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Illusions 2012-01-09 23:45:00

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I realize that I haven't released something in a while now. I had a mesh project in the works for all of December, I had hoped to complete it by Christmas and just ran into too many problems. That didn't stop me from sending out a holiday hat though!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, spent with family and friends. I decided at the 11th hour to just let it go, and enjoy the holiday without stressing over releasing it. Unfortunately, that mesh project is not the only one I've run into trouble with since then, and right now I have multiple projects in varying states of completion. That's usually how things are, but even then I usually release something in the meantime.

Since it's now creeping into January, my silent shame of incompletion has come to the point where I feel I have to address it. If you worried that I was sick or at all unwell, I'm alright! I'm just taking to mesh very slowly, and my progress was not at all helped by Skyrim or Assassin's Creed, or the holiday itself.… Read the rest




January 2012
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22769 – In a new year!

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I took a short break there from bloggin' the freebs. Christmas-time is a big freebie/cheapie time in SL and you have to wind down afterwards for sure! Hopefully you got all the gifts and whatnot you wanted in RL and SL.

Now, down to the brass tacks! First post will be for 22769 which lately has been shelling out the new wear at a breakneck pace which means specials for you!

 On the left is the gift for the For Whatever Hunt. You're looking for a W in the store in which if you touch the hunt hints vendor in'll get a hint. Well that was awkward lol! A brown double jumper complete with scarf, shirt bottom, and sleeve prims.
For Whatever Hunt locations and hints blog

On the right is a 80L special for Men's Select called a leopard lace jumper. Prims include the lace scarf, sleeves and shirt bottom. Lace can be manly just ask our model! He almost dares you to say otherwise!… Read the rest

How’s the taste of your own foot?

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To speak and not be right~

-Details and more pics inside-

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Marketplace Finds!

Shirt - Fashion Collection : Camisa Zombi Cat  2LOnly comes in jacket layer.Shorts - Chill'3D : Shorts Dark  175LLegs are easy to resize, the set also comes with a belt.Leg WarmersChill'3D : Leg-Warmers V.2.1  295LThese are some pretty funky leg warmers!  You clickto resize and to pick from a ton of different patternsand colors (ok 20).  The left one has a spiffy knee guardand they both have some nice chains and bangles!GlassesChill'3D : Eye Wear V.1.2 "Freeman Style"  145LLike the shorts, these glasses are click to changeeverything about them.  You can change their color,size, and even add some decals to the lens.

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Haven’t had a dream in a long time

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On Lauren: Skin:  Illusory :  Paige_Honey – Simple Liner (Red Brow) Eyes:  Fashism –  ’Sunrise’ Eyes –  Green (S) Lashes:  Garage – *Eyelashes v.18* Eyeliner:  Vaya Con Dios - Express Yourself – Eyeliner Unisex – Soft Freckles: Vaya Con Dios - Freckles – TINTABLE – Medium Lip gloss:  Pink Fuel – Elly <Milk> Doll Gloss (Beestung) Hair:  Clawtooth@ Collabor88 – Dear Heart – Red eye flight Cardigan:  Fishy Strawberry –Impromptu Cardigan Nude S – Brown Belt (Mesh) Tank Top :  Jane – intrinsic.tank.truffle Pants:  Jane – wide leg pant.zooey.truffle Shoes:  Shiny Things – SM Kelseys  – chocolate Necklace:  LaGyo@ Collabor88 – Adriel necklace gold Bag:  LaGyo – Leather tote bag silver peony Poses: !bang

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Tales from the Club.

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Tales from the Club.

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Tales from the Club.

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Tales from the Club.

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Acceptable in the 80s

I’ve got love for you if you were born in the 80s, the 80′s. I’ve got hugs for you if you were born in the 80s, the 80′s. I’ll do things for you if you were born in the 80′s, the 80′s. I’ve got hugs for you if you were born in the 80′s…yeah! Hybie Is Wearing: Dress: Maitreya mesh Cul-de-Sac * Black Skin: Adore&Abhor Cosmetics - Swing Pale-Black Eye Makeup: Dead Apples – Glam Eyeshadows – Rouge Hair: TRUTH< Marielle 2 – espresso Shoes: Slink Astrid Boots Red Leather Eyes: [yuKis] Reflected Eyes 2 Natural Blue L Lashes: Dilly Dolls – Prim Lashes – 01
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Tales from the Club.

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Tales from the Club.

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Tales from the Club.

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New Hair from Tameless

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Tameless has new hair out, and this is another one I am loving!

Shena is a long, high ponytail with a spikey front that is sexy and fun, and at the same time elegnat enough for any occasion. The menu changes the hair colour, streak options and size. It comes with hairbases to help make the hair fit naturally. Check the hair on marketplace to save $100 this week.

There's also a complete avatar styled around this hair. The Shena Avatar is a sexy little elf girl who comes with shape, skin in three tones, ears, clothing, boots, jewellry, eyes and the hair in 4 vivid goth tones.

