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Blog Hero Challenge – Week Six – Path to Decay

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Slowly, but surely, I'm going through the song lyrics the lovely Shay proposes each week. But this week, oh joy! I found out I could update my graphic card and I'm now able to get all these fancy features, like shadows and depth of field, which totally rocks. Anyway, week 6 theme is "Path to decay" :
Seems like I’m falling deeperdeeper inside myselfFeels like I’m growing weaker, much weaker each dayAlong the path to decay

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February 2012
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Swimming, Flying, Boating, Oh My!!

Animated Spirits, home of Talon Faire, is located in the Magellan Colony. Well, the dream of the Magellan Colony - open air and waters for all -has come to fruition! The Iz Straits are now open to sailors and travelers of all sorts!

To celebrate this brand new dawn in InWorldz, we now have a nice little dock for you to moor and take a respite from your travels. Animated Spirits invites you to come and stop a bit, explore the lands - and the sky!! We have a lovely mer underwater area, a hidden Arabic Pavilion (take the tandem TP to reach it), various dance and cuddle spaces, a shrine to the Goddess Kuan Yin, assorted rides to enjoy around the sim and we now are privileged host the Forum Cartel Hangout (InWorldz Edition) of SecondLife fame!

As always there are shops to meet your every need, but there is so much more to see you will not want to miss.

For example, we have added a little fishing shack right on the dock for a relaxing day of fishing.  Click and take a free, wearable rod and reel, sit on the provided pose ball and look out over the waves.… Read the rest

The Wash Cart Sale

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All Items on this cart are 10L. All items at this sale are 10L. It’s a frugal person’s dream come true! TP HERE TO THE WASH CART SALE

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Can We See YOUR Dirty Box?

-db- Grungy Computer Set shown Dirty Boxes just officially joined FLICKR and we wanna see all your dirty little secrets! Well, maybe not your secrets, but definitely your boxes :) If you’ve purchased any boxes or furniture from -db- or even have pics of you or your friends playing in our store, we’d love to see them. C’mon over to our Dirty Boxes group on Flickr and join our group, leave your pics & comments, or just perv our pics. You know you wanna :D

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Blogs. Grammar nazis. Editing. Stuff.

Life's busy. The real one, as in earning a living and running a house and having a social life. So, of course, now that SL works again, my brain tends to have shut down by the time I log in.


Bad me. But this is cyclic, and my SL to a large extent depends on how much work I have in (ah the freelance life), so it is - I hope - due to swing a little towards the 'more time for me' end of the spectrum.

My daughter just sent me this image and... why of course I look like Nicole Kidman. Or actually no, I look like a female version of the one at the bottom right. And the bloodshot eyes and caffeine in the face of deadlines applies to all I do, translations and the rest. Heh.

I have, in fact, just churned out a honking great report (as in written it) and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with an equally honking great translation (while hoping it's not another train coming, and am hence taking a break to rant write something that I don't get paid for).

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Weather! or not? 2012-02-18 05:04:00

Okay Weatherites, hang on to your rain bonnets because I've got all sorts of things to tell you about!  From pixies, to sinners, to hunts, to zombies, there's a lot goin' on.

First up, let's talk some evil shall we? That's right, the Festival of Sin is opening on the 18th, and all seven sins are out to play. Our shop is located in Gluttony, and in typical Weather! or not? fashion we've gone with something a little wacky but a lot fun! Check out our new themed release for 225$L:

Second we have a special hunt item (that's very easy to find) for the Royal Living Magazine Fall in Love with Prims Hunt. All items in this event are only 45L$ for the duration, and Further's created a great interactive hay bale that's perfect for outdoor decorating and socializing!

Also out now is the rather insane-in-a-wonderful-way Chimneyknot. That's right, I took a chimney and tied it in a knot, then added a dash of spiraling smoke to top it off. A very whimsical build you can use to replace your own chimney or just rez coming out of the ground and let your neighbors wonder what's living under the sim.… Read the rest

-db- Rockstar Princess Skybox

It’s finally done. I know I took forever and a day, but I think it was worth it! This is for all the ladies out there that begged for a hotpink skybox…you definitely got your wish :) Hmm, where do I start? Well, this box is basically a playground for ladies (& bois) that love fun, color, & attention to detail. It’s based off of a teen bedroom that I saw in real life and decided that I had to bring it to Second Life. It’s filled with cute animations that will most certainly make you smile. I won’t go into great detail about every little feature of this box.  What I will do is share some pics that I had fun taking in this bedroom.  If you’d like a run down of what it offers, visit the SL Marketplace where you can get more details and even purchase it if you’re inclined.
If you need a place to hang out with a girlfriend, or would like a place that’s great for taking playful pics, this box is perfect for you. There are gossip and friendship animations on the window seat that are great for sharing secrets :) What a great closet and use of space, eh? … Read the rest

Pirate Rummage and Albannach at Wheatcliffe!

