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Tainted Love

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A Netherworld is participating in the Tainted Love Hunt this month.  The hunt features everything that may go wrong with love.  The starting place is Yellow Jester.  You can find the hunt hints here

At my shop, you can pick up the "Wish You Were Here Tombstone Necklace":

Taxi to A Netherworld

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Hunts & Woe

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For Woeful Wednesday this week - only 50L today:

Taxi to A Netherworld

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Hunt Time @ Fucifino

Three valentine-themed accessories to decorate your home...

* Valentine Blocks like your favorite Valentine's candy
* Letter Tiles spelling 'Love You' in a cutesy frame
* Letter Tiles on a Tray spelling 'Valentine'

Available starting on Feb. 1 for the ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6!

SLURL to Fucifino

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It was all the rage back when Emma Gilmour of Sand Shack Surf Co. released her Bloom Doll avatars.
I love Blythe dolls and quickly fell for the Second Life version. But I never wore it, not once, because it always hard for me to wear an avatar other than the virtual extension of myself I had created. My furry experiment in November shook me out of that. After spending December in my Golden Years and January in a variety of human avatars, I figured it was time for Bloom to come out and play. Bloom dolls use a regular human body shape and skin (included) and a big, prim head with a script for changing the eyes, lids, and lashes. Regular clothes require no more adjustment than any other standard human avatar, but the large prim head means you have to resize hair and, of course, hairbase textures can’t go on it. I must be feeling a little nostalgic because I also pulled out this shirt from Tiny Bird, a favorite store that’s no longer around. Credits Read the restSecond Life

Pretty in Pink Phase is soooooooo over!

I am over the pretty in pink phase with my avatar and have come up with a new look for running around the grid. I get offered a lot less virtual alcohol but I am happy with my newest digital incarnation. Please enjoy the pictures they were taken at the Humanoid sim again. Details of the look after the cut!         Details: Hair Deetalez Mohican Blonde w/ Shaved Tattoo Rings Blonde Skin Deetalez Abby No 9 Ears and Earrings :Gauged: Human Ear Stretchers w/ Aitui Ear Erasers Facial Piercings :Hebenon Vial: The Beast Necklace SiniStyle Yin and Yang Tattoo Aitui Masks/Sleeves/Variant Top and Vest Immerschoen Fashion Biker Vest and Trans Shirt Net Wings The Death Jeans .:A&M:. I <3 my jeans – Dark Blue Boots Sinistyle Deception    

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Dear Linden Labs – a letter from a nobody

 Dear Linden Labs,

First, I'm no geek but for the last 30 years (you know, since we had floppies and parked our hard disks and I was incredibly avant garde for installing and using a 2400 baud modem) I've been handling my own PC issues and rarely needed outside help.

I have been earning a living on my PC plus my Internet connection for 25 years. I buy fairly good machines, too.

Second, I love SL and have done since 2007. I don't come anywhere near to meeting my tier, but I enjoy designing and building and chatting to friends, and try to pay it forward a bit by selling my stuff for 1L.

Putting money in monthly is OK because a) I can (within reason) and b) it's my hobby.

So when everything changed overnight and I couldn't stay inworld without crashing, it was something of an unpleasant surprise (understatement) and I did everything I could to find out why.

For three weeks now.

But that's all beside the point. Call it background. Let's get back to facts.

So, SL stopped working properly for me (as in it crashes sporadically but regularly, and kicks me off the Net), and after I changed nothing on my machine or settings.Read the rest