Charlotte is a sassy curly style with a hat which completes any look this winter. The band is colour changeable to match into your chosen look.

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A Lot to be Happy About

It's a great thing to be Happy!  Today there's a lot to be happy about... especially if you're shopping at the {Happy} store.  I had not heard of {Happy}before, but was tugged along to go shopping by one of my dear friends. From the moment we arrived, I felt a breath of fresh air that lifted my spirits, starting with the happily crafted signage over the entrance.

{Happy} carries some delightful things, sure to lift your mood!  I found the lovely blue Flirt shirt with ruffled collar, the Vive cuffed pants, and Argyle tights there.

Take a peek and see if something brings a smile to your heart, like it did mine.  It's a New Year... and hopefully a Happy one... but if things are getting you down, scoot on over and don't worry... Be {Happy}!

Thanks to Leanna Caerndow for the heads up on this delightful shop... it's always a Happy Day shopping with friends <3


I'm wearing:

Flirt Shirt by {Happy}
Vive Grey Pants by {Happy}
Argyle Tights by {Happy}
Jewelry by Dark Mouse
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red && black

one of my favorite sims to snap piccies on is innsmouth. the entire sim is run down, dark && wonderfully frightening (especially the ambient sound!). it’s one of those places where just wandering around, looking at the build, completely inspires snapshots… it’s definitely a must-see if you’ve not been yet! so bff vivi && i decided to head there in themed attire to take some photos. …well, not even *some*.. more like *a lot*, but. i decided to pair it down to just a few for blogging purposes. ;p my look actually all started with makeup, believe it or not.. i built my outfit around the new leopard print tattoo eyemakeup from cstar limited. you can wear just the leopard spots to either side of the eye, or wear the spots with a deep smokey eye as well (which is how i’m wearing it here) && i looooooove it. there are a *ton* of colors to pick from, so of course along with the black.. i picked up the neon hot pink set as well, but they are in limited quantities!… Read the rest01.09.2012

Leaving on a jet plane

Happy 5th Rezday to Whimsy Winx  Vivid colours and bold prints, that is the beauty that beckons at this months Collabor88 for sure. The items are truly inspired, and todays post mixes a couple of things, with other older pieces from my inventory. If you haven’t been yet, do know that you have a whole month, as it is all up until the 7th at least, and the build has changed, so it is bigger and less confining when packed, as it generally is.

Click HERE to read more at .

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A Perfect Wardrobe Fairytale.

The Perfect Wardrobe is back after a bit of a break with a new round of themed wardrobe awesomeness! There is a new location for the event too and the build is chic and stylish with plenty of room to grow. The new round will is Fairytale themed, and I am a lover of fairytales so I was getting overly excited about all the goodies on offer. There may be more added in the next day or so, but as the event opens today I wanted to share what was already available with you…
Rudh xxx Perfect Wardrobe

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eighty. w/ Duna Karfield.

hii pretties! how are you all today?!?!? i have a pleasure to show off my friends sexyiness!! she's the cutest! amiright, or amiright?!?!?! read more for credits! rahrahrah See the full gallery on Posterous on me; hair -, Parvarti Monday. skin - illusory, Crushed Clarity. | collabor88 item. eyes - miasnow, MiaSnow Myriam. headband - mons, Ekilem Melodie. bodysuit - ooh la la, Nylon Pinkney. socks - honey*kitty, Nekoko Noel. shoes - nx-nardcotix,Nardya Rousselot. nails - mandala, kikunosuke Eel. necklace one - miel, Mika Nieuport. necklace two - atelier am, aya Huldschinsky.   on Duna;  hair - lelutka, Thora Charron. skin - al vulo, Hlin Bluebird. bodysuit - ooh lala, Nylon Pinkney. socks - n-core, Claire Messenger. shoes - nx-nardcotix, Nardya Rousselot. necklace - miel, Mika Nieuport. nails - mandala, kikunosuke Eel. poses - glitterati, Katey Coppola.  

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Black & White

I love monochrome palette deeply. I tend to create drows and snow elementals almost automatically and I enjoy mixing the two extremes for emphasis. It seems I’m not the only one! The latest release by Fallen Gods Inc., Tao, is a proof of this. Tao is a combination of a black skin and white body tattoo — or a white skin and a black body tattoo — both versions in the packet. The body tattoos can obviously be worn with other skins, as well. As usual, Alia’s talent challenges mine: how to pose in a SFW style while wearing nothing but Slink boots, Wasabi Pills hair and a lot of .( bewildebeest ). jewelry? It took a lot of pose and angle adjusting, I assure you! Note the yin-yang eyes that are a part of Tao! Also note — with sadness — the gorgeous jewelry by .( bewildebeest ). Why sadness, you ask. Because there is a closing sale going on. 10L per piece, 20L for set and 1L for the gatcha items… trust me when I tell you that you need the whole shop.… Read the rest