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The best part of waking up is Sn@tch in your cup!

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Good morning Sn@tchettes,
Goodness I can not decide which of Ivey's newest releases is my favorite.  Check out the pictures below and then hustle on down to Sn@tch and let me know which one you adore.  They are all dripping with ooey gooey smexiness.
Outfit:  Sn@tch LeopardessMakeup:  Sn@tch After Hours (smokey eyes)Jewlery:  MandalaFacial Piercings:  iPokeTattoo:  *Epic*Skin:  Al VuloHair:  SLinkOutfit:  Sn@tch Silk Goddess GownJewlery:  MandalaSkin:  BellezaHair:  Damselfly
Top:  Sn@tch Silk Bandeau TopsSkirt:  Sn@tch Crestfallen Feather SkirtTights:  Sn@tch Cobweb TightsJewlery:  Sn@tch Laguid GothicMakeup:  Sn@tch After Hours MakeupsTattoo:  Twisted and SpoiledSkin:  .ploom.Hair:  A&Y
Outfit:  Sn@tch Make a StatementMakeup:  Sn@tch Party Girl Makeups (Shiraz-T)Earrings:  Sn@tch Rose CameoBoots:  Sn@tch Gothic Rainbow BootsSkin:  .ploom.Hair:  .ploom.… Read the rest



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I was wrong to think that I could ever love in you

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I was wrong to think that you might want to love me too~

-Details and more pics inside-

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This is my first post of 2012, so there's not better way than to start off with a lot of newness to share, as creators have been working really hard no matter the holidays! Bad Romance has been releasing many items, but I chose for today's post the corset longtop in the brown option, and paired it with the new BC Fall Pants -I have already blogged about them here because the brown version was released for Perfect Wardrobe first collection -but now you can get many colors, and trust me, they look awesome and classy. To embellish this outfit, I added the new Line wool jacket (love the texture!) and have a look at these amaaaaaaazing wedges from Pink Acid =0 (make up is also from this store, so my advice is to go have a look at the items on marketplace or visit the store inworld here)Enough talking, I hope you all  had a great NYE! Let's start 2012 with all the energy up, up,up!

TOP:-(Bad Romance)- The Corset Longtop - Fur Brown - new!PANTS: -BC- Fall Pants "White" -new colors!MAKE UP: Pink Acid - Juicy Lips, Lashes & Teeth - Pink @marketplaceJACKET: :::LiNe::: WoolJacket /Brown -new!EYELASHES: Pink Acid - Exotic Top Alpha Eyelashes @marketplaceHAIR: Maitreya Lara II - Scandinavian BlondWEDGES: Pink Acid -Jackie Wedge - Classic Leopard Brown @ marketplaceBAG:[DDL] Persona (Brown)POSES: Everglow

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New Releases @ KMADD

                              [ click on the image to get a closer look ] There is something so exotic about Evian Skin from creator of Egoisme and we always had a thing for bit of exotic. It is therefore our great pleasure to introduce this brand and accompanying Complete Avatars to KMADD. What is so great about this skin is variety of tones that can be created with tintable vivid tone layer plus you got your facial hair and make up options. There are 6 different skins in this collection and best of all they are now available @ KMADD. ABOUT MADesigns COMPLETE AVATARS If you are looking for a complete look at fantastic price, you can’t go past MADesigns COMPLETE AVATARS @ KMADD. COMPLETE AVATARS is our exclusive collection of shapes created in a collaboration with some of the best Second Life skin creators. Designed to offer instant transformation, each shape comes with hair that is perfectly fitted, skin specifically selected for each shape that comes in both hair and bald version and pair of MADesigns eyes to bring life and realism to your avatar.… Read the rest

I believe there’s something more cause this isn’t what I’ve been looking for

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  On Lauren:
Skin:  Glam Affair – Linn – Linn Light D CLEAN Eyes: .ID. – Real Eyes / Stumblebum 1 (Stumblebum item) Lashes:  Redgrave – Eyelashes -6- Natural Lashes:  Cheap Makeup –  Vintage Lash 1 Freckles: Vaya Con Dios – Freckles – TINTABLE – Medium Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Taleen Mesh Hair – Cinnamon Dress: *Crazy* – Ys Dress Caridgan:  Berries-  Jacket Bettie Green field Thigh Highs:  Tres Blah@ Collabor88 – Thigh High Socks Boots:  Tiny Bird – Wanderer Boots – Olive Earrings:  [ glow ] Studio – Ribbons Earrings Black Bracelets:  [ glow ] Studio – Ribbon and Pearls bracelet (black) Poses: Glitterati

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Props and Poses Fair News

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By now I’m sure that you all know what has happened with the Props & Poses Fair so I don’t need to go over that. I’ve taken matters into my own hands and it will be dealt by me. The Props & Poses Fair has been closed. The money will be donated to the charity [...]

