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Lourna’s Day

You’re probably asking, “Who is Lourna?” Lourna is my Zooby Baby. Right now I know those reading are judging.  If you want to judge me over a photo prop and fashion accessory, feel free.

To those still reading, regardless of what you do with your Zooby Baby there are lots and lots of accessories, clothes and toys for your Zooby Baby. I recently went shopping for Lourna. I look good so she has to look good when I want to photograph with her. I found Sweet Penelope, from one Ry . . . → Read More: Lourna’s Day

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February 2012
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In honor of February, the looming Valentine’s Day holiday, and the fact that I just made up a brand new word (as far as I know), I’m going to share a poem that I wrote for my husband Jerremy. The word I made up is ‘cupidity’ – and it means either doing…

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Zalige Lichtmis!

Pancakes for lunch, pancakes for dinner! What more can you ask from a holiday? I can’t think of a way to tie mermaids into lichtmis. “One day Mary went to give a sacrifice to give thanks for her new baby meeroo. Oh and also she was a mermaid. The end.” Hmm… I let my little […]

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I danced the night away in the arms of the one I love. I felt relaxed and loved. What more could a person want out of life?What I’m listening to.Check out this tune and enjoy it with me.David Guetta – Turn Me On ft. Nicki Minaj What I’m wearing:Hair…

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Lolita Oleander

Challenge accepted

12 days of undies, I can do that. At least like..12 days of corsets, I prolly have more corsets then undies I think >.> I may just have to go […]

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Apple May Designs Above Love Sale!

AMD is spreading the love with the Above Love Sale going on now through Monday, February 6th!  Tons of items have been marked down to just 25L! The entire main room in the upper left wing of the store has been marked down to 25L (excluding the connecting rooms: lingerie & costumes) along with many […]

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New Shapes @ KMADD

Each MADesigns hair release is accompanied with Premium shapes, which come with shape + hair + eyes + style from one of MAD Image stylists. In this release, shapes were styled by Zachary Zufreur. All hair and eyes featured on our shape vendors are also available for sale @ KMADD. MOD/COPY/NO TRANSFER MADesigns SHAPES | […]

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I need to do a clean out of my photo folders, badly. I have some stuff from YEARS ago that’s been sitting “waiting for me to go back and finish exploring”. Or is just stuff I took and never got around to posting. So..time to post it! There will also…

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Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL!?!!

Thaattss right!! Superbowl weekend is coming at us in full steam!! I use to only watch the Superbowl for the commercials.. but year by year I have been getting more into the sport!! I am a HUGE Houston Texans fan … Continue reading

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Midweek Specials at Sn@tch!

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This week’s Sn@tch-N-Grab Special-Only $75 L all week long!And here’s this week’s new Fishing Outfit-20 pieces to fish for including jacket, corset, velvety pants, earrings and shoes! Fish for for them for FREE or you can buy it if you don’t want to wa…

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Cat Commander

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* (Billie/Black Pearl) *New!Skin: *Birth* (Emma Skin (honeytone) VelvetPurple_cleavagebreasts)Eyes: Chus! (RAPTOR Eyes- Pale) *New!Ears: Roobix (Kai Feline Ears; Brown)Cap: (r)M ((Hat)Emo (v.02)) *New!Mouse: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. (Trappe…

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52 Weeks of Colour – Iron

It occurred to me recently that back in July last year, my little blog turned one, a milestone I really should have celebrated by telling you all just how awesome you are!  Being a very typical Gemini I tend to bore of things very easily, so the f…

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blackLiquid – look 41

t h e   l o o k DIRAM – Lady Gaga – FAshion Awards Pink Acid – Colorful Zebra Leggings fri. – Black Fingerless.Gloves La boheme – Light Blue 112 Nail Polish Gloves blackLiquid MAKEUP – cool mint gloss soon… epoque –  Revolution Pumps – Strawberry R Magika –  NEW!! Mesh Hair Length blackLiquid – Modavia Supermodel stylist […]

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If you know the creator of MIAO – Kesseret, you know that she’s a gun lover of the highest order. When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, you’ll want to be at her house. So when this new item for STUMBLEBUM was … Continue reading

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Tainted Love Hunt

OH MY GAHHHHHH the Tainted Love Hunt is back for it’s third year in a row bringing the dark and depraved back to the Valentines Month. This hunt explores the darker side of Valentines, the Anti-Valentines if you will, and I have to say that I LOVE hunting for these prizes every year! As the […]

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I met a guy in-world and I kissed him

As it does not happen very often, I thought I should blog it. Of course, it’s not just a guy, …

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 Ok, ok… one more item from Cold Logic, and then I’ll stop… for now… I promise. Really, I do. But this Joslin jumper is maybe my favorite part of the opening collection and it’s  wonderful to style. I chose a … Continue reading

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Formal Date

Skin: Rose Black – LpD Skins
Hair: Sake Jet Black – LoQ Hair
Nails: Square Short Marbel French – Moondance
Earrings and necklace: NEW Anouk (12 colours for gems, 10 metals for settings) – Zibska
Dress: NEW Flower Flamingo &#821…

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Animal Magnetism

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January was a nice month for new purchases! I few things happened that made me smile.One being the  Ri’celli sale of course. Where I bough these beautifully horns from. I believe the sale is still going, 50L on everything.Another sale was the trut…

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