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Shhh… have you heard?!  The Pirates have landed at Wheatcliffe!!  They’re throwin boxes and chests full of plunder… free for the takin!  Fine gowns, clothes, jewels, priceless treasure and more… and it’s all to be had Saturday February 18th at the docks of the beautiful and engaging Renaissance roleplay sim where the Shire of Wheatcliffe resides.  And that’s not all m’ hearties…. thar be music and revelry provided by the Scottish band Albannach!  You really don’t want to miss it! Here are the details from the announcement from Susanna Valeska – the Baroness of Wheatcliffe: Rummage and Albannach Performance|Tomorrow, Saturday the 18th at 1200 IW time, we will have all sorts of goodies washing up on the docks of Wheatcliffe from a pirate ship wreck. At 1 p.m. Albannach will perform their traditional Scottish music on the deck outside of the Lion’s Den Inn. If you have period clothing items to contribute, extra chests will be provided by cracker taggart.Read the rest

-* Kosh & Concrete Flowers

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Ohai! I didn't used to buy and blog accessories that much because I don't normally find ones that fit my style and taste but after finding out about this awesome store, everything has changed!

What I love is that they offer sets of their accessories. So you can find matching earrings, bracelets and necklaces. This is the infinity necklace and earrings and I adore the textures and the little details on them.

These are the key earrings and they are texture change! There are 15 colors to choose from for the leather and 12 metals textures. I really like when creators make their stuff color changeable so we can match them with the outfits.

Apart from accessories, Kosh also has pretty make ups. The flunk shadows come in 10 different colors on tattoo layers.

This is the Celtic Heart from Concrete Flowers (same owner of Kosh). I love the inner design of the necklace. There's also a little cute heart at the bottom end too.

Kosh & Concrete Flowers are definitely on my list of stores for beautiful and affordable accessories with texture change options and I recommend you check it out too!… Read the restKosh - Infinity Necklace & Earrings

Home and Garden Expo 2012

Well, if all goes well, we’ll be exhibiting at the Home and Garden Expo 2012. If you want to participate, registration is now open! Hopefully see you in May. Kimm.  

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Wishbox has a free dress for you if you help her win something. She explains it all on her Flickr page but hurry, I'm not sure how long the offer still lasts! Shady Grove is a lovely gown. Honestly, I would have never considered buying that color, but it would have been my loss. I love the details on the dress, like the little strings and the pouch and key on the belt.

Non free or cheap credits :

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Woeful Wednesday

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For Woeful Wednesday only 50L at A Netherworld:

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Capturing Love

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I entered this “Capture Love” Linden Lab contest. I figured the love I share with Lourdes is very under-represented. The kind where we wear skivvies and play in bed while her boyfriend takes pictures That’s the kind of love we all want and need. Admit it. Just to let you know the kind of love Lourdes and I share is true sister-ship. When the going gets tough she’ll grab my hand and say, “Head up, bitch, keep moving”. When I am in trouble she’ll say, “I’ll help bury the bodies and we’ll go on the lam!” That’s true and forever friendship and for that I am grateful for her! The title of this picture is Double Trouble with Cream on Top. She’s the Trouble!!! Click here and give me KUDOS!  PLUG PLUG

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Blog Hero Challenge – Week Five – So She Dances

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"She lifts her hands up to the skyShe moves with the musicThe song is her loverThe melody's making her crySo she dancesIn and out of the crowd like a glance"

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Fall in Love with Prims!

The Royal Living Lifestyle Magazine is presenting a hunt - the "Fall in Love with Prims Hunt"! :-)

Bang Bang is proud to be on this hunt, and we are offering a house - My Home! I build this one originally for myself - if you're interested, I'm in the process of furnishing it on my blog The Puppeteer -  and I hope you will like it as much as I do!

The hunt has started on the 12th and will run unto the 26th - you'll find the hunt-item in our mainstore (don't worry, it's easy to find) and for just 45L, My Home will be yours!

Have fun hunting!

xoxo Sisch & Riott

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Blog Hero Challenge – Week Four – Forever in Blue Jeans

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"Money talksBut it don't sing and danceAnd it don't walkAnd long as I can have you here with meI'd much rather beForever in blue jeans, babe"

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Don’t talk to me about V-Day

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It's always been my least favorite "special" day of the year, even when I was happily married. But at least this year I have something to be happy about : Kouse's Special Valentine Edition of Brianna, available in store for only 25l$.

Credits :
(under 100l$)

(neither free nor cheap)

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Back to Black & Anti-Valentine’s Day

Hello Everyone!

I have some new items for you at A Netherworld!

I'm participating in the Back to Black event to raise awareness of mental illness.  I have two items for sale there.  The first is a set of four framed prints for 75L.

I also made a little dress with a sculpted skirt in 4 colors for only 90L.

These items are only available at the Back to Black event location.

Next, I made my very first mesh item - 5 one prim protest signs with 5 poses to demonstrate my hatred for that wretched Valentine's Day.  The set comes with a full perm mesh sign and full perm sample texture if you would like stage a protest of your choosing:  

The set is available at my shop at Hobbs End.


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Back to Black Event~!

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 New for the Back to Black event "Which focuses on metal health"
Skin & Shape with Hearts Tattoo layer.
Leather Top
and Snakeskin Leather pants.

Shop hundreds of exclusive fashion items by dozens of participating designers at Back to Black, a mental well being awareness event by CHIC Management. Event starts Feb. 11 - ends Feb. 29.ChicManagement

TP to Venue

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Joan Satin Lingerie Sets now on Marketplace

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The Joan Lingerie sets are now available from the INSOLENCE SL Marketplace.

Follow this link to get yours !

You can still find them at the INSOLENCE Mainstore , including at a special nice price for INSOLENCE Updates Group Members !

Stay tuned for new glamorous releases at INSOLENCE !


Credits : The wonderful picture was taken by Connie Arida - You can check her amazing work on both her blog , and her flickr !

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