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sound of winter

it’s all in your face
i see you break
it’s like the sound of winter
the bleeding love, the silent escape
you’ve got to hang on to yourself
i am so fucking obsessed with this song lately. i mean, gavin rossdale is *delicious* (srsly i’d lick this man up and down, goodness) && i just… love.. this song. it’s pretty much been on repeat for me all day and i’m looooovin’ it~ haha. so jam with me, kay! but now onto the actual point of my post… a lotd! with the turning of 2012, i’ve made myself a couple sl-resolutions that i’m hoping i can actually keep up with. one.. is to get my inventory in better order. i’ve got it all organized in folders && subfolders && subfolders of subfolders, but. there’s a lot of old things shoved away in there that i just don’t wear anymore. i don’t have issues with my inventory loading *knocks on wood* or items disappearing.. or with taking snapshots yet due to the number of items i’m hoarding, but i definitely need to do some boxing and deleting.… Read the rest01.03.2012

A Bit of Ostrich for a Joke

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Photo by Jerremy Darwin.
"Hi, Honey. You have a box on your head."

"I know. Do you still love me?"

I've been slow to jump on the mesh bandwagon. There are two main reasons for this: my husband Jerremy can't use a mesh viewer right now and I have just not had the time to fuss with sizing and adjusting for it.

Anywho, I recently saw a hairstyle that was cute enough to get me to dip my toes into the meshy waters. Sadly, it pokes into my ears and, since it's no mod, I am at a loss about what to do. I've seen this particular hair blogged a lot on the fashion feeds. A lot. Like, when the hair first came out, it was in every other post. "Was I some wide headed mutant?" I thought to myself. I went back and looked at some of these posts and realized that the headband pokes though many of their ears, too! The fashion bloggers are just trying to hide the ear poking using carefully posed avatars... and voodoo.

Speaking of voodoo, someone suggested that I change my shape in order to get my ears out of the way of the hair.… Read the rest

A Winter Bloom

Merrick Ying:

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent - December
Hair:  Birth - Hawk Hair - Black w/ flexis
Eyes: MOJO - real eyes  B-135
Make-Up: A:S:S - Drama Shadow - Plum
Coat: CheerNo - LUAR Coat - purple
Pants: Ladies Who Lunch - Sex Leggings
Shoes: Elygo - Zebra Slip-On
Gloves: SiniStyle - Wrist Tape
Earrings: Rozoregalia - Nornir - Piercing #3
Braclet: Rozoregalia - Archelon - Type 1
Lip Piercing: Rozoregalia - Nornir - Lip Pierce #2 / Type 3
Pose: HOT DIVE - gsit06

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I stopped by Insanya this past weekend to pick up this super sexy new dress that shows off some dangerous curves. It also gave me an excuse (like I needed one, hehe) to buy these amazing heels from N-Core...and to get shot at by robots while taking these pics! lol Who knew that blogging could be so dangerous!?

Shopping List:
Skin: Al Vulo - RenzieHair: Magika - SafeDress: Insanya - Lotus (New)Bracelet: Rozoregalia - GazellverTattoo: Letis Tattoo - SpringtimeHeels: N-Core - Poison

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The Newest Sn@tch

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 All on the New Release Wall at Sn@tch and on Marketplace!
Come see what's NEW! 

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Theme Park – Celebration

Hello Everybody, my name is Lu and this is my first post . This is the first round of the Theme Park on this new year and just started on January first, the theme is Celebration and you can grab the goodies until day 15 of January. So what are you waiting for, run getting some new stuff. Taxi to Theme Park

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Painted Up

Etheria 2: Painted Ladies is now open. It is a small-scale, themed event where five jewellers have created pieces inspired by the “painted ladies” of the Old West and five clothing designers have created matching outfits. I really enjoy themed events, they always bring out some interesting results, and Etheria is certainly evidence of this. For this first look at what’s on offer at the event—which ends on January 8th—I am showing the jewellery from Caroline’s Jewelery. I am also wearing a pair of new mesh boots from lassitude & ennui which were spot on for this theme. read on >>>

Image Preview:

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seventy six.

