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Tiny Skunks!

Tokushi has put out some pretty spiffy new mesh avatarsand they are extra cute!  Each set comes with 3 differentsizes... small, medium, and large!  They do not come with2 different sexes, you get the one and that's it.  There are10 colors to pick from, and you can already get some cutemods for this guy.  Each one costs 300L and your AOand dances don't look too bad with them either!

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Is This REALLY Gala?

Ok.. not the me you are used to, but I thought this look from House of RFyre rawked… don’t you?

More after the cut….

And I had to find the perfect sim to show it off in… so I found BladeRunner City from Cajsa’s list of inworld photo sites and took these for you to enjoy.

I have no idea what’s gotten into me lately… feelin’ kinda dark I guess. I have a couple more outfits I’ve found, maybe I’ll show them off here too, but for now…. these will have to do… and this hair from Tukinowaguma completes the look.. don’t you think?

But.. I do wanna know.. WHO is the creepy guy on the screen lookin’ at me? Style notes:
Outfit: RFyre – Dione Womens Black and Silver Club Version
Boots: L&B – Elise, Ankle Boots
Hair: Tukinowaguma, Carine Ebony
Skin: Curio – Petal light – Airhead, Daze 2
Jewelry: Earthstones, Gothique Locket, Sliver
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Believe In Me

OUTFIT[pivaaca] – Homme - Retro Dotted Shirt *Brown* (The Season’s Gatcha)Chain and Vine Suede Mini – Blue (Group Gift)Ingenue :: Abrial Boot :: Ocean (The Season’s Gatcha)Izzie's -  Gradient Tights - brownACCESSORIES*Crank Design * Ring*League* Coin Collector Earring -Warm Silver BODY>TRUTH< Andrea - oasisEyelashes -38- Classy *REDGRAVE*[mock] Guyliner 2k (eyeliner only)-Belleza- Elle BL Med 5FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Hazel POSES::Sunflower Poses::
Listening to.....

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Modavia Fashion Directory – Edition 22

Open publication 
Happy New Year and welcome to the first edition of the Directory for 2012. Our cover model for this edition is Mavi Beck, dressed and photographed by Joy Laperriere. Also featured on the cover is the very first outfit from the soon to be released new .Shi male collection.
Pride of place in this edition goes to the new mesh collection from Maitreya. It has all the awesome detailing and classy styling that we have come to expect from Onyx. Quality work. Take a look at our editorial for a first glimpse of the new Devi boots from this collection. Also rocking this edition with as-yet-unreleased designs is Amutey DeCuir. Check out the COLLECTIONS section for her Chinese New Year inspired designs shot by Petra Messioptra. Check it out above or click here. Enjoy the reading!

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Mixed Bag!

Got a quick catch up bag of goodies today.

First up we have ring/nails from U&R Dogs which you can find at Fashionably Late this week. The nails and rings are resizeable, colour change and you can even show/hide the nails (like I did above). Above is the L'Olimpiade Rings.

The hair worn in this post is the new Tameless style called Dori. It has a colour change bobby pin and streak option in the bangs.

Stars Fashion has just released the super cute Innocently outfit which teams up a tartan strapless dress with a leather jacket. It also comes with matching boots.

The other release from U&R Dogs at Fashionably Late is the Flaminio Rings which also has resizers, colour changers and hide/wear options built into the menu. The nails were worn in this picture.

Get funky with K-Code in Funky Girl 3, a new release you're sure to love. This is a complete look which includes ankle boots and is perfect for any casual occasion.

All poses used are from Miamai Poses. Seriously loving them right now!!!… Read the rest

Olive Juice Closing Sale

  It seriously saddens me to write this post.  Olive Juice was one of the first pose shops I ever came across in Second Life (I do believe it was through a sale of some sort but can’t remember which now).  I’m definitely going to have to search my inventory to see which sets I have and which I need to snag before they disappear!  Bella’s poses are both unique and fun; one of my favorite pose props is from Olive Juice… it’s a little stump titled Another Effin’ Pose Stump.  It’s extremely cute, and you can pick it up now for only 25L.  All poses and props have been reduced by 50% through February 19.  If you are a photographer or blogger, now is an excellent time to pick up some quality poses at cheap prices! Olive Juice Happy shopping, loves♥

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There’s an empty space inside my heart

