designs. A sweetheart neckline that accentuates cleavage in addition to a long waistline and a ruffled skirt that draws attention to your thighs all adds up to sensuality at its most captivating. Beauty includes the corset, panties, ruffle skirt and stockings. Blacklace naturally didn’t forget the bows either, you know  the ones….that just beg to be nibbled. While you can count on Blacklace to supply the extravagance of Beauty, it’s up to you to provide the passion that will ignite the heat for a night of romance! Grab a limo to Blacklace for Beauty.

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ZOMBBUUHHH!!, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.Via Flickr:
Tainted Love Hunt item from Mock Cosmetics!! XD Come find the Tainted heart at the shop! for all the information!

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Less of a Blues Girl Makeover from [mock] cosmetics @ FLTO Black Market for February.

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Less of a Blues Girl Makeover from [mock] cosmetics @ FLTO Black Market for February., a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.Via Flickr:

Even cowgirls get the blues! Come get this gorgeous medium smokey blue metallic eyeshadow paired with a Mizu Lipgloss in Camelot! Included is the makeup in separate layers!

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ZOMBBUUHHH TOO!, a photo by Mocksoup on Flickr.Via Flickr:
Tainted Love Hunt item from Mock Cosmetics!! XD Come find the Tainted heart at the shop! for all the information!

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Somnia gets feathered

Hello you wonderful little crabcakes, ❤ I joined a brand new event called Flux, one of the reasons I was so excited to join this event is because it is themed, which will push & challange me so I hope you will enjoy this adventrue with me! This months theme is Mardi Gras so I wanted to do something fun & sexy and I think this set covers that!! This set includes 7 feather trimmed bras, 7 matching panties & 7 matching thongs for only 100L.
Only at Flux! Also the ever darling VincentVile DeSantis of -=FORSAKEN=- created two necklaces, made to match purrfectly!! So be sure to grab them also and even better they are only 50L each.

Only at Flux. ❤ Don’t forget to grab the hunt gift for Season’s Palette as well! You can find this FREE in the store and your hint is “After all your hunting why not sit back and relax while you listen to some music.”
Only at Somnia.
Season Palette Hunt Start. All my love and thanks ❤
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