hii babies! so sorry for not being arounddd. i am legit back in business!!! i have so much time now to blog, hahahha. family is gone..!! YAYAYAY. i am quite sad that 50 LF is gone forever now. i was lucky to be able to get some items! :P but there were a bunch of original brands that did not participate! :S:S. I WAS SO MAD. haha, anywaysss. HAPPY NEW YEAR! we've all made it to 2012, hopefully this year will be better for me, and for you if 2011 was shit. loll and for those who had a good 2011 i hope for the better for you!! yayay.. THIS IS MY FIRST POST OF THE YEAR! OH SHIT. hahahha! see you later guys! i will be back in the PM, and thanks so much for everyone who has been supporting me blogging, i have reached an average of 300 views per post! :O:O:O thanks so much guys!. <3  oh and READ MORE for Blah new releases, and hunt!  hair - catwa, Catwa Clip. | subscribo gift. skin w/ lipstick, the sugar garden, Eilfie Sugarplum. eyes - miasnow, MiaSnow Myriam. teal sweater - blah, Hoshi Kimono.… Read the restSnapshot_001

AZOURY – A Place For French Fashion

In December last year, BLVD Agency did a fashion show for AZOURY and I must admit, I completely fell in love!

Designer of AZOURY, Mayhem Seetan, has many items using mesh, which is the new technology in SL fashion, but she also has many that only uses conventional prims.  This outfit was one of her new releases which does not use mesh so it's also good for those who are not sure yet about wearing mesh outfits.

AZOURY - La Tenue Shining
The designs by Mayhem can best be described as fashionable and unique using great colour combination which can only be achieved by talented people who have an eye for colours.  As for design, the outfit I am wearing here demonstrates how Mayhem can take a simple mini dress and add elements that make it unique and stylish.  In this case, for example, the use of the orange tights adds so much to the entire look as well as the bi-coloured high collar.  And I love how she made the sleeves very sheer!

Most outfits have shoes that match and complete the look as in this one.  Flat shoes tastefully done are items I like in RL too.  Stylish flat shoes can sometimes make a look REALLY fashionable and I must say this look is something I would definitely wear in RL!… Read the rest

Fab Free in the New Year

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There are a some myths out there about money and Second Life. One is that it’s impossible to enjoy Second Life without spending real-life money. Another is that buying items in Second Life is stupid because it’s not real, it’s digital, or just a hobby.

When it comes to money in Second Life, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, much of the content is user-created. Second Life residents spend a lot of time and energy creating beautiful things and, if you want one of their items, they deserve to be paid. You wouldn’t step into the shoe department at Macy’s and demand those Steve Madden pumps for free and, if you’re a law-abiding citizen, you’re paying for your digital music, movies, and video games. Second, we’re not talking a lot of money. For about the cost of a Grande Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks, you can get over a thousand lindens (Second Life currency) and that buys you quite a lot. Third, it’s natural to spend money on the things we enjoy and get value from.… Read the restSecond Life


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Polkadots, I love ‘em. Summer or winter, I don’t mind, they are cute, sexy and very feminine. I’m wearing the mesh Anais skirt from Maitreya here with Ingenue‘s Ever After cardigan and Paper Couture‘s bodice from the Peach Sorbet gown and the tights no. 7 from Sheer.  A special mention for Hucci‘s new mesh pumps and clutches D’Ann, they are really very nice and come in lots of different colors for easy combining with your wardrobe. I’m also wearing Illusory‘s Paige skin, with Epoque‘s new Kabuki hair, Artilleri‘s Gladys glasses and MOOD‘s Parade pearl earrings.    

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Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge has started again! This time I will do it (here’s hoping!). The first week’s colour is Champagne, a drink I’m really not that fond of but a colour that I love. Illusory’s New Year dress for the first round of Stumblebum (pictures of all items on Seraphim) is [...]

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The Bridge

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Hello everybody & HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you’ve had a fantastic start to your new year!  I am back and looking forward to this year more than ever.  Did you make any resolutions for this year?  Mine are pretty standard, but I’m pretty determined to stick to them this year.  Get healthy. Stay organized. Be a more positive person.  You know how they all go… I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my first blog entry when I returned from vacation and I kept picturing bridges in my head.  I don’t really know why. Maybe it was the subconscious of “crossing over” into a new year? A fresh start? A bridge from one place to the next?  Regardless, I was determined to find a bridge and I found one that replicated one of the most famous in the world! The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.  Have you ever visited this bridge?  I’ve been to it a couple of times, one of those times I specifically remember.  … Read the rest