On 16th January 2012 · By Lauren Minuet · With Leave a comment
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On Lauren : Skin:  Mother Goose – .LENE1(LB)Main shopl(limited) (lucky board skin) Eyes:  Fashism –  ’Sunrise’ Eyes –  Green (S) Lashes:  Garage – *Eyelashes v.18* Lashes:  Cheap Makeup –  Vintage Lash 1 Freckles: Vaya Con Dios – Freckles – TINTABLE – Medium Hair:  Truth –  Sophie – copper Tattoo:  [The Habitat] Tattoo – Firenze Top:   Surf Co –  Hermana Tank –Red (tinted) Dress:  Luck Inc – Open buttoned Dress Pastel Blue {Shorter} Jacket:    .::YoPulga::. – Red leather straps Jacket Pants:  Mon Tissu – Denim – 1929 Cigarette ~ Dark Shoes:  *Crazy* –Veracruz Mesh Boots Necklace:  Flightless -Geronimo Skull Necklace Mittens:  Izzie’s –Mittens relaxed red Headband:  Es’ cusi – my candycane headband Piercing:  <- PoM -> – Spiral – Red Poses – Glitterati  

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Last Day of 50% – 75% Mesh Template Sale!

On 16th January 2012 · By Damien Fate · With Leave a comment
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Hi All! Today is your last chance to take part in the huge 50% to 75% off Mesh Template Sale! As the poster says, each individual mesh template is 50% off, and you can buy the entire male or female mesh collections at 75% off! (That’s around 30k for hundreds of templates!) Visit FATEcreat today!

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I Was Made To Keep Your Body Warm

Ello, Well I seem to have got my blogging mojo back and I had one of those days where I got an idea for an outfit and then tried to create it inworld. These are sometimes fun but usually frustrating. Today however, I lucked out. So I’m thinking glam-grunge? Maybe? Hmmm, well I will think of a more cool and impressive name for my look later but for now I’ll rave about this coat a bit. I had the usual “i want this thing in sl but I have no idea what it’s called or how to search for it” issue with it but then I stumbled across it by accident so yay me! (incidentally the search term I should have gone for was “mod coat”…obviously!) It’s really beautifully textured and it fit straight out of the box too which is always full of win. It also comes with a hood up prim and don’t worry men, there is a male version available too. These jeans are my old staple from *Fishy Strawberry* which I have had for years and have kitted out all my alts with, male and female as they are unisex.… Read the rest

New Things for Winter Campers!

On 16th January 2012 · By Robin Wood · With Leave a comment
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Hard Knock Winter Camp 2012 is coming soon! It's time to pull out your Long Johns, and get ready to play in the snow.

Just in case you don't happen to have Long Johns, Kick the Can at Livingtree has you covered!

There are three separate packages, ranging in price from L$50 to L$200.

The first pack has Long Johns with the camp logo on them, printed in white with blue collar and cuffs. (Seen in the center in the image above.) They come with the tops tucked and untucked, and there are sets for both Boys and Girls in the pack. L$50, copy/mod.

The second has those, and also has a set that uses layers to be fully tintable! In order to use them, you have to have the ability to wear multiple clothing layers. (3 Jackets, 3 pairs of Underpants, etc.) That will depend on your viewer, of course. But if you can, then you can wear a set of plain Tintable Long Johns, Add the Logo layer, and then Add the Cuffs layer, and you can tint each layer individually! So you can have any color combination you want, and the logos will remain exactly as designed.… Read the rest

Introducing Atelier Kreslo: A New, Unique Collaborative Event

Atelier Kreslo is a new event where, each month, two designers will merge their creative minds to bring you unique and artistic seating for your beloved living spaces, with the emphasis being placed on quality, creativity and collaboration. The first month sees a collaboration between Gala Charron of *Art Dummy!, designer of the chair, and Flutter Memel of flowey., creator of the poses inside. How exciting! To create a more natural and welcoming shopping experience, the space is set up as a cafe and let me tell you, it is ADORABLE! The chairs themselves come in 2 styles, each in various textures, so you can pick which you love best, and include 4 sits. And don’t bypass the lovely FREE drawings of Lindini2 Lane adorning the walls! If you are interested in learning more about and/or following this event, check out their blog, follow them on Plurk, or tap their subscribo while you’re there checking out the daily brew! Now I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to order a vanilla latte – see ya’ll there!… Read the restAtelier Kreslo.

Fashionably Late!

so sorry for the lateness! I DONT KNOW WHY IM ALSO SOOO RETARDEDLY LATE FOR THIS EVENT! it’s probably cause it’s on a weekend! ALL HELL! :S:S:S! this week i shall be sharp on time! I PROMISE! <3 Enjoy shoppinggg! ILY Fashionably Late.

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Sing It Girl…

The minute I saw !Bang’s new pose prop for Stumblebum, Sing Your Heart Out, I had to have it. Who doesn’t have that special song that they like to pretend they are singing out to an audience of adoring fans? (...)
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Lil’ Red

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Today is a tiny little milestone for me, this being my 50th post! I am not sure that many people see what I write...but I still have a lot of fun and enjoy creating new looks...and that is what's important, right?! Ooo! And I picked up this cape by [W]ynter at A Perfect Wardrobe today...I love it! 

Shopping List:
Skin: Al Vulo - RenzieHair: Truth - TaminaCape: Wynter - Red Riding Hood (A Perfect Wardrobe)Skirt: Luck Inc. - Ruffled Mini SkirtStockings: WWI - Army Girl Black GartersHeels: LeLutka - Pow

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Rockin’ the day

Hello Sweetpies !
So as promised here it is.. 22769's January Group Gifty.
I feel like wearing floral shirt and 22769 made me happy !
Grab it as long as it's here and make sure to follow this great store !
And since I love you .. here is a little teaser for more 22769 ..
Want to know more.. Read the Cat's blog !

Style 1:
Outfit: January Groupgift by 22769
Hair: Shag - Pretty Please (Holiday's gifts)
Skin: January groupgift by Filthy
Boots: Philo Britian boots
Prop: Polywall v1 by Diesel Works

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Designer Showcase

Can you never get enough shopping?!  We are always looking for new events or new to us events here at Seraphim to share with all of our wonderful readers.  Designer Showcase is not a completely ‘new’ event, but it is something new for us to be covering.  Every ten days I will bring you the scoop on the new designs being offered.  All items are priced 100L or lower; you definitely can’t beat that!  New items are released on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month; so, be watching for the next coverage post in a few days. Designer Showcase Happy shopping, loves♥  

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Midnight Fae

Feel like slipping out of your human skin and into something very different? Then you should head over to Nomine to check out the latest release from Munchflower: a range of truly imaginative skins for several fantastical creatures. You can become a dazzling Fae, a lovely Mermaid, a feral Neko or a scaled, slithery Reptile. The Fae skin inspired me to head over to the beautiful Chakryn Forest and I hope to bring you a look at the other fantasy skins in coming posts. Of course, you can also take a look at them on the Nomine webpage. read on >>>

Image Preview:

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Just WOW

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Some people really can’t deal with criticism. feedback, or just simply people not totally fangirling, fawning or fainting at everything they make. Vitabela Dubrovna of Vita’s Boudoir is such a person. I just couldn’t resist sharing below conversation with you. It made me laugh, and then I was shocked at so much divatude in a single person. [11:27] Vitabela Dubrovna: you are such mediocrity may God help you
[11:28] Grazia Horwitz: excuse me?
[11:28] Grazia Horwitz: do i know you?
[11:28] Vitabela Dubrovna: oh you want to apologise to me?
[11:29] Vitabela Dubrovna: sure i will accept that
[11:29] Grazia Horwitz: i don’t apologise for anything… who are you?
[11:29] Vitabela Dubrovna: seem like you know me well when you write rubbish on your plurk about me
[11:29] Grazia Horwitz: on my plurk??
[11:29] Grazia Horwitz: i have never written about you on my plurk
[11:30] Vitabela Dubrovna: then thers a grazia horwitz 2 maybe?… Read the rest

The Fashion Garret – small but wooohoo!

Hellooo chicas (and chicos!), TFG is up! The Fashion Garret is another discount collection that has a new collection ever yother week and this time it comes up with some really nifty things. The collection is small, but I like quite a few things. And again, everything costs no more than 70L, often even less, which is a damned good deal in most cases. I really like Croire’s cardigan, it is supercute. Essences has a skin up that comes with a LOT of options and a demo, all that for only 70L, which is really an awesome deal. Lethal Couture’s mesh-bag is nice as well. I guess, by now everyone has realized that I am a huge fan of NHA and pretty much consider the creator a goddess, yes? And poses are always good, too! Can never have enough of those. And here is your taxi to The Fashion Garret!
Also, if you want to find out what sort of style I personally love to mix and match, check out my own blog, THE BLOGGING ELF!

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E.N.S.H.E Sneek Peak (Part 2)

Well this suppose to be part three *blush* but I miss blogging the other outfit which some of you might have seen it last week. This week all I can say, all hail to Kralice. Kralice is Turkish word for Queen. So I've decided to look regal at the same time cute. Yay I have my cute face on. This dress really make people turning head..I mean in good way. My friend already asking where can she get this...dear friend you can get it this 26th January. Be patient, as being the queen you need to have a lot of it :) More photo and